April 30, 2012  11:40 am

Whatever attention is drawn to the kids of these women who have accepted payment from Bravo to participate in the trainwreck known as “reality” shows… TFC (the second one)!  


As for “MamaBear” DonCaro always being in the background:  No one is interested in your grownass ADULT progeny kids!   Your, and your “kids,” FEBUS attitude needs to get da Bravo boot!


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36 comments on “KATHY WAKILE, MELISSA GORGA, CAROLINE MANZO: Talk About How RHONJ Affects Their “Kids”… VIDEO

    • Ditto here! Seriously if these guys didn’t have a spot on tv would you really care about Christopher, Albie, Lauren or Ashley.? They are famous for watching their Mamas be biatches on t.v.! Add Don Caroline has sure marketed the heck out of them!

  1. I love how Don finally admitted her kids are in fact, adults. I guess that’s progress, eh?

    • I always laugh when I see “Don” for Caroline. It’s so funny how her name morphed!

  2. Don Caro makes me sick. She is horrible to her daughter about her weight. When they were meeting with the diet doctor she did most of the talking like the daugher is not capable of expressing her own situation. When Don Caro said she wished it was one of her sons that had been plagued with this “horrible problem of being overweight” that the poor daughter has, I wanted to jump through the TV and smack her. I am surprised the she doesn’t have an eating disorder having a mother like that. (for some reason the daughter’s name escapes me right now) I agree that all three of them, Melissa, Kathy and Don Caro are horrible. Don Caro said Teresa “got caught” with what she wrote in the book. It is in the book, STOOPID, Teresa knew every one would see it. She apologized – get over it. I almost can’t stand watching them anymore.

    • Yes! Lauren would be fine if it wouldn’t be for all the words that come out of her mother’s mouth! That’s her problem; her mom’s talking… She doesn’t need to go on a damn juice diet. Poor girl.
      Don Caro doesn’t know when to sthu. Did y’all notice her explain to the diet Dr. what Italian food was? She told him, “It’s bread, it’s cheese, …”
      Really? Really?!?

      • you’re right! it is humiliating to be treated like a toddler…in public and on camera. how can caroline not realize how pathetic it is that she is still trying to be in control of her adult children. she is creating more problems than she can ever hope to solve by acting like that.

        • Both my girls struggled with there weight over the years. My answer to them was to look at the total package rather than worry about loosing a few pounds.They both are beautiful, vibrant young women and should focus on all of them not just one part. Moderation is the key to everything. If I had to send them some place it would be weight watchers they promote a lifestyle rather than short term solutions. Caroline could lose a few pounds herself and encourage Christoper to get on the bandwagon as well. Eating healthy and exercise is a good thing not just for weight loss.

          • i’m betting your daughters are well-adjusted and will be capable of knowing how to manage their weight as adults independently. you’ve got the right approach.

    • I didn’t watch this show last night.. and refuse to again.. Just coming on this site is enough for me.. I can’t stand don caroline.. and her mighty friends.. (yeah right)…. Until they are on her list of sh*t… won’t take long..What she has done to her daughter about her weight.. does not make a good mother.. More like a Mommy Dearest… The only way I will watch this show again.. is if they bring back Danielle… and watch the others get what they have been giving this past year… Then it would be entertaining.. until then.. Finished… All I need is some SH’s that’s it…

    • Cathy, Don Caro makes me sick too. She should just go get a perm for that awful hair. Her daughter is over weight partly because of her!! LOL!

  3. My take on that clip (PeopleTv) is all 3 speak as if they and their children will be on television for YEARs to come. I hope Tre gets the ‘juice’ she needs to push Bravo to dump her relatives. Hope she wins Apprentice. Better yet…..give the ChewedIce’s their OWN show; Milania and Gia are sit-com gold. Give the 3 Harpies something else to stick in their cauldron.

    • I can not believe even now that it is up to Tre to apologize, and yet for two seasons now all her beloved wonderful family has done is bash her! Not in a cook book, but on NATIONAL TV! She has said sorry how many times now? Their whole story-line is bashing Teresa! Walkile dude is an *ss and her brother no better! They are disgusting! The way they bully and have all jumped on the bandwagon makes me sick, I can not watch much longer, have stopped watching Andy all together!

  4. Don Caro is a fat, ugly, stupid bitch. Her “Kids” are NOT “Kids” they are 27, 25 & 23 now. Jeez.
    These lazy asses need to get a real job. & By the way Christopher is nOT thin he is a pudge.
    Lauren will be 400 lbs by 30. She is in denial about how she eats & therefore won’t ever lose weight until she faces the fact she eats like a hog & doesn’t exercise. I love it how Don Caro is suppose to be all Italian (riiiighht) but pronounces Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s name wrong.
    It is Pear Ah Cone Nay not Peer A Cone. She is a fake & a bore kick her & her sauceless meat balls and stupid loser grown kids off that show PLEASE.

    • Oh my goodness, Savonna think someone better get off here and have there blood presser took.I tell u who and what I thought was so sad and I realy don’t like her anyway, speaking of Ashleigh I know she does wrong and everything but the way they made her feel coming in from missing her flight, and the way Caroline’s son Albe I think just took her and dropped her off like a little puppy that nobody cares about or want’s. that is when I stop liking Caroline and her brother, bet if that was La that would had never happen. and u know I have always been a fan Caroline.all I seen was Jaq, just wanting to get rid of her proublems, looks like she was having a party and it fell threw, when her daugther walked back threw the door.and the way she was up in her room packing all of her thing’s up so fast. I think I have heard that she has a couple of kid’s by another man, that she don’t want either,so sad ….

