On the next Real Housewives of New Jersey… It’s Danielle v Tree all over again…

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33 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Next Episode… Preview… VIDEO

  1. Its so funny that Melissa would rather have Teresa stay and argue on TV rather than just walk away. Melissa is such an instigator.

    • I have so many questions…I wonder what pissed T off so bad that she had to leave? And what did T supposedly need to apologize for? And what is that jewel they are all wearing on their forehead? Hmmm, this episode looks good. I wonder if this all happens in the last 3 mins of the show and we will be left hanging. effin’ Bravo.

      • She wants Tree to apologize for when she told JoGo that Melissa would leave him for a guy with more money, right? Why is she demanding an apology anyway? Who does that? First gifts now an apology? She’s on a roll! I still say slap her… jk
        What if Tree does apologize? It won’t solve anything. It’s true. MeGo would leave JoGo for a man with more money. MeGo just wants control of Tree on camera. That’s what is going on here.

  2. I personally believe every nasty word written about melissa on that ‘whorgas page.

      • Right? But kept reading-which makes me embarrassed to admit reading. I think she has a Teresa complex, out to belittle Tre + acts like the angel- which makes her LETHAL. Like Kathy.

    • I totally believe that famewhorgas blog, totally. There has been so many things that have been told to Bravo producers and Andy about the whole lot in the RHONJ. As I stated before, I truly think that Joe Gorga should really get a DNA test of his youngest son. The lookers girl melissa and the others think that they are getting the good edit this season, I’m starting to believe they may not (remember they truly don’t know what the edit and things look like until the show comes on). I think that they are painting this as a Teresa against everybody, but it will put Teresa in a good light and the rest seem like bullies.

      And you have to give Teresa credit, this woman knows so much about Melissa. She literally could throw her under the bus and tell people all about her on national television, but she loves her brother too much. Even when she told her brother about her leaving him for a man with more money was ment for him and nobody else but he told Melissa. Melissa is so bent out of shape because SHE DID SAY THAT and she doesn’t like that to much of her private information is getting out, not know.

      • I totally agree!! There have been some not so nice stories lately regarding the validity of Joe and melissas marriage. The Teresa haters say Teresa’s the source. One thing I feel with certainty is her or hate her, she has never spoken badly about her brother and would never plant a story about him!! Now Melissa…..hmm.

  3. There goes Don Caro sticking her nose into Teresa business once again. She is so quick to dish out the advice on getting along with family when several of her siblings having talked to her in years. Don Caro tweeted this week that “there are no words” about this weeks show we have to watch. Well just watching that small clip I can tell that the problem is once again started and escalated by Don Caro and the former Lookers employee.
    Teresa is trying to walk away from them and little miss innocent, the former Lookers employee has to chased her down to battle in front of the camera. When Teresa tries to leave again Ms Lookers has to call her names to try and get Teresa to react. Ms Lookers should be glad I am not her sister in law. I would have decked her a long time ago.
    If Don Caro, the former Lookers employee and the rest of the gang bashers think this is making Teresa look bad I am sorry to tell them but if is earning Teresa more fans, more book sales, more drink sales and more support.
    Don Caro or as I used to call you Caroline, you were my favorite housewife. What happen to you? Is this the REAL Caroline. You are a mean, nasty, in everyone’s business witch! I hope this is the last season you are on my TV screen.

    • “Ms Lookers should be glad I am not her sister in law. I would have decked her a long time ago.”…hahhahaha….Teresa should have DECKED her a LONG time ago. She would have never be interested in Teresa’s business or even the show for that matter, if she was DECKED….T needs to slap her ass.

    • Thanks for mentioning the Don’s tweet. “There are no words, you’ll have to watch” Um what a stupid tweet! Why waste your time tweeting if you say absolutely nothing. Yea we all plan on watching how insightful of you Don.

  4. Tre needs to bitch slap all of them upside their heads. Mrs. Nasty is getting uglier by the day and all of them are making Tre look like an angel. Melissa, Jax, DonCaro, all need to go. Bravo, time to clean house these 3 are lowering your ratings not bringing them up.

    • Don’t forget the passive aggressive cousins. They are flying under the radar, trying to act so innocent. Kathy with her bug eyes and annoying obnoxious husband.

      • LOL that whole family is annoying. They want to come off as the goodie two shoed family. I think the kid is going to follow the Manzo do nothing kids because he sure in heck wasn’t thrilled going to work with his father. Could you see dapper dan pumping gas for a living….LOL.

  5. Tre NEVER should have apologized to ANY of them. They are all disgusting. I hope Tre gets her OWN show and the rest of these bitch hags are thrown off for the fifth season. I could watch Tre, Joe and those kids all day. They make me laugh.

  6. Tre never should have apologized to ANY of them. They are disgusting. I would LOVE for Tre to get her own show next season, and for all of those bitch hags to get fired. I could watch Tre, Joe and those kids all day. They make me laugh.

    • I agree. I recently watched the first season/episode on Youtube and Tre was really funny the way she was flirting w/ Joe at his job and carting her girls around. This is exactly who Mego tries to be but fails. Even Don said how Tre was hilarious and entertaining and said “she has no idea how funny she is.” Interesting how Don’s opinion completely changed since Mego & Kathy came on the show.

  7. I can’t stand Carodumbo always giving advise..Look in the mirror sweety you’re the last person to talk about others and/or give adivse….Go somewhere and write a book or something Caroline…We don’t care.

  8. Cannot WAIT to see Dina’s appearance on the show. DIna says to Tre ” You did nothing to my sister” BAHAHAHAHA!!! Don must have turned PURPLE when she saw that. Dina is furious at the Don for something BIG. They were really close when the show started. The NERVE of Don
    giving advice when she can’t get along with her own sister. I bet they will never make up.

  9. There are no words for the disgusting MeGo. OK, who am I kidding, I have a bazillion and none of them are good. Not. A. One. She is an instigating, jealous, self absorbed, piece of trash.
    Clownzo, standing upon her pedestal, throwing down pearls of wisdom and life lessons to the peons is hysterical! Yes, Teresa is willing to tear apart a family. She’s the one that has worked for years to bring down her SIL…Are you serious, O Queen of fortune cookie proverbs?
    If only what you tweeted were true..there are no words. Then just maybe, you’d shut it for a bit, Clownzo.

      • I have been sick and dealing with my daughter ( shes been acting up ) so I havent been on here much. Im happy to hear from you :) it really means alot to me. xoxx!

        • Oh Deb, so very sorry to hear that. That’s very sad. I hope you feel healthier soon and better able to cope with the difficulties. When you’re sick, it makes everything worse & harder. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself. That is very important. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for better days ahead. Xoxo!

          • I thank you from my heart for your kind words and thoughts. You are a very caring, nice, sweet friend. I could go on & on about you… xoxoox

            I just saw that you have your own blog, so I am going to check it out….congratulations, so happy for you!!! :)

            • Thanks, debweb! :) please promise you’ll take care of yourself. Glad to chat with you tonight. I’m about to fall asleep, so if i don’t respond, you’ll know why. :) Xoxo!

            • You get some sleep BSL, and again I thank you so very much… for you! :) being you! Sweet dreams xoxoxo!

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