GRETCHEN ROSSI: Tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County…Wretched Wrecks “Fever”… VIDEO

Wretched should never have attempted to sing a Peggy Lee song…

Some songs, such as “Fever” simply should never be sung by anyone else…

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17 comments on “GRETCHEN ROSSI: Tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County…Wretched Wrecks “Fever”… VIDEO

  1. I agree with you Ms SH some songs should not be sung by others……Ms Peggy Lee didn’t need auto-tune!

    • she doesn’t have to, she and Slade have been working on her built in excuse for the last three episodes. It’s Vicki’s fault for making her scream and mess up her voice! If you didn’t like it blame Vicki, we are just lucky she actually remembered the words to fever unlike on wwhl when Andy asked her to sing her own song and she conviently forgot the lyrics! I guess it’s proper edicate to butcher someone else’s song without auto tune but not your own.

  2. Oh, is that what it is supposed to sound like?? So glad you posted Peggy Lee singing it.

  3. Wow! One video was extremely painful to watch, and the other a true classic which was a joy to watch. You only have to listen to know which was which.

  4. Wow. I did not expect that! I don’t think Gretchen should sing at all. But it was nice how all the ladies took the high road and were supportive. I guess when something is so obviously bad, you don’t need to say it. Just too bad that she didn’t take the backstage advice, I think they said to not try to hit the high notes but try to sing it in a kinda sexy, breathless way instead.

  5. She looked like a hot trannie, but she has NO voice. C’mon!! The Pussycat Dolls franchise should be embarassed that they went from a quasi-talented bunch to non-talented strippers. Yikes! Ooh, and Peggy Lee rocked, but I love Michael Buble’s version.

  6. Bad is a kind word to describe this horrific thing she calls singing. OMG!!!!!! what an embarrasment.

  7. This is why Heather sucks, she finds fault with everything Alexis does but she has the gall to say Gretchen is doing great!? Now that is a big fat phony ya grinch!

  8. been too busy with landscaping over here, childrens graduating college and all, this weekend, WTF PDQ where is CHECK CHECK on any of that…… PS Robin Antion (spelling) my hands dont work she is the sister of that hoity toity brother of hers who thought he was the next dude with the wrinkled snake hat. And then came along Chaz WEN… Asses all of them,,,,, just checking in, damn, i was sick when i saw the recaps of don caro tooo…..bsl and aom, sorry have not been to yur sites, ready to sleep for 3 weeks, girls are demanding, one with a bach other with phd, is that please help me dad, no, just kidding, she already has esl ms, oh got to go, falling out to sleep love perci

  9. I wonder what the benefit of agreeing to have gretchen sing is for Robin or the pussycat dolls? Is it just getting their name on the show so people will go to vegas and see them? I love her choreographers face and comments about it not being good for anyone. Thank god someone speaks up. I agree she set her excuses up well because she KNEW it would be bad. Also love that Slade admits he doesn’t work( even tho he hid it as he loves what he does lie).

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