Real Housewives of New Jersey: MELISSA GORGA… Guess Who’s Gonna Get The Bravo “Good Edit” On Season Four???

April 30, 2012  5:55 pm


                                                              “I gotta find those producers that the Gorgas are hangin’ with…”

If there is any question as to who’s gonna be lookin’ good this season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

                 Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice… Tree: “Hey!  You guys were supposed to be nice to ME!”

Guess which New Jersey Housewife is gonna get the “nice edit” on the next season… Season Four… of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

If this photo is any indication… and if you guessed Melissa Gorga, then you would be correct!

OH WELL!  Don’t matter… MeGo STILL can’t sing!

(Thanks to SH reader “Al”!!!)

21 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: MELISSA GORGA… Guess Who’s Gonna Get The Bravo “Good Edit” On Season Four???

  1. This episode told so much about the whole dynamic of the NJ housewives that I truly feel sorry for Teresa. Lets start with Jacqueline, I don’t like that woman not one bit. Here was her daughter getting kicked out and the mother was with the one son trying to get him to say bye bye Ashley etc. etc. in a really sarcastic way. And then we have Albie coming over to take her to the airport and what does this idiot do, he leaves her suitcase at the top of the stairs for Ashley to take down (she moved it out of her room so that Albie could take it and he didn’t). This tells me that He doesn’t like her at all. Then we have the Jacqueline at the door essentially giddy for her to leave.

    I know that Ashley is a brat and did drink and stuff but Kelly Osborne was correct on WWHL, she said that stuff that she does is her way of crying for help. But what the idot right next to Kelly didn’t undertand (Jacqueline) is the fact maybe the problem is Jacqueline. I truly think that Jacqueline choosed Chris and his family over Ashley and she was able to tell. And the mother allowed it to happen and that is why there is such a grudge against the mother. In fact the mother can’t stop taking shots at her when possible. I think Chris is in an unattenable position, he has a flaky wife who has made Ashley hate her and anything he does to question that would blow up on him so he just kicks Ashley out. And yes if I was Ashley I would hold it against her.

    Melissa and Joe Gorga are funny, because something tells me that they are just on the cusps of financial ruin. Joe is acting like he’s a big realestate developer and Melissa (this is funny) trying to sing her next song and she makes comment about singing more ballads and the producer says NO!!!!!!! The reason Melissa is so bent out of shape about Teresa saying to Joe that Melissa would leave him for a rich guy is the fact that Teresa was spot on. If you don’t believe me look at this link.

    Oh and I still say that Joe needs to get a paternity test on at least the youngest kid. Something about being being born 9 months after her meeting with another of her ex’s at a Sushi Bar, and she was serving the sushi.

    Joe Giudice is depressed (my opinion) because of all the stuff coming out and him losing the pizza place and other things and his wife being the sole bread winner of the family.

    Also I think what I’m about to say is really important, up with Melissa cheating on Joe the midget. Remember the “wrestling match” that Wilke and Joe had in the gameroom during the poker get together. There where cameras down in the room during the whole mess, and then we didn’t have one mention of it on the WWHL from Andy or Jacqueline. I think Bravo edited out because something more was said than just let me see you get 8 inches in height. And for Andy not to make comment about it tells me something of a fight did happen and some very nasty words where said and possibly some secrets too.


    • Respectfully, as I sip a RumBayBreeze, ITDisagree about Ashley crying out for help. Eh Eh. She’s an ungrateful, spiteful, lazy young woman who hasn’t been held accountable for any of her wrongdoings. She’s been given so many passes, and quickly rescinded punishments that she doesn’t repect her parents, Chris and Jacq’s authority. She’s using them as her involuntary designated drivers / chauffeurs, her bank, their home a hotel and restaurant, yet she doesn’t contribute in anyway. She wont help around the house or get a job or go to school. That’s not a cry for help. That’s a shout of “Eff You… I’ll do what I want!” Removing her safety net was the only way.


    • thefamewhorgas site?? hahahah wow… when will this come up on the show??? soon i hope!!! I’m over them gaining up on Tre, Ashley’s ridiculous “cry” for help! (She sounds so stupid, 20 years from now, she’ll be cringing as the souind of her voice plays back for her to hear herself..) and I soooo over caroline trying to help lauren the lard loose weight! Newsflash girl…if you want to loose weight, set aside the carbs, mozarel, wine, and perhaps rev up your cardio. That scene of the three sporting blk water apparel does not make you look slimming and you fidgeting with it was not helping. Drink regular water , maybe that will help you shed a few! ;)


    • Buck, used to think you were just talking crazy about Joey getting a DNA test on his youngest but after seeing the US magazine article with the picture of her and the 3 kids I think you may be on to something. The youngest looks different, has different coloring, different eyebrows and different eyes. He does have her hair line and chin.


  2. MeGo and Stumpy are the sweethearts of Nj this coming season?? Their charms are lost on me. I find them gross especially him and you can tell he makes her skin crawl too with all that creepy poison talk.


  3. I know I won”t be watching. I don’t find Melissa to be the darling of anything. She has placed herself in a favorable position with Teresa’s cousins, Teresa’s friends, and Teresa’s brother. Makes you wonder why she is not close to Teresa’s parents. I think Joe Gorga is p-whipped. He has his own demons, and I believe he actually despises his sister. This goes beyond a family spat…the jealousy Melissa feels for Teresa is so very obvious.

    If I was Teresa, I would walk away from this mess. No one wants to make amends.


  4. Without even looking, I have happened upon many that did work on “Melissa’s dream house, Joe surprised her with” that were never paid. I agree, all that glitters isn’t gold. They are living a lie in so many areas of their lives, its disturbing.
    Remember Gorgas, what goes up….must come down.


  5. her lipsynching in the music booth was the last straw on MeGo with the SOUL DIGGAZ guy applauding her. such bullshit. why don’t they show her as bad as she truly is like kim zolciak style?! also, why isnt jay mohr blogging on bravo anymore?!!!


    • Here’s Jay answering your question… :-)

      @jaymohr37: I am NOT blogging for RHNJ this year. Simply too busy. Thank you to @bravoandy and everyone at @bravo for making my favorite shows! #manzo


  6. Has anyone else noticed that Joe Gorga can’t read? Seriously, I think he’s illiterate. He made his wife read Tre’s letter to him and made Tre read what she inscribed in her book to him. And then he didn’t even know about the comments Tre made in her second book until Richie read it out loud.


    • that’s funny & would make perfect sense, because I also believe that Theresa is extremely uneducated.


      • when she was trying to explain the ingredients in her last cook book, last season (cumin?), and when she was explaining to her brother that he was in the acknowledgments of her latest cookbook, it was clear that neither her, or Joe had ever picked up a real book in their lives.


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