      • I’ve raise 5 children and they all learn differently. Ashley is one that has to make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes the hardest thing to admit is that your aren’t helping your child and are making it worse for them by picking up the pieces. She was sent to her Aunt and Uncle’s to learn a trade (computer skills) and then was to go to her Fathers. They both said she was welcome to come home when she had a plan for her life and was willing to implement it. If Ashley is out getting drunk in the city and can’t get home that is dangerous behavior. What looks like her parents being cruel others may call an intervention. If my daughter would have missed her flight she would have stayed there until the morning for the next one. I think Jacqueline was keeping quiet to avoid arguing and to avoid backing down on the plans they had made for Ashley.

      • Are you doing it on purpose? Mis-using and mis-spelling words just horribly and constantly putting an apostrophe where there shouldn’t be one. Are you eff’ing with us?

  5. Lauren obviously inherited her weight problem from Don Caro. Caroline has an obvious weight problem herself, so I can’t for the life of me, understand why she keeps harping on Lauren’s weight! Don Caro will blame it on the menopause, but I am a few years older than her, through menopause and I am still rockin’ a size 4. But then, I exercise, and eat right. Something Don Caro should really do before she picks on Lauren!
    I feel bad for Lauren, her obvious lack of self-esteem is caused by her mother. Caroline, your daughter is beautiful, but you don’t see her bad-mouthing your fugly self, do ya?

    • Think she got it from Albert, he lost a lot of weight and didn’t he have surgery to loose weight?

  6. The menopause ‘diagnosis’ made me sick. She was ‘terrified.’ Really? Sit through a cancer diagnosis, that is terrifying. Menopause is normal, and while the symptoms are horrid for some women, she should be glad she is going through it as a healthy person. That was ridiculous, and there was an opportunity there to educate about migraines and menopausal symptoms, but it was squandered.

  7. Dang, it ate my first comment. Trying again: the menopause ‘diagnosis’ made me sick. She was ‘terrified.’ Really? Try sitting through a cancer diagnosis, that is terrifying, not menopause. While some women have horrid symptoms, it is a normal life process. She should be glad she is going through it as a normal healthy person, and not as the result of something like breast cancer. There was an opportunity to educate about the symptoms of menopause and migraines, but it was squandered.

  8. Where’s the video clip of Ken saying “we don’t care?” I like how when Kathy was speaking, MeGo was flipping her hair around and adjusting herself. Ugh they are so boring and have nothing interesting to say.

  9. And for the love of God, who is dressing Don? This is now the 2nd time I have seen her in skinny jeans. She is the last person who should be wearing them!!!

  10. LOL, I couldn’t stand Caroline since the 1st season (and got roundly bashed for it), but I bet my last dollar everyone on here who is bashing her now was an admirer of hers for “being real” and “speaking her mind”. You see, when Caroline was targeting Danielle (another piece of shit) and turning everyone against her, that showed me what kind of a person she really is, a ruthless bitch who will not stop at anything when she is on a mission…and she proved it again, but now she has done it to someone everyone here likes and now you can’t stand her for being herself. HAHAHAHA.

    • Oh I was with you the first season. I couldn’t stand Don Caro and how she acted like Don Corleone “anybody who messes w/ my family, messes with me! We are thick as thieves.” And how she dished out opinions when no one really asked her what she thought. I don’t think you are saying anything that none of us here already knew…

    • I humbly admit it . . . I LIKED CAROLINE. I can’t believe it. When people said she was a bully, I was all, “Oh, she’s just strong and protective of her family.” But now (not having to read between the lines at all, because she’s put it all out there . . . .) I have to admit, the Don Caro haters were right all along. She’s just awful!

  11. Didn’t Caroline get gastric bypass?? That was the word in NJ over a year ago. She’s a HORRIBLE example for Lauren. I’ve been on many “diets” and then wound up working for the diet industry, yet I’d NEVER stress looks or being “thin” to my kids. The focus should always be on health. I agree about Christopher being overweight too, so why doesn’t Caroline harp on him? The crap about menopause was ridiculous. She’s 49 and she didn’t know it was coming? Besides that, the doctor she went to was for hormone therapy, so she HAD to have known previous to the appt that she was having hormonal (menopause) symptoms. C’mon. (the doctor has since been embroiled in his own legal issues–don’t these chicks ever choose professionals on the up-and-up???).

  12. Ugh! For the most part, these 3 have no storyline other than their kids and bashing Teresa! I’ve been over Don Caro for a while, and Melissa and Kathy are flat out BORING. The Don’s “kids” are only interesting because they’re totally incapable of caring for themselves. Something children of such a know it all should be expected to do by now.

  13. Caroline is so busy giving advise about Ashley, why isn’t she commenting on Lauren quitting her makeup counter (or whatever) at Chatteau the day after her opening party??? Bash Ashley, and Jacqueline and Chris for enabling Ashley – but is Lauren in school? Does Lauren have a job? It doesn’t appear that she does. Get over yourself, Caroline, and mind your own family before you hand out advice. Talk about that on your Ask Caroline radio show, if you are still doing it.

  14. Can’t watch this Toxic event that is the RHONJ. :(

    And we were told it was all CrazyD’s(anielle) fault season 1+. Ha ha ha.

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