HEATHER DUBROW: Is Heather Dubrow Playing ‘Stacy Kessler’ From Millionaire Matchmaker??

April 29, 2012  2:30 pm

Since reading several comments re Heather Dubrow being Stace Kessler, I’ve become obsessed with this possibility after listening to a video of Stacy Kessler.  Stacy sounds exactly like Heather Dubrow!

June 2011…

The similarities between “Stacy” and Heather are remarkable.  From the photos below, it looks as though Stacy had been wearing a prosthetic nose.  Heather/Stacy’s eyes, lips and mouth are identical.  

Heather can change her eye makeup to change her eyes; can change her hair to look different; can wear veneers to change her teeth.  One part of the human body which stays the same throughout one’s life is their ears.  The last photo shows that Stacy and Heather’s ears are the same!

                                                 Heather Paige Kent…

 Stacy Kessler’s Eyes…

 Heather Dubrow’s eyes…

                            Stacy Kessler…

                                  Stacy/Heather’s prosthetic nose…

                                              Stacy/Heather’s nose… poorly applied…

                                                         Stacy/Heather’s VERY poorly applied nose…

                                                                       Stacy Kessler… with the phony nose…from Stacy’s FB page… HERE.

 Stacy Kessler… Heather Dubrow… ears don’t change…

There are more cozy connections to “Stacy’s” appearance as the loud-mouth dating millionairess on Bravo.   Stacy/Heather is good friends with Jenny McCarthy, who is besties with da Stanker… in fact, Heather co-starred with Jenny in Jenny’s short-lived sitcom, “Jenny.”


NOTE:   Wouldn’t it be great if “Stacy” made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Orange County???   OR… even better… it would be perfect if Miss Andy had both Heather Dubrow and Stacy Kessler as guests in his little clubhouse…

21 comments on “HEATHER DUBROW: Is Heather Dubrow Playing ‘Stacy Kessler’ From Millionaire Matchmaker??

  1. yikes! stacy is one bad actress. i’m unfamiliar with heather’s talent as an actress, but from that reel, stacy needs to give up on that dream.

    stacy’s matchmaking endeavors could have ended if she had been actively stalking heather to the meal with heather’s agent. stacy could have grabbed terry after he was evicted from lunch with the agent, dragged him to the car, driven home, and quickly changed the locks before heather got home. i’m not recommending this, of course.


  2. Holy Hannah! You just might have something there Ms. SH!! Even their eyebrows are exactly alike! lol, yes, we need to see Heather and Stacy together on Andy’s show. Maybe I’d watch. Nah, I’d rather see the replay and your comments! :D


  3. Since Heather/Stacy or “her people” clearly read your site, it will be interesting to see if this item smokes her out with another note to Ms.SH.


  4. does stacy have toilet paper in her bra in that one shot with the strappy shirt? I see something white. she was creepy showing her date her underwear video on MM


  5. Please tell me how a prosthetic nose can be smaller than one’s real nose? Uncanny resemblence, but come on. However, I will give you that they’re both equally uninteresting, and $hitty actresses.


  6. YES…From the first time they introduced the new housewife Heather I was confused..I was like, but that is the crazy chick from Millionaire Matchmaker! I think you are 100% right on..tooooo funny…the pot that bravo dips into for their “talent” must be running on empty.


  7. They don’t sound the same to me. Which is strange as I can only just tell the difference between a Canadian accent & a West Coast USA accent.


    • I have to agree – they don’t sound anything alike – they resemble each other but I’m having a hard time believing they are the same person – but then again it is BRAVO we are talking about lol


  8. I thought that you have very valid points…but the hairline is off. Heather has a widow’s peak and Stacy doesn’t. The whole hairline is off. Everything else though is crazy similar. It’s just looking at the hairline makes me think that it’s just an uncanny resemblance. I’m pretty sure that the widow’s peak is a dominant trait. If I didn’t notice that I would definitely agree with you though! :-)


  9. I think the only way to know for sure is to get them in the same room at the same time. None of that Three’s Company nonsense either, where John Ritter played his twin brother and just put on a cowboy hat and that fooled Mr. Furley.


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