WENDY WILLIAMS: Wendy Being’ A Dumbass…Wendy Needs A Dictionary!… VIDEO

 Miss Andy co-hosting with Kelly… 

Wendy Williams was caught being a dumbass when chatting about Michael Strahan as a potential co-host next to Kelly Ripa.   Listen as Wendy says that she loves the “repertoire” between Kelly and Michael.  The word is “repartee“…  

AND… Wendy needs to lay off her campaign to get rid of the present DWTS judges… what the hell did they ever do to her?  OH yeah… never mind!!

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  1. I’m watching the Today Show and while I did not see the beginning of the segment that explained what exactly was going on; I saw enough. It’s called Today’s Professionals and introduces Kelly Osbourne joins the Power Players which were Star Jones, donny deutsch… Kelly started talking about Obama and making an ass of herself. They shot her down. She said, well I can’t even vote so what do I care. What is she doing there?!


    • Romo: Next they will have PrinceAlbie or Lauren on as a “power player”… just as ridiculous as TattedKelly Osbourne being appointed a “Fashion EXPERT” or knowing anything about politics!!! TFC!! SH


  2. It is obvious that Wendy does not understand french and should not be using french words in her speech (although sometimes only a french word will do.) I am guilty of doing that also and have been embarrassed almost every time I try it.
    As for replacing the judges on dancing with the stars, I am amazed at the politicking that happens on the internet about planting the seeds of change for any of the popular shows.


    • lizzie: Planting the seeds of change on the internet does nothing but give those shows more PR. The petitions circulating for dumped Housewives to be recast on another franchise… or the petitions for a HW to get da Bravo boot are useless and are trashed if they show up on SH. They have zero influence with the poo-bahs at Bravo. Total waste of time and energy… TFC!! SH


      • I totally agree Ms.SH….I call it the Kardashian affect …people with little to no talent that get a large group of twits to follow them and therefore think themselves relevant.


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