Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Camille Grammer, Brandi Glanville: CAMILLE GETTIN’ DA BRAVO BOOT… BRANDI PROMOTED TO FULL-TIME HOUSEWIFE… UPDATE… TOLDJA Back in January!…

April 30, 2012… 4:45 pm


                   Camille Grammer… “I don’t wanna go back… Yolanda can have my job…now go away!”

Recently a SH reader asked, via comments, how accurate SH was re which cast members of each franchise got da Bravo boot.  SH is pretty damn accurate!  

There are other sites just days ago blaring the news that Brandi Glanville is now a full-time Beverly Hills Housewife.  Really???  

Those sites, which are simply Bravo mouthpieces, need some catching up to do!  SH told readers Brandi’s new status with the Beverly Hills franchise back in January!  Would not be surprised if Brandi’s BFF, Jennifer Giminez, also has a larger role on the next season of the RHOBH…  

If you are wondering about Camille Grammer’s replacement, new BH Housewife Yolanda Foster, there will be MORE re Yolanda in an upcoming post on SH… 

FROM January:

It has been rumored… hmmmm, is “rumored” the right word here?  Let’s start over…

Rob Shuter released another of his Bravo-endorsed “leaks” days ago stating that Camille Grammer would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This is absolutely no surprise.  What reason would Camille have to continue her “role” on season three of the RHOBH?

   Shuter at SUR filming…

Let’s look back:

Camille was finished after season one.  Producers had to convince her to come back for season two and Camille reluctantly agreed.  The only reason Camille went for season two was to rehabilitate the lousy edit she received on season one.  Producer’s also demanded that Camille “bring the drama” for season two…  Camille did not agree to season two to bring any drama.  Camille just wanted her character’s image to be cleaned up.

Was Camille’s character sanitized?  Yes…this season, Camille was shown to be the complete opposite from the person she was portrayed on season one.  Job done!

Camille has been vocal about Bravo/Evolution/producers decision to air season two… and has gone on record as saying that she felt this season should NOT have premiered… at all.

Now that Camille is seen in a good light and she spoke her mind about season two (which probably pissed off Bravo/Evolution/producers)… what reason does Camille have to participate in season three?

Camille’s storyline (did she have one this season?) is complete.   Camille’s character has been given the full Bravo makeover.  Camille seems happy with Dimwitri… and Camille does not need the Bravo paycheck.

If Camille agrees to another season, she is very aware of the fact that the spotlight would be shown on her boyfriend, Dimwitri LuckyCharms and his unfortunate relation to the “Silver City Ripper.”    And would open the door to explore Dimwitri’s past relationships… in particular the mother of his 5-year-old.  Why allow this possibility?


It takes no brains to come to the conclusion that Camille WILL NOT be back for season three…. Camille is looking forward to breaking away from Bravo and has new projects in the works.

So… who WILL be returning?

Kim Richards… it’s Kyle’s show.  No Kim, no Kyle… Kim will be back for season three.

 Kim Richards…

Brandi Glanville… yes, Bravo/producers will be asking Brandi to return and she will be given more camera time and a better storyline.

                                   Brandi Glanville…

Dana Wilkey…  Dana is gettin’ da Bravo boot.  What does AlienShapeShifterPam Dana add to the show?  IMO, Dana seems delightful and plays her part well (Oh, look at me, I’m the ditzy rich girl, just havin’ fun…).  And, yes, it is a “part”… ’cause Dana can’t back up her Bravo character in REAL life… here and here.

                          Dana Wilkey…

It is SOP for producers to ask the remaining Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof and Kyle Richards, if any of their wealthy female friends would be interested in appearing on the show.  So, the search is on for Camille’s replacement!  Don’t be led down the FayeResnick/JenniferFlavinStallone/LindaThompsonJennerFoster path… they are always touted as the next BH Housewife… by the BRAVO-ENDORSED SITES!!!  

NOTE 4.30.12:  As for the two OTHER new potential BH Housewives:  Diana Roque Ellis is questionable, but has been filming RHOBH; Marisa Zanuck will be appearing on the RHOBH, but NOT as a full-time Housewife… probably given “Friend” status.

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  1. Ms. SH on one of your post there was a video of Kyle answering someone that she didn’t know if she would be returning. Kyle said it depended on who else came back. I took this to mean if Brandi came back she was out. Do you think she meant that too? I bet Kyle tried with all her might to not get Brandi back! <3 your blog!! <3


  2. I always assumed RHOBH would cause OC to vanish. No such luck. It’s pretty bad to watch (what little we did). Maybe next year!


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