REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: BRAVOTV.COM BLOGS… Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita… “The Teresa Apology Tour”…

MELISSA GORGA:    NOTE:  OMG!  MeGo is hinting that the New Jersey HouseMEN get their own show!  Obviously, MeGo read about the new show on BET, which is a SPOOF of the Housewives shows, featuring the “HouseHusbands.”  

(Note to MeGo:  The BET show is a SPOOF… and doubt very much if the NJ BOYZ could pull off their own show, let  a spoof!  Would they even KNOW what a “spoof” is???)  The new BET show is scripted… HERE.   AND… isn’t it nice of MeGo to start off her BravoBlog with the salutation “Hi lovers?”  That’s just as annoying as Wretched’s constant “Hi, guys!”   BLEEEECH!!!

Hi lovers! This episode really lets you into our home lives and gives you a lot more of the men. But don’t you love them?!  (NO… no one wants to see ANY of them!)  I mean come on, you have to admit that the Jersey men, love them or hate them, are the best! I think they are all so funny in their own ways. I really do laugh whenever any one of them is on the screen. They could probably pull the weight of their own show!

I loved watching our dinner together. We are so lucky to be able to play off one another the way we do. We have a relationship that is hard to find, and I thank Jesus for it every day! When I tell him I am living the life that I have always dreamed of, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I’m in an incredible marriage with someone I love who is also my best friend.

OK, I have to address the scenes that night at Jacqueline’s house when Teresa came in and apologized. I was happy that she was making an attempt to say that she was wrong. When I said, “We’ll take one for the team,” I meant exactly that. If she has to throw names and “jokes” in there to help the book sell, then so be it. I’m fine with it, happy to help, now let’s all move on. Honestly, I’m so over the cookbook drama. It’s just old news now, and it didn’t really bother me in the first place.  (NOTE:  Interesting that Missy did not mention this to Tree… or to anyone else, for that matter!)


“I’m beginning to think this season might be the Teresa Apology Tour. Hopefully it’s coming to an end! I did first apologize to everyone privately, I apologized to them on camera, and I apologized to them publicly. I don’t know what more I can do. In last week’s blog I went over the cookbook “insults” and the wonderful compliments I gave them all page by page, so you can judge for yourself.


As for the whole “gold digger” thing with Melissa, I’m very protective of my only brother. He was engaged two times before Melissa, and I hated seeing his heart broken every time things didn’t work out. After that, he did date a lot of women who were interested in him for all the wrong reasons. So when he and Melissa were dating, she was at dinner with my family and she made a comment about how when she saw my brother’s house and how well he was doing, she wasn’t stupid, that she wasn’t going to let him go. From our family’s history with actual gold diggers, you can imagine it wasn’t a great thing to hear. She probably said it from nerves and trying to be funny, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

We live in a small town. I heard things about the type of guys Melissa dated before my brother, and I hear things I don’t like now. I pray they aren’t true. I hope my brother and Melissa stay married forever! I never should have brought it up on the show last season though, and I’m sorry. And I’ve learned not to bring up my concerns to my brother publicly or privately! It was a hard lesson, but I’ve learned it. I do really like the song Melissa sang for my brother. She played it for me last year, and I told her so then too…”


Nobody was really talking about Teresa in a negative way before she got there. It was more about Joe not knowing how to handle Teresa, because every time he would try with her, Teresa would bad mouth his wife. It was hard for him, but he was trying to let it go. So was Melissa. I did my best not to say a word about it or get involved in their family drama, but I did suggest that he apologize for calling Teresa “garbage” and that even though I knew it came from a place of hurt, it was inappropriate and hurtful in itself. Once again, I’m always looking at both sides. I see everyone hurting, not just Teresa. If I could have ended their pain, I would have tried anything at that point to help them find resolve. I hate seeing anyone hurting.

