KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim’s Ex-Assistant, Sweetie Hughes, New Job… Packin’ Bras At Chico’s!!!

April 30, 2012  11:15 am

                          Kim Zolciak, Sweetie Hughes… “Can I pleeeeeze come back to work for you, Kim??   PLEEEEEZE???”

Sweetie QUIT working for Kim – during last season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  

Now Sweetie got herself a new J-O-B . . . she works in a WAREHOUSE!!

According to MTO, Sweetie’s new job is at a Chico’s Distribution center warehouse.

Sweetie packages woman’s lingerie in boxes…. and she makes between $8 and $12 an hour.  

NOTE:  Perhaps Sweetie could write a letter of introduction to the Chico’s branch in LA… for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards.  Kim LOVES packin’ boxes… a perfect job!!  Is there a Chico’s in Beverly Hills???  Hope Kim gets the job!!!


8 comments on “KIM ZOLCIAK: Kim’s Ex-Assistant, Sweetie Hughes, New Job… Packin’ Bras At Chico’s!!!

  1. “the help” photoshop is funny! kim richards has unpacking experience, also, so hopefully if there isn’t an opening in the distribution center, there might be an opening in returns.


  2. When I first read this and I realized Sweetie was only getting paid eight bucks an hour I wondered if she cursed Kim with every double d that she packed. Later I watched tardy for the wedding and as I watched Kim and her “is $500.000 to much?” attitude, it made me think that life has never been sweeter for Sweetie!


    • I feel badly for Sweetie. She was quite young when she went to work for Kim and was unceremoniously kicked to the curb with the “we’ll always be friends” crap from Kim.


  3. This is truly funny, truly it is. Shle went from being a reality housewives comedy relief to working at CHICO’s appareal warehouse making 8 dollars an hour. I bet you she curses Kim every time she has to close a box and tape it. Don’t worry Sweetie, soon Sheree may be working right beside you.


  4. it’s called live and learn…when I was young with my first couple of jobs, my whole attitude was “how can I get out of doing real work so I can leave early and have fun.” That got me nowhere real fast! That attitude deserves no sympathy!


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