Real Housewives of Atlanta: KIM ZOLCIAK… World Renowned Medium Makes Dire Prediction For Kim and Kroy!!

                                                            Kim Zolciak in her $58,000 wedding dress…

More photos from Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak’s 11-11-11 wedding to Kroy Biermann…

As much as we are all happy for Kim Zolciak…

… a very famous medium had a vision of Kim and Kroy…

…10 years from now!!!

Kim and Kroy have THREE more little “Krims”…  


KROY had to retire from the Atlanta Falcons… and KIM let her real hair color grow back!

 The Biermanns… in ten years!!!

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24 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: KIM ZOLCIAK… World Renowned Medium Makes Dire Prediction For Kim and Kroy!!

  1. Gee, she’s already expecting number two and Kroy will be 36 in ten years, past a DE’s prime in the NFL. Don’t need to be psychic for a couple of those predictions.

    • I saw on one episode that she paid 58K for the dress. At least I think I did…could have been half asleep.

  2. OK, she said she was going to wear her real hair for the wedding. That is NOT her real hair. No way!!

    • She said on the Wendy show that she did not wear her real hair, she made the comment “with this wig I thee wed”

    • Please, has Kim told the truth about anything yet!!and everyone that I have talked to is trying to still get over that camel toe monkey st, she wore. I would love to b a fly on the wall to just hear everything his parent’s had to say about her and the way she spend’s money like it was running water,

  3. This isn’t going to last ten years to his retirement. This chick is going to be pushing out kids and not realize that she will have 4 kids and possibly no money because of an injury from Kroy or Kroy goes after a younger chick.

  4. The big decision is gonna be when he is ready to retire from the NFL and head back with his “family” to Montana……

  5. Yes Kimmy, you look so virginal in your stripper wedding gown. One wrong move and those puppies will be popping out of there. Fine example to set for your young daughters.

    • OK, now I’m 43 and I look more like a 33 year old, so I guess that’s fair. :)

      OK, I WISH I looked 33….:)

      • It’s hard to believe she is 33 but maybe it is genetics. I have a daughter 34 and she looks like an infant compared to Kim. I would guess Kim’s Mother is in her 50’s and looks more like she’s in her 60’s.

        • Smokers…all that needs to be said! Well wait….drinkers. There, now that’s all that needs to be said! :-)

  6. It looks like she got her dress from one the girls on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding….hahahahah

    pure white trash

  7. The pics from this wedding leave me speechless, but in the end not really surprised. Just didn’t know anyone would wear three horrid dresses in one wedding. I have to say though, Kim is Kim. She is outrages, and never disappoints. If Kroy didn’t know that getting into this, then he is as dumb as a post.

  8. i don’t think that kroy is dumb. i think he is young, naive and innocent. his parents must be furious with kim. they know they raised a nice boy, and they can see that kim is the predator. kroy is the prey.

  9. Oh! And it doesn’t take a palm reader to relay that Kroy’s parents/family didn’t want him to marry Kim. She has been around town too many times and I’m sure his mother has a ton of worry on her. Don’t they say that…… your past is a very good prediction of your future?

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