The fight between Joe and Richie started out in play. They were busting each other’s chops, like they always do, and when Joe grabbed Richie’s balls, Richie grabbed Joe and flung him into the couch where Joe’s eye hit an iron candle holder on the way down. Richie felt horrible about it, he called several times to apologize, but Joe wouldn’t pick up. It was an accident. A candlestick actually gave Joe the black eye. It was all rough play gone bad. Boys will be boys.


There were no replies after Teresa’s explanation of comments in her cookbook and her apology. She said she didn’t offend anyone in her cookbook. Maybe what she was trying to say was, it wasn’t her intention, but she obviously did offend. For the record, I wasn’t offended by what she said about me or Rich or whomever she was referring when she wrote about her “cousin’s lame jokes.” It wasn’t that big of a deal. As Tre would say, “whatever,” but I can certainly see how the others would find her comments offensive. Which brings us back to her apology — from the heart or guilty conscience? I’ll let you be the judge.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people’s true nature comes out in unguarded moments. I am referring to Joe Giudice’s comments about making a living playing poker, thinking it’s an easy way to make a buck. Let’s just hope that’s not his next business venture. It’s just so contrary to how Rich and I grew up and the things our parents showed us about how to succeed.

Thank goodness Rich never loses his off-beat, quirky sense of humor, even after Joe Giudice starts to provoke him at the poker game. Rich tried very hard to diffuse the tense situation with his humor, but Joe would have none of it. Their tussle really started off in good fun, but unfortunately left Joe with some bruises. In the next few days Rich repeatedly tried to contact Joe to apologize about how their clowning got a little out of hand, but with no response. It is so sad to watch as you did how callously Joe dismissed Rich’s well-intentioned calls and texts. Joe said he deleted them. Why am I not surprised? I’m glad I saved them. I’ve always liked Joe Giudice, and Teresa can be the first one to tell you so. I have to say it’s very upsetting to see him this way.


I’m going to address Teresa, but it’s going to be quick. I don’t buy her apology, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter if she’s sorry or not. I made a decision to eliminate her from my life, and I’m standing by it. Once again, many of you may not understand, and that’s OK. Hopefully by the end of the season you will. Having said that, I’m keeping my comments to a minimum.  Watch what happens…

Lauren’s struggle with her weight breaks my heart. I try to keep her strong and positive; we’ve had both good days and bad ones. This is something that she’s been dealing with from the time she was about 11 years old. She’s cried more tears over her weight than I care to remember, but at the same time you can’t push it under the rug either. Lauren made a drastic change over the past year and a half, and Albert and I were worried sick over her. She became depressed, angry, and distant. A shell of the lively, always smiling, huge dimpled Lauren was all we had. It was at that moment that we took action – it’s been a long, rough road, and we tell her story as the weeks progress. I will say this, Albert and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s beautiful inside and out, and she showed us character and strength by sharing her hurt for others to see.

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72 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: BRAVOTV.COM BLOGS… Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita… “The Teresa Apology Tour”…

  1. Jax L, Bull they have been talking about Teresa and Joe for 2 seasons, THAT”S ALL THEY TALK ABOUT!

    Caroline: She is better off with out you, YOU owe her an apology!

    Kathy, your husband is a sh*t stirrer! PERIOD.

    • I cannot stand Caroline, since season 1. I always thought people like her are hypocrite and have no self awareness. Her children are following in her footsteps. Lauren is talking about Ashley, when she herself barely graduated high school, and JUST opened a beauty bar, well her first attempt FAILED. Guaranteed mommy and daddy bankroll that crap.

      • JD, you might have missed this, because a lot of ppl did, but on last night’s show Lauren said that she ” Just left it ” or maybe it was ” Just walked away from it” – meaning her business ” the day after ” the big opening was saw in season 3. Reason? Don’t quote me, but her reason for doing this was something about ” not getting respect “. So her business didn’t fail. No, it’s much worse than that – she had a tantrum and took her toys and went home when things didn’t go the way she thought they should. And Ashley is the one who’s immature???

        • hmmm….Lauren was beyond lucky to have a beauty bar. also,if you are new to a business. you EARN respect, you do not have it handed to you on a silver platter. It is such a shame that lauren is acting like a spoiled brat just like ashley and she is older than ashley.

