SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR FRIDAY: Kim Zolciak ‘Tardy For The Wedding’ Numbers… Melissa Gorga…

April 27, 2012  8:30 pm

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                              Kim and Kroy’s rings…

KIM ZOLCIAK:   “Kim is proving she can go it alone with her new spinoff, garnering an average 1.55 million viewers for its one-hour premiere on Thursday.  Bravo debuted the series with back-to-back episodes. 1.4 million people tuned into the 9 p.m. airing with 691,000 in the ad-coveted 18-49 audience. Its second half-hour episode improved on its lead-in with 1.7 million total viewers and 865,000 in the ad demo. Combined, that’s an average 1.55 million viewers for the hour.”

                    Melissa Gorga chats about the people who chat about her!  

Quite the interesting little chat between MeGo and her sisters… the topics range from MeGo getting tons of requests to represent products (she’s very selective!) to talking about all the “haters” out there who sit behind their computers and just “hate” on MeGo!

In between, one sister is praised for her distinct enunciation… however, this same sister cannot PRONUNCIATE  words correctly.  It would be great to properly enunciate each word… but only if one can pronunciate the word first!   Somehow, these chicks drop the hard “t” when speaking…

MeGo lets it known that her ballad dedicated to JoGo is going to be a wedding song… used by future brides!  And….her next auto-tuned to death debacle will be a dance tune titled “Rockstar”…

 MeGo rehearsing for her next dance tune…

Oh, there’s so much more… listen for yourself, if you can!

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          • BSL, just read your blog. We’ve been to your city many times on vacation and love it. I’m a history buff and never want to leave. Please continue to share your special insights. Will definitely read your book suggestion. I put on weight just thinking about NO.


            • yay! so glad you like nola! it’s jazz fest for the next two weekends, so the city is happy and friends are in town from all over. that’s a book that people love or hate, i’m hoping you love it more than hate it if you get the chance to read it.

              next visit, if you have any questions, please let me know.


            • I will never forget our first invite to one of the fancy refurbished homes on Orange St. I was dressed in the perfect little black dress with my first set of pearls only to be greeted by an empty room lined with newspaper. Later came the crayfish which we ate on the floor. So spicy but like little lobsters. No one sucked heads thank goodness. When we were finished they just rolled up the floor and waa laa the old whellar (not sure how it is spelled) poured. Smoothest whiskey I have ever drank.


            • oh my, y’all are right about the food. it is painful either way–eating all of the good food or turning it down. wish all of you were here tonight for an annual pig roast and crawfish boil at a friend’s home near the fairgrounds for jazz fest. i think of little mini lobsters when i see crawfish, too.


            • BSL….your love of one of the greatest cities on earth shines through your blog. I’m a tour guide and it is a treasure trove of information about the city and the wonderful characters who live there….Never apologize for book recommendations for me….I need the real New Orleans for my groups, not the sanitized, unrealistic history buffs who only want plastic stories. Thank you so much!


  1. Listening to this interview got me thinkin’ “hmm I wonder who the official eNUNciator is in my family?”


  2. Love the video of MeGo practicing! I just can’t bring myself to watch Kim’s show…need to wean off some of these shows not add more. ;)


  3. Mego has serious delusions of grandeur. So her Ballad is going to give Karen Carpenter’s “We’ve only just begun” a run for it’s money? How marvelous for them! And you just know Joey is going to buy enough of the song on itunes to ake it appear that it is selling like hot cakes. That scene between them is so fake and the acting so bad when she reveals her ballad to him (notice she plays the tuned version on her computer rather than sing out loud) It looked like a parody of a romance novel or something. Hang the biatch at the stake.


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