April 30, 2012 5:20 pm

                                                            Jax Laurita… “Just ten more years… I’ll be rid of ALL my kids!!!”  (Yo, Jax!  Your hanger strap is showing!!!)

Jax Laurita was a guest in Miss Andy’s Clubhouse last night… along with (what a waste) Kelly Osbourne.

The ‘elegantly’ arm-tattooed Ms. Osbourne had much to say about Jax’ show, the Real Housewives of New Jersey… including the fact that had it not been for HER show on MTV, “The Osbournes,” there would be NO ‘reality’ TV!  Hate to break lil Kelly’s brain, but had it not been for the Louds, there would be no ‘reality’ TV!  

Kelly’s remark about The Osbourne’s connection to the present reality TV incarnation is just as hysterically funny as the singer Fantasia telling Jay Leno that the Disney movie was named after HER!  How did Fantasia know that really inaccurate statement?  Her MOTHER told her! After Jay Leno tried to tell Fantasia that the movie came first, he could not convince her and just gave up!  Unreal…

Kelly Osbourne is another in a very long line of “experts” shoved down viewers throats because of her parents.  If Kelly’s parents were not Ozzy and Sharon, Kelly would be selling jeans at a TopShop outside of London.  Kelly is the ONLY weak link in Joan River’s “Fashion Police”…

Enough about style “expert” Kelly.

Jax Laurita had much to say during the After Show, but nothing really new or unexpected.  Do you really think Jax would say anything against her sister-in-law and fellow NJ Housewife, DonCaro???   OR… would Jax have any inclination to say anything good about Tree?  Jax DID say that she has yet to watch Tree on Celebrity Apprentice… yeah, OK, Jax!   


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20 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax on WWHL After Show… VIDEO

  1. well I was woundering how in the heck did Kelly ever get on Joan’s show, it look’s like she would at least get those stupid tatt’s covered up, she look’s like a junky want 2 b…….and please do something with that ugly hair, it look’s like u have a washed out purple egg on your head.

  2. Wow!! SH, I’m impressed that you remembered the Louds. They were years ahead of their time with their PBS show, huh? A family member knows some of them (still), and I think it’s so cool. Way back then I was intrigued with Lance. :)

  3. SH, I wonder have you ever sent a resume to be a tv critic….i think you would do well and you would get paid big bucks for doing something you enjoy.

    I heard of the LOuds on another blog months ago and decided to you tube them. THe older reality shows like that and the first season of the real world seem so much more authentic. Alot of these current reality show are over the top and fake to me. It’s so producer driven.

    • Mel: Totally agree with you re the original ‘reality’ shows… these Bravo shows have switched from the cameras following the players around to the producers now telling the players where to be, what to say and how to say it! Producers often text message instructions to the HWs while the cameras are rolling… TFC!! SH

      • Lauren Conrad from “The Hills” & “Laguna Beach” said that the producers would always text them what to say. She said that is why half the time they were always looking at their phones. So staged.

  4. When Kelly opened her mouth, I turned the channel….she is a good waste of space….if you want us to continue to watch your show, Andy, you simply must get someone who is entertaining….not the two you had on last night…ewwwwww

  5. Jac looks like a drag queen in that sorry dress and LOL yes her hanger strap is showing. Bravo has had that awful pic of her up on their site all day. Good old Jac.. her hair is so 80s!

  6. This episode told so much about the whole dynamic of the NJ housewives that I truly feel sorry for Teresa. Lets start with Jacqueline, I don’t like that woman not one bit. Here was her daughter getting kicked out and the mother was with the one son trying to get him to say bye bye Ashley etc. etc. in a really sarcastic way. And then we have Albie coming over to take her to the airport and what does this idiot do, he leaves her suitcase at the top of the stairs for Ashley to take down (she moved it out of her room so that Albie could take it and he didn’t). This tells me that He doesn’t like her at all. Then we have the Jacqueline at the door essentially giddy for her to leave.