          • yeah, what was up with that! I caught that too and I was like huh? You can’t just throw that in there and then not explain it. She also said something like “they wanted to treat me like my mother’s child and not like an adult.”???? WTF?

        • I think we are forgetting her we are watching a contrived story line that although real people they are acting out parts for the show.
          I would take a guess that the shop Lauren worked at the place we saw on the show and was compensated either with exposure or money. They needed it for the story line for last seasons show. That would be the same scenario as Caroline’s radio show, Alexis new segments and Singing for the pussycats for Gretchen. I’m sure once the filming ended so did her job.
          As far as her new store goes everyone is assuming that she contributed nothing. She get’s paid to be on the show and lives at home so it is possible that she didn’t rely solely on her parents other than as co signers for a loan.
          I am not comfortable bashing either Ashlee or Lauren. Neither or a lost cause but young people finding there way on life’s journey. For those so judgmental calling these young women fat or ugly, shame on you.
          It’s possible to dislike the mother’s without gutting these young woman. I don’t think that either one of these girls have the emotional maturity to absorb our insults with a positive outcome.

          • No insults here. I said i think it was horrible as a mother hoe Caroline handled the whole weight issues. I don’t think her daughter needed help at all. It’s healthy italian living that’s all. I agree it is a show but i still believe that some may enter into real life. I mean the cookbooks and what was said is not a reality show. I just feel that show or not the young adults on the show should be portrayed better then spoiled self centered brats.
            But like i keep saying they know what they are doing cause it all makes for good tv.

      • JD I agree with you about Lauren but on the last episode she said (while at the doctor) she never went back after the opening party? All that money her parents paid & she didn’t even follow through, so what exactly does she do now is the question.

        • This is made even worse when you think about the narrative we were fed by the producers. In season 3, as per usual, of course Ashley’s storyline was ” I’m a f*ck-up” and Jacqueline’s storyline was ” My DAUGHTER is a f*ck-up and this pains me so!” The producers went one further though – this time it was ” F*ck-up Ashley is disappointing mature, wonderful, responsible Lauren by not getting a sketch in on time and to Lauren’s high standards.” They spent like 3 weeks on it and there were TWO scenes of 22ish Lauren LECTURING 21ish Ashley about maturity, responsibility and life. I wrote about this somewhere else on here, I wish I could just repost my original, but anyway…

          Ashley was absolutely SKEWERED by Lauren, Jac, Don and the producers. These same producers did not see fit to show or tell us that Mature Lauren blew off the business THE DAY AFTER IT OPENED because she wasn’t getting ” proper respect” ! And Don didn’t even attempt to explain Lauren’s actions away in a talking head. No, she just decided she wasn’t going to talk about it. Done. Never happened. But I think the producers are the most liable here. Think about it, when all filming is done and it comes time to turn probably 1000 hrs of film into 16 22 minute episodes, producers have to make choices. They KNEW Lauren, again, it bears repeating – BLEW OFF her own business the DAY AFTER the opening, and the story they chose to tell surrounding Lauren’s big business opening was Ashley f*cked up a sketch??? By the way, Ashley repeatedly implied and outright said she wasn’t into doing this. They ignored her and scolded her for not being grateful for Mature Lauren’s trust!

          Does ANYONE still doubt the producers are in tight with the Manzos??? Anyone??
          And does ANYONE still doubt that Ashley’s problems are a result of her terrible mother and being in that horrendous family? Fast forward to this season when they’re mocking and doubting Ashley’s depression and anxiety but as Don said in her blog they were “worried sick” about Lauren’s.

