FOR ALL SH READERS: TVGasm… Mob Wives… Applause All Around!!!!


SH readers know that we love our friends at TVGasm, Ronnie/flipit!  And, we’re so happy that other sites have jumped on the TVGasm train…

BUT… what is really exciting is that SH reader, commenter and creator of her own site… “BSL”… is now writing for TVGasm!!!!

Go on witcha bad self, BSL!!!  

Read BSL’s recap of “Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” at TVGasm….HERE!

AND… We LOVE our favorite Mob Wives site!!  And really love when MobWives gives SH a shout out!  So, we’re giving Mob Mistress a shout out right back!  

Mob Mistress wrote a VERY, VERY intriguing blind item today about one of the Mob Wives… HERE.   Gee… wonder who the Mob Wife is???