    I know that Ashley is a brat and did drink and stuff but Kelly Osborne was correct on WWHL, she said that stuff that she does is her way of crying for help. But what the idot right next to Kelly didn’t undertand (Jacqueline) is the fact maybe the problem is Jacqueline. I truly think that Jacqueline choosed Chris and his family over Ashley and she was able to tell. And the mother allowed it to happen and that is why there is such a grudge against the mother. In fact the mother can’t stop taking shots at her when possible. I think Chris is in an unattenable position, he has a flaky wife who has made Ashley hate her and anything he does to question that would blow up on him so he just kicks Ashley out. And yes if I was Ashley I would hold it against her.

    Melissa and Joe Gorga are funny, because something tells me that they are just on the cusps of financial ruin. Joe is acting like he’s a big realestate developer and Melissa (this is funny) trying to sing her next song and she makes comment about singing more ballads and the producer says NO!!!!!!! The reason Melissa is so bent out of shape about Teresa saying to Joe that Melissa would leave him for a rich guy is the fact that Teresa was spot on. If you don’t believe me look at this link.

    Oh and I still say that Joe needs to get a paternity test on at least the youngest kid. Something about being being born 9 months after her meeting with another of her ex’s at a Sushi Bar, and she was serving the sushi.

    Joe Giudice is depressed (my opinion) because of all the stuff coming out and him losing the pizza place and other things and his wife being the sole bread winner of the family.

    Also I think what I’m about to say is really important, up with Melissa cheating on Joe the midget. Remember the “wrestling match” that Wakile and Joe had in the gameroom during the poker get together. There where cameras down in the room during the whole mess, and then we didn’t have one mention of it on the WWHL from Andy or Jacqueline. I think Bravo edited out because something more was said than just let me see you get 8 inches in height. And for Andy not to make comment about it tells me something of a fight did happen and some very nasty words where said and possibly some secrets too.

    • Buck…..I’m not sure you have ever dealt with a out of control young adult but some of your comments are way out of line….”choosing Chris and his family”…..not cool. Mothers have to make hard choices to help their children to grow.

      • Lizzie, I so agree….I believe Ash is addicted to something, Jac and Chris know it and she did what she had to do and invited Ash to leave. For good. I hope she sticks to it for both herself and her daughter. It was the right thing to do.

    • Buck, check out the Vulture recap (on SH blogroll) –they seem to find Jax just as messed up and also call out Bravo on the missing fight footage. When Ashley’s older she can look back at the time she was kicked out of the house by her step father while her mother sat a room away because it’s on tape. Forever.
      Jax chose not to have the Bravo crew film her family holiday (Christmas?) but found it just fine to tape this painful family scene at Ashley’s expense. That kid better turn out safe and ok after such public humiliation. Others haven’t.

  7. Kelly is a tool. Not a style icon nor interesting on any level. I love Joan but can’t watch

    • Kelly needs to be off FP now! They can bring in a different guest for each show to fill her spot or no one. She’s just a no.

      • I think Fashion Police should critique Kelly. LOL Where do we begin? How on earth did she get that gig? She has absolutely no style sense. It’s not like her parents are Calvin Klein and Donna Karen. Her dad is Ozzy, how does that segue into a fashion critic?

  8. I don’t know if anyone else remembers this but a few years ago there was a reality t.v. show on MTV called Rich Girls with Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter and one of her horribly snobby friends. I don’t remember much about it because the two girls were so spoiled and boring it didn’t last long but what I do remember is Tommy’s daughter said “My Dad invented cargo pants” and every one had a fit because she was so stupid she really belived that b.s.. That is what Kelly’s commment about her reality show reminded me off.

    • I remember Rich Girls and it was basically a sad show because the girls were depressed & miserable because they were alone so much. The parents were ALWAYS gone and the girls were boring.

  9. JAC’s face looks SUPER JACKED UP. how much work has she gotten done? her neck and jaw line look really messed up

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