          • Love your inputs they really make you think. Of course it has to do with producers needing to make money as well as good TV. I mean without we wouldn’t be watching or on here talking. So yes they know exactly what to do. Also think about it they picked the right ppl to cause drama on the show. I do believe the Manzo’s may have some say or input on the show BUT Trea is also making a killing out of this season. Ppl love here cause of the cookbooks which all came from the drama from the show. She knew what she was doing. She went public with all her problems, made the cover of all magazines & made ppl want to watch.
            I actually forgot about Lauren’s business until this episode. Amazing how her parents went above & beyond to help her make this business a success & she left. I’m confused as to how can she say she didn’t get respect when wasn’t it her own business? Now what happens when it all doesn’t work out, without a degree, what does she do? I can’t understand how Caroline can say all these things but then not make her kids go to college. Now her sons are involved in another business deal with Chris and this drink product, but before that they didn’t have anything going on. It just seems like they are spoiled and will never understand what it means to actually make money on their own.
            I wonder what Ashlee is doing now? Not sure how sending her away really helped but it made for good TV. Not sure how many more season they have left so i guess they have to make everyone more drama filled to keep ppl watching.

            • Lauren’s new business Cafface is in the same spot that the Chateau was. So her parents shelled out MORE money and bought Chateau because the poor baby can’t get along with anyone and her feelings were hurt. I wonder if that will be mentioned in the show?? iIdoubt it. I wonder if Chris Laurita’s lawsuits will be mentioned???The Manzos are slick-they became friends with producers so they can get better treatment. Really sleazy and fake. If any of those producers quit, the Manzo kids would not talk to them ever again. They are users.

          • Omg yes!! I remember your original post, but I’m glad you brought it up again! I asked a while back if Lauren was still doing her make up bar and here we find out she quit after one day?! I’m with you; whoTH is she to be lecturing anyone?! I hope this gets thrown in Don Caro’s face at the reunion. Unbelievable!

        • Lauren took over the whole Chateau and renamed it Cafface. She sells clothes there and does makeup.

  2. So, if I’m reading this right: Richie tries to diffuse a situation with his “off beat and quirkie sense of humor”, which I’ve always found to be vulgar, and pushes Juicey into a candle stick causing a black eye and bloody nose. Hmm, imagine if it were the other way around? The Wakile’s would be in court. Not a fan of any of them, but…

  3. What a bore! If all will be talking about Tre, they migh as well call it Teresa The real Housewife of New Jersey. I am patiently waiting for Dina’s appearance.

    Does anyone know what actually caused the whole rif raf between the two manzo’s? Did i miss something? I mean I’m wll aware D doesn’t even speak to Don Caro’s offspring, but why? and is Don Caro still in arms with some other brother or sisters?

      • I wonder what really ticked her off..? I personally cant wait for her upcoming appearance, and for the posch fashion show. Mego is going to get shut down by Penny!!!

  4. Just as a sidenote about Lauren and her new diet: Did anyone catch her drinking what looked like a huge glass of red wine (when MeGo was talking about the ‘delicious cheeses’)??????? Hmm… I don’t see how that fits in with her protein-only-liquid-diet (especially not within the first week of the attempt to lose weight).

  5. Dear Teresa perhaps you should try and not have anything to apologize for.
    Keep your trap shut and stop saying nasty things and here is a Hint Just because YOU think something is a Joke doesn’t mean every one will. eps when you add it to a Cookbook
    Cookbooks are fro Recipes not for taking dogs at those in your life I can see why that would confuse you.

  6. Kathy Wakile said: “Teresa’s explanation of comments in her cookbook and her apology. She said she didn’t offend anyone in her cookbook. Maybe what she was trying to say was, it wasn’t her intention, but she obviously did offend. ”

    Teresa has apologized a gazillion times over, and these people still cannot accept it? Kathy said that it wasn’t Teresa’s intention, but they were still offended. Why can’t these people accept an apology? Everybody in the world, and I mean EVERYBODY, me included, have offended somebody at some point in our lives. Weather intentional or not. We say and do things that may offend or hurt someone’s feelings. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT HUMAN BEINGS. With that said, because we are imperfect, we need to learn to forgive. If someone is humbling themselves that much, the right thing to do is forgive and move on.
    Caroline likes to think of herself as a righteous, morally upstanding woman. If that were so, she would have the ability to find forgiveness in her heart. When somebody is hard-hearted like she is, there is no forgiveness. And that is sad. She will forever be unhappy and unfullfilled in life.

