April 30, 2012 5:20 pm

                                                            Jax Laurita… “Just ten more years… I’ll be rid of ALL my kids!!!”  (Yo, Jax!  Your hanger strap is showing!!!)

Jax Laurita was a guest in Miss Andy’s Clubhouse last night… along with (what a waste) Kelly Osbourne.

The ‘elegantly’ arm-tattooed Ms. Osbourne had much to say about Jax’ show, the Real Housewives of New Jersey… including the fact that had it not been for HER show on MTV, “The Osbournes,” there would be NO ‘reality’ TV!  Hate to break lil Kelly’s brain, but had it not been for the Louds, there would be no ‘reality’ TV!  

Kelly’s remark about The Osbourne’s connection to the present reality TV incarnation is just as hysterically funny as the singer Fantasia telling Jay Leno that the Disney movie was named after HER!  How did Fantasia know that really inaccurate statement?  Her MOTHER told her! After Jay Leno tried to tell Fantasia that the movie came first, he could not convince her and just gave up!  Unreal…

Kelly Osbourne is another in a very long line of “experts” shoved down viewers throats because of her parents.  If Kelly’s parents were not Ozzy and Sharon, Kelly would be selling jeans at a TopShop outside of London.  Kelly is the ONLY weak link in Joan River’s “Fashion Police”…

Enough about style “expert” Kelly.

Jax Laurita had much to say during the After Show, but nothing really new or unexpected.  Do you really think Jax would say anything against her sister-in-law and fellow NJ Housewife, DonCaro???   OR… would Jax have any inclination to say anything good about Tree?  Jax DID say that she has yet to watch Tree on Celebrity Apprentice… yeah, OK, Jax!