FOR ALL SH READERS: TVGasm… Mob Wives… Applause All Around!!!!


SH readers know that we love our friends at TVGasm, Ronnie/flipit!  And, we’re so happy that other sites have jumped on the TVGasm train…

BUT… what is really exciting is that SH reader, commenter and creator of her own site… “BSL”… is now writing for TVGasm!!!!

Go on witcha bad self, BSL!!!  

Read BSL’s recap of “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” at TVGasm….HERE!

AND… We LOVE our favorite Mob Wives site!!  And really love when MobWives gives SH a shout out!  So, we’re giving Mob Mistress a shout out right back!  

Mob Mistress wrote a VERY, VERY intriguing blind item today about one of the Mob Wives… HERE.   Gee… wonder who the Mob Wife is???

21 comments on “FOR ALL SH READERS: TVGasm… Mob Wives… Applause All Around!!!!

  1. Thanks much, lady!! BSL is fabulous! Appreciate your friendship almost as much as I appreciate the pic of fat Melissa Gorga now wallpapering the place. LOL!


  2. Congrats BSL!!! I will be include you on my list of must reads haha. Alot of people don’t realize how hard it is to build a blog but wanted to give a shout out to SH. Your hardwork and dedication does not go unnoticed. Your continued up dates, investigative reporting, and reliable information, and encouragement to other bloggers is amazing. Continued sucess : )

    I don’t like the mob blog that you linked, because in my opinion the hate they have for Drita is a bit too crazy for me. The minute i saw which blog it is….i already new who the blind item was before even reading it haha. I dont mind snark and sacarasm…but the tone and obession they have against Drita is too creepy. To each his own i guess.

    HAve a great Sunday evening folks : )


    • Mel: Thank you! Re the MobWives site: they have been writing about MobWives longer than any other MobWives site; there may be some history there! However, as always, it is up to each reader’s preference as to which site they read. TFC!! SH


    • It always amazes me when someone claims a stranger hates or is obsessed with someone on television. We have well over 600 blogs. The majority of them are not about Drita D’avanzo. I am a Mob Wives’ viewer. Through my hobby I’ve built reliable sources. Without my sources, Mrs. D’avanzo isn’t a television personality that I care for nor like. Outside of Mob Wives and our blog, I do not think about Drita. I decided to write about the show, it’s cast and their family member. I do not blog rainbows, unicorns & butterflies.

      You have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing your opinion.


  3. The only thing I will say i like about that other blog is they give SH alot of shoutouts lol…so at least i agree with them on something : )

    Can’t wait for mobwives chicago…. Bravo started this trend. Now we have baseball wives, basketball wives, football wives, hip hop wives… they are coming out with christian wives sheesh.


  4. Again, I am tardy for this party, but BSL YOU ROCK!!! I am not watching TFTW however, I will be reading your recaps. Love it!!


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