MELISSA GORGA: Missy Gets All Jealous of JoGo’s Imaginary “Secretary”… Deleted Scene… VIDEO

April 30, 2012  10:45 am   What you didn’t see on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

This totally contrived producer-induced scene was cut from last night’s RHONJ.  How con-veeeennn-e-ent that JoGo’s “secretary” left/quit/whateva and JoGo has to hire another one.  PUH-LEEEEZE!   Giving this deleted scene a minus 37 on a scale of 10… for really, really, really BAD ACTING!!

Note to JoGo:  Maybe if you paid your ‘secretary’ more than minimum wage, you wouldn’t have to find replacements… and you would be saving your wife the “trauma” of the anticipation of your hiring a Joan Harris look-alike!

6 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Missy Gets All Jealous of JoGo’s Imaginary “Secretary”… Deleted Scene… VIDEO

  1. ugh! is there any segment of the population that finds joe gorga hot? any female population…that does secretarial work? relax, melissa, get back to your music and let some poor woman that needs the money deal with him from 9 to 5.


  2. I’m pretty sure IF some hot, 20 yr secretary were actually willing to give Joe Gorga a throw, Melissa would be happy. After all, that’s fewer poison-giving sessions she has to endure.


  3. Two comments:

    1) The first two seconds of this clip, when Melissa squeals: “Do you like it?”, she sounds JUST like Teresa.
    2) It’s so obvious that their talking head segments are either scripted or heavily influenced by producers. These people all conveniently talk in 3-second quips


    • She sounds exactly like Tre! MeGo can talk crap all she wants about Tre, but deep down she is so jealous of her SIL and copies her every move, “from the shoes she wears to the chairs on her front porch.”


  4. Hmm, interesting. Mel was concerned that secretary #1 was no longer there. She probably wouldn’t give it up. He is such a horn ball!


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