    • I was so tired of hearing about the damn cookbook comments that I went on Amazon and read the intro. If you read the entire entry there is no mistake, Tre was joking. The 1/16th Italian comment was clearly light hearted and humorous. She then goes on to talk about how families sometimes argue or you get irritated with each other but at the end of the day they are still your family. Kathy has nothing to be upset about b/c she and Richie DO constantly make lame jokes about Tre. And MeGo DOES copy everything Tre does. DonCaro says in her blog this week “You have to understand that we use humor to alleviate frustrating and uncomfortable moments. No one is safe, and we take everything with a grain of salt.” Oh really Don, so why is that OK for you and not Tre??? Hmmm?

        • I ordered all 3 books last week, Skinny Italian came today and I love the format. Part cookbook part fun stories with a lot of pictures of family and friends. Dina and Jac are in many pictures. Can’t wait to taste her drink but it is not sold near me yet and I am not paying a shipping charge for a drink

        • Caroline is so evil. She thinks she is Mother Theresa and is just so superior. Its rather sickning. One piece of advice for the Manzo Matriarc…..You have to forgive if you expect to ever be forgiven. You need to float back down to earth because your embaressing yourself!

  7. I think the thing that bothers me is that Caroline has said outright she doesn’t CARE if Teresa is sincere or not. She’s made a decision to “cut her out” of her life ~ so that’s what she’s doing. No matter if Teresa is truly sorry, Don Caro has MADE HER DECISION. So, no being open for peace or friendship or change or even forgiveness. Just Don Caro and her DECISION.

    So, you know, MY decision is that Don Caro is really a blowhard and a jerk. Not that she cares about the viewers anyway! Apparently not caring what viewers think of her was another decision of Don Caro’s.

      • If Caroline had put those things in her cookbook and Tre got super offended I am pretty sure that she could care less about how Teresa feels and would say “I don’t care” so I am not sure why she is so interested in Tre’s apology and how sincere it was.

    • Caroline seems like such a bitch. It would be funny if Danielle came back because then caroline will try to ice too people out of the show. I dont understand it. it is YOUR choice to be on a reality show, no one forced you!!!

    • I’m trying to figure out who made Caroline BOSS??? Her family is as messed up as the rest of them. I think Tre & Joe might actually be the realist ones on the show cause they deal, admit & move on from problems & the bullshit & tell it like it is. Danielle & Dina both left the show cause of her so who’s the negative one really.

      • Dina didn’t leave the show because of Caroline.It had to do with the fact neither her husband or daughter could be on the show and that left her with no story line like Camille. Danielle didn’t leave the show, she was given the boot. I doubt it was because of the cast because they were still under contract to the show for the following season. I’m sure it had more to do with her sex tapes and legal issues.

        • OCyn: Must step in here. When Dina stood her ground against Bravo re her participation in the RHONJ, Dina expected her sister, DonCaro, to back her up… strength in numbers. DonCaro did NOT back up her sister… Dina refuses to speak to DonCaro. TFC!! SH

          • Just more proof that Caroline is evil. What happened to “loyalty” and “the family” she always talks about? I think she’s jealous of Dina. Watch Dina’s wedding show & to me seems Caroline isn’t the great helping sister. Plus I never knew they had another sister as well. She was also on just didn’t speak much. I liked Dina so i hope she comes out & spills it. lol

          • I knew the details that followed since I read it here. The fact that Caroline and Jacqueline didn’t back her up is still after the fact she lost her story line. I know I’m splitting hairs. Frankly I’m a bit pissy this morning.

        • I still believe the fact Dina & Caroline weren’t getting along had alot to do with her coming back on. I also read on here that Caroline said she wouldn’t come back to the show if Danielle came back & what do you know no Danielle. I just think Caroline is very evil and it shows more & more each episode. Everyone who leaves the show or has an issue with the show also has an issue with the Caroline. Danielle was an outcast from day one & i’m sure the producers knew of all her closet secrets when she was cast. Drama makes for good TV.

      • EXACTLY! That is why people side with Tre because she is honest about her problems. All the others are being sued, and it is never mentioned. The funny thing is all the viewers know about their financial problems, so the Laurita/Manzo clan look ridiculous judging anyone. They are so arrogant and fake.

  8. With video on Anderson Cooper Caroline won’t even let the expert talk. Caroline thinks her advice is what the TV audience wants to hear. How rude! I agree with guiltofwatchinghousewives Lauren is such a baby! I liked how she thanked her daddy, which was probable for paying for everything and then the next day she packed up her things and left because she wasn’t getting any respect. Who does that? Respect is earned last I heard!

    • Lauren never had a REAL job where you work for someone else. She is a brat. It was easy for her to walk away because mommy and daddy paid for everything. If my daughter did that, I would kick her out of my house. Lauren says she saved and paid for everything. That is just BS. If she really had paid for it all, she would not have walked away after one day.She is WORSE than Ashlee.

  9. Enough already with the cookbook. It all seems a contrived fight anyway to cover up the real fight which is about Punta Cana and Mama Manzo’s dopey darlings getting into a fist fight.. over what I’m not sure..but the Giudices are also involved. Caroline is obviously pissed beyond belief about this and is in so tight with Bravo that the fight didn’t even make the show edit ..but of course all of Tree’s problems did and still do. Tree’s not so tight with the powers that be at Bravo I guess. The Manzos get the ULTIMATE sweetheart edits.

  10. Just when I think I cant get anymore disgusted..
    Melissa, I’m not your lover, hell I can’t even stomach you. You saying, we will take one for the team was not done in the spirit you are now trying to sell. It was done in a snarky condescending way. Own it. Btw, what was the reason Bravo was finally interested in your becoming a HW? Yeah..think about that for a while and see who’s taking one for the team.
    Teresa, here’s a tidbit. Clownzo couldn’t get any interest in a cookbook, she got busted on her lie that Celebrity Apprentice approached her first and she suggested you, her baby boys got in twuble and its ALL YOUR FAULT and she’s not the star of the show. Figure it out and let her go. I know you love your brother more than life, but he’s out to bring you down. Accept it and let him go.
    Have the last laugh, because even viewers that didnt care for you, are now Team Teresa thanks to those goofballs!
    Jac, I know you really believe Joe Gorga was so distressed because his sister has been so evil to his wife. You feel for him and that justifies you all talking about Teresa while she’s not present. I’d like to meet with you and present some investment opportunities. Seriously.
    Kathy, I’m almost speechless, concerning you. Diffuse the situation with his humor? Burning a family member at the stake? Your phone must be ringing off the hook from comedy clubs around the country.
    Clownzo, viewers could respect you deciding to cut someone out of your life. But that would mean, cutting them out of your life, not bashing them on every media outlet that allows you to speak. Oh, and if what we have seen is you keeping Lauren or anybody positive? You may need to go on a very long retreat and search yourself.

      • Don Carlione just isn’t happy if she isn’t leading the charge against someone and making it her personal goal to make their life miserable. Some how I think that has been her MO all of her life. I just can’t bring myself to watch these nasty women. I get enough negativity from reading about it here.

        • you’re right. she loves having a team/gang and being the center of it all. when i hear her talk about how her boys are going to take the world by storm, it just makes me cringe. she is totally oblivious to how embarrassing she is to her kids, or at least would be to every young adult i’ve ever met.

          • Oh, I’m not so sure of that Below. Maybe deep… DEEP down they’re suitably embarrassed by Don, but I think mommy has trained them very well. Mommy Don is ALWAYS right. I think they accept this as a given. I don’t think it occurs to them to disagree with her even in the privacy of their own minds. If they resent her ( and they SHOULD, especially for dragging them onto this stupid show in the beginning of their adulthood ) it’s on an unconscious level. No, it’s much easier to blame all their current problems and sucky life on Teresa Giudice.

            • my kids would never go along with this…ever. i agree with everything you wrote, you’re right about all of it. i almost want to feel sorry for them, but they seem to be loving the fame so much that i can’t really feel sorry for them.

            • Recently someone interviewed Don and asked her what her favorite part of the show was and she said it was when she had the storyline about Albie’s learning disability. That shows me what a clueless and brainless individual she is. That storyline RUINED her son. After that he always looks depressed and lost his self-confidence. That is a very private matter, and it should have been kept that way. She is a HORRIBLE mother. Hopefully Albie will grow up some day and get the hell away from her. He is now known as that guy Albie with the learning disability who flunked out of law school. Really sad. He probably could not get into another law school because of this being BLASTED all over the TV. That witch should have gone on the show herself and left her kids off of it. She is just not bright.

            • That just goes to show they aren’t “rich” as they claim cause they sold that story line to a show for ratings & money. She made money off of degrading her done. Just like now the same with her daughter. I don’t blame her sons for moving far away from her. Plus the Brownstone does decent business but with the economy it too started to suffer, so i believe this show helped business there too. I mean i know she’s paid to play the person she is but man she irritates the hell out of me & for the record NO NJ man would deal with that quietly like her husband does. I also feel like on all of these shows at one point or another everyone on it eventually is exposed to be broke or in serious financial hardship & that’s why they do the show. So i’ll just sit back & wait for it to happen.

    • Clownzo, ha ha. Speaking of the Clownzo’s, did anyone else think it was weird that Chris, Albie and Critterfur came over to shoot the schite with Juicy? They talk all this smack about Juicy, and then go to his house and eat his food and drink his wine. They are actually worse than the women. What’s with Bravo trying to push the “guys” on us this season? Notice in the blogs that Kathy, Don and MeGo constantly make a point to mention how funny the guys are and how we’re going to get to know and see them more. Ehw, no thanks.

  11. Unreal how Chris Laurita is making comments about Joe GIudice getting arrested for getting a fake license. He said it was stupid because Joe has a family. That is true, but isn’t it also stupid to put your family at risk by living above your means and going bankrupt? To the tune of 8 million dollars?Also getting sued for STEALING the idea for blk beverages? Involving your nephews who trusted you into trouble as well? Someone with his problems should not be making comments about ANYONE. He is SSOOOO nasty to Ashlee. I hate the way he talks to her.

    • I agree, I really used to like Chris Laurita, but he’s got a lot of nerve scolding Joe Giudice like that given his own personal/financial situation. Not kidding, not trying to be funny or provocative – I think the Manzo/Laurita clan has serious psychological issues surrounding conscience. Shame is not an emotion they ever seem to feel.

    • Yes ccmmaahh, I am glad someone mentioned how he talks to Ashlee! I know he has done alot financially, but if you disrespect a kid like that, especially when she is not your real child, how can you expect her to learn to respect you or others?

    • Just to be fair The Laurita Bankruptcy was for the business Not Personal Bankruptcy as was the Guidices. You can Sue whoever you want and make whatever claims you wish Dosnt make it a Fact Until a court says it is a fact.
      as for how he acts towards Ashlee She is lucky she wasnt being raised by my parents who would have tossed her out long ago and that smirk wiped off her face first time she back talked.

      • Chris laurita took money from his business to fund his lavish lifestyle and then filed bankruptcy.that is why he is in BIG trouble.

  12. Caroline has a nasty soul, her children are spoiled and wouldn’t survive a day without their mommy, at least Ashlee was smart enough to get away from the BS and try to make it without her mother breathing down her neck. I think leaving was the smartest thing Ashlee ever did and maybe without being exposed to Jacquelyn and the rest of the crazies Ashlee will be able to grow. Lauren will never become a responsible adult with mommy by her side, taking control and leading her by her nose. That family is SO dysfunctional, yet somehow on the show comes all wrapped up in a pretty bow.

    • editing and big Bravo love for the Manzos explains all that. One word when it comes to the Manzo: teflon

  13. Everyones comments were so right on here. The name for the Manzos, the Clownzos is gonna keep me laughing all day. I sure hope there is not another spin off with just the husbands. What a giant bore that would be. I do like Trees cookbooks & Megos new song. None of the other’s have game. The Wikipedia’ s are trying o guess & Kathy’s deserts do look amazing. Just keep them away from Lauren who has not lost a pound that I can see. The Clownzos except for Albie are all fat or at least doughboyish & dumpy I cant stand them.

  14. Ok it’s obvious Joe needs help & Tre is stupid for dealing with it. Jac is starting to show a real evil side & isn’t the sweet one anymore. Caroline gets on my last nerve. As we can see she isn’t exactly a size 2 so who is she to judge her daughter. She said she wishes it was one of her sons & not her daughter. She made it seem like only skinny girls will make it in her field. Now that Caroline had surgery & lost her weight she must of forgot that she was once almost the same size as her daughter. Can someone tell me why Melissa keeps killing us with trying to sing??? In the last episode when she was in her studio (as if she is a singer) she was lip singing & it was obvious. I’d guess that she is on the show cause perhaps they were a little strapped for money & this helped them out. I do respect Tre & Joe thou, since they don’t hide behind anything & admit things aren’t great but the rest of these ppl refuse to let us know that things aren’t peachy in their world either. Chris has financial issues as well as Kathy but i guess the show doesn’t want to focus on them. Tre should be honored cause i feel without them the show wouldnt be as interesting. I must admit all this nonsense does make for good TV.

    • I don’t think Jax was ever sweet, if you look back at season 1 she was in the bathroom bitching about Dina at a ladybug event for being bossy to her. She and Caroline admitted to having a slap fight. I think Jax as constantly having to take all the bull Caroline gave Danille and now Tree from both Caroline and Dina. I think she just walked on eggshells so that she didn’t piss of “The Family”. Now that there is a riff in the family(Dina and Caroline not speaking to one another) and Tree is in the hot seat, Jax has become DonCaro’s alli. In a strange way I think she never had it so good. Just saying.

      • Yes i agree. She never seemed like she had a backbone. She did cry whenever someone wasn’t nice to her & always ran to Caroline so I think that’s why they get along. There’s something going on in that family with Caroline, Chris, Dina & the other brothers & i think that’s why it’s always about “The Family”. Jac seems like maybe she has something over them. Dina just up & leaving the show is what makes me suspicious about them. Lots of secrets under the rug that i think Jac may know about. I just want to keep watching & reading until it all falls apart. Lol sorry but it’s true.

  15. With Taylor it made sense and truth was obvious. But, here, it isn’t. It’s just too much spittal and hate. When it goes this far, there is no resemblance to fair and honest assessments anymore. It’s just gossip, innuendo, insinuations of character presented as fact, reasons for this and that become so clouded with personal animosity you end up with nothing but character assassination.

    • This is true. While I don’t think Tre is an innocent victim here, she’s so ill-spoken that it’s really hard to come around to her “side” completely. That, plus her association with Juicy, who is even LESS well-spoken to the point of vulgarity and abusiveness make her a not very sympathetic character.

      So, you have Tre (& Juicy) in one corner, then on the other side you have the bullies and whiners, the sycophants and wannabes, not to mention the pot-stirrers (and yes, Kathy Wakile, I’m looking right at you, nasty bag) so there’s really no way to choose a SIDE.

      Neither SIDE is 100% in the right and neither side is 100% in the wrong. Just a bunch bunch of very loud, very mean-spirited people who can’t get their point across without offending most of the viewing public one way or the other.

      That said, I’m inclined to feel sympathetic toward Tre, because she IS such a poor communicator that I feel like she lacks the artifice to be as calculating as Caroline (and stupid Jacqueline) would have us believe. And we HAVE seen with our own eyes MeGo and the Wakiles along with the Lauritas and Manzo’s stir the pot, create controversy, judge, snipe and snark in ugly ways that they don’t NEED to be good communicators, their actions speak on their behalf.

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