TERESA GIUDICE: Juicy Joe Joodice Playin’ “Mr. Mom”… Deleted Scene…VIDEO

April 30, 2012  10:30 am   What you DIDN’T see on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Juicy is forced to play Mr. Mom when Tree has to go out and sign her cookbooks.   Juicy’s resentment is felt while watching this…

HOWEVER… Juicy don’t take no bulls*** from those kids!   Good for him!  Go Joe!!

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3 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Juicy Joe Joodice Playin’ “Mr. Mom”… Deleted Scene…VIDEO

  1. i was surprised to see him cutting up everyone’s dinner. with four kids, how can anyone possibly still be doing that for kids–and one adult–without teaching them to be self-sufficient? this was a bizarre scene. i guess what we’re seeing is what joe has inherited from tre’s parenting at dinner time.


  2. I didn’t give my kids steak knives at a young age either and guess what one is a doctor 2 have MBAs and one is a physical therapist. Just imagine what they could have accomplished had my parenting skills at the dinner table had been different.


  3. I CRINGED when I heard him talking to his daughters like he did….how freakin’ degrading. Much like the way he talks to Tre. If my husband told me to shut up, he wouldn’t be my husband any more. Disgusting.


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