TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Apology to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita… Setup For DonCaro and Jax’ Departure From RHONJ…

April 26, 2012  8:15 pm    InTouch

Trying to make amends: She issued a public letter of penance through the pages of In Touch

‘Dear Jacqueline, I wish we could have resolved things sooner because I’m sincerely sorry for upsetting you — and I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your apology on Twitter.

‘I feel like things have gotten out of hand, which is sad. I miss our friendship.  ‘I want to accept responsibility for the things I did wrong. I’m truly sorry.’

‘I miss being like Lucy and Ethel with you. And so I hope we can work through these problems one day, when you are ready.’

Cast members are threatening to quit because of their long-time feuding with her.

‘Jacqueline is so sick of all the lies and the backstabbing that [she] wants out.

‘Caroline wants out too. She thought being on a reality show would be fun, but it’s just been drama, lies, deception and scandal.   NOTE:  Puh-leeeeze!!!  Dina Manzo asked DonCaro to leave when Dina left for these same reasons and DonCaro refused.  DonCaro saying this about “reality” shows now is laughable!

‘There is now a lot of of fighting going on about money — who deserves the most and who doesn’t.

”Melissa wants more money because she feels like she doesn’t get paid enough to deal with all the damage that’s been done to her personal life.’   NOTE:  ANOTHER laughable piece of garbage!  MeGo stalked the producers and Bravo to get on the show!  MeGo was fully aware of what she was getting into!

NOTE:  This smells of a huge setup for the departure of Jax and DonCaro to leave the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Despite statements elsewhere, Jax and DonCaro are NOT getting a golden ticket back for Season FIVE of the RHONJ… and Tree will be to blame for their leaving.   Just like the “Caroline is as Italian as the Olive Garden” jab from Tree on the Rachael Ray Show two years ago… this feud, apology and eventual makeup with all the NJ HWs is totally contrived.  

Tree’s explanation for the “Olive Garden” remark October, 2011… HERE.

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40 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Apology to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita… Setup For DonCaro and Jax’ Departure From RHONJ…

    • Teresa has apologized by phone, in private and on the show. They will not accept the apology and in fact they have said that she did apologize. Teresa put it out there to prove that she did.
      Don Caro, Jac and the rest of the crew spent all season 3 bashing Teresa. All of this was before the cookbook came out, before Punta Cuna , before Teresa came out with her wine, before Teresa was picked for CA. So what is the real reason they hate Teresa? I am reading between the lines just like Kathy and Don Caro told me to do and all I see is jealousy

  1. God, I sure hope Don and Jac are out. I think Don especially will never…EVER admit she was asked to leave. She will spin it hard and insist she left on her terms.

    • Please, if either one of these two ladie’s leaves what kind of show r they going to have, people r sure not wanting to just look at fat joe and backstabber Teresa and her brattie kid’s.

  2. I meant to say I DON’T think Don will ever…..

    I just watched the video. I hadn’t seen that clip since it first aired last season. One thing that struck me was how much Lauren Manzo has changed. In season 1, she seemed like a very sweet, polite, self-effacing girl. Now, she’s snippy, snarly, nasty, haughty, angry, injects herself into situations that don’t really involve her and like her Mama projects a sense of importance about herself that’s out of touch with reality.

      • Sounds like she took DonCaro’s lead. And really: what does this girl do that merits her superior behavior? Uh, mommy and daddy bought her a store/whatever. Spoiled little girl who lives at home? She should take lessons from Briana.

        • Give Lauren a break as she also is going through menopause. Caro hoped the show would launch her kids to stardom. How did that work out?

  3. Good, I hope they do leave. Well Caroline anyhow, I can’t stand to look at her. I don’t care if Jacquelyn is there or not. Wish Caroline would take Melissa with her when she goes. Actually if Melissa left, I might be able to stand the rest of them. I think it was Melissa who instigated this whole thing that turned the show into such a train wreck.

  4. I believe this was a set up !!!!! I really believe Jacqueline & Caroline set up Teresa ! You know I’m a BIG TERESA Fan however the article ” IN Touch ” was a bad move for Teresa ! Stop apologizing Teresa !!!!!!!
    Jacqueline Is Bi-Polar . However I’m betting Caroline Is pissing foam out of that ugly dictating mouth and has the whip out for Jacqueline !!! I bet money Caroline called Jacqueline and balled her out !!!
    Teresa please don’t call Jacqueline on the phone . Teresa It’s fine your moving on but remember your better off without all the BULL SHIT !!!

    • I am pretty sure both Teresa and Jac talked on the phone yesterday. They both talked about it on Twitter, with Tre saying they were taking baby steps to rebuild their relationship. Jac, on the other hand, first mentioned something about baby steps as well and then went on to bash Tre again. It was insane and made no sense.

  5. I’m not surprised that Bravo is letting Jax and Don Caro go. The Laurita’s and the Manzo’s are getting extra and instigating something that’s none of their business.

    So before they judge Teresa, they need to look in the mirror themselves.

    Good riddance!

    • I agree. I reallllly wish JoGo and MeGo would go away forever as well. I never bought their act at all.

  6. Wesley & Kristyn,
    Right on !!!! I think Jacqueline & Caroline wont budge!!! Bravo loves the drama ! Jacqueline broke her contract however you got Caroline on the side smirking and controlling Bravo Exec’s . I bet those two will be there for season 5 ! But God for give I hope not ! Caroline has to much time on her hands. Too much time to think about her bad actions she has put upon her family !!! God, what her parents must think . Oh Hail Mary Full Of Grace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing Out LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lol so tree had to go to intouch to say sorry? omg, stooopid housewives.
    ms sh, love you dearly, i don’t know how you do it for us, but thanks lol.

  8. Wesley & Kristyn,
    What It comes down to, Caroline will always control her Immediate family ! I sure hope Teresa will learn from the “In Touch ” article. Teresa ,go by your Instincts! Move on ! I believe you can eventually forgive but don’t forget !

  9. I agree with Tracