MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s New Single… “How Many Times”…

April 30, 2012  9:45 am   

MeGo’s new song, “How Many Times”… 

How many times will MeGo use auto-tune?   How many times will our ears be assaulted?  How many times will MeGo believe she can sing?  How many times _________ (fill in the blank)????

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29 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s New Single… “How Many Times”…

  1. The way Joe talks to Melissa as if she’s nothing more than a hole for his penis to rest in is sooo bad. He has nothing to say to her outside of begging her for sex or bitching about his sister. When she played this song he said it “PROVED” that she loved him… that’s his proof?? Why did he need proof??

    • Yep, you could tell MeGo was getting annoyed with him when he kept interrupting her and talking about his poison when she was clearly trying to “act,” oops I mean, show her love and devotion to him for the lifestyle she has. I don’t necessarily disagree with Tre’s statement about MeGo leaving Joe for a richer man, but I do think if Joe was, say a truck driver or a school teacher, she would have never gave him a second glance. I think that is what Tre was trying to say but we all know she has some ehmm, communication issues.

    • He needs proof because she doesn’t put out as much as she says or even he says. What I thought was funny from last night when she made the comment that maybe she should do some more ballads the producer emphatically said NO!!!!!!!!!

  2. How many times will we be subjected to her awful voice? How many times? All her songs just repeat a line over and over “on display, on display” “how many times, how many times.” Soul Diggaz must be laughing all the way to the bank to put up with her noise. I like how she recorded this track over the summer and waited to release it this week when the show is back on the air.

  3. Teresa’s comment about Melissa being a golddigger and leaving him for someone with more money was the best thing she could have ever done for her brother. Melissa is going to go out of her way to prove her love for Joe and prove Teresa wrong.

    • Melissa is a gold digger.. all she found was poison… Shorty Poison.. Sick of that Couple.. sick of the Manzos.. I have not watched this show, and won’t… It’s just painful.. and sad… Bravo has sunk to a new low.. and I will be no part of that.. I do enjoy reading you SH… Thats the only fix I need…

  4. Just love how they wait until the ‘new season’ to ‘release’ this craptastic song. Legitimate musicians and singers do not do this. I’m so glad I skipped this on DVR. Listening to Joe and his poison talk.. Blech!

  5. I am someone who still loves her classic rock (Doors, Stones, et al) — and I go to a tanning salon that plays current pop music — and I really don’t mind it too much. I can say that this song can fit perfectly into that mix. And I will say, I do find this new song of hers to be rather pleasant. I prefer this much more to “On Display.” I like the softer beat and that it’s a bit more melodic.

  6. The final, heavily-produced, autotuned version is not bad, but her untouched voice is horrendous. When they showed the scenes of her working on it last night, her voice sounded like a sick dog.

  7. When are the housewives going to get it through their head that they cannot sing? That scene of her in the recording studio was awful. Her voice was as bad as Wetchen’s. Of course once the producer takes over they can fix the voice and that’s what he did. Go away Wetchen, MeGo, Kim etc. you cannot sing.

  8. All singers have auto tune I thought. Its the way it is done these days. But, each time she sounded better at rehearsal. She does seem to have a decent voice with good potential and emotional feeling. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we don’t really listen and give a person a chance. I don’t see it–don’t hear it–as the ‘awful’ category that some are representing it as.

    • The “way it is done” these days is not good music. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Laura Branigan did not need auto tune. Shania Twain, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Adele, Rihanna do not need auto tune. That is real talent. Melissa will never be on their level.

    • Nokoo, I hope this doesn’t come off as condescending, because that’s not my intent, but I’m curious, how old are you? I ask because in my generation — and I’m not THAT old, almost 40 — autotuning was NOT standard operation procedure ( not even sure it the technology was around to make it happen then, at least not in the same form it is today ). The overwhelming majority of ppl who made it big could really sing OR if their voice was so so ( but not as bad as Melissa’s ) they were really, really interesting, compelling performers and/or songwriters. Melissa is none of that. Now, it does seem to be true that NOWADAYS true vocal talent isn’t nearly as important as it used to be, in no small part due to rampant and regular use of autotuning, but the bottom line is …SHE CAN’T SING. Without technology she makes dogs howl. Maybe that sounds harsh, but did you hear her last night recording her ” I love Joe, no really, I do” ballad? Her naked voice is horrendous. Now couple that with her what many consider total lack of conscience and ppl just really, really don’t care to hear her music.

    • Agreed. Funny how when great singers use auto tune, they sound HORRIBLE. It was not meant for them. YouTube have some great, whitney, michael, mariah accappella…great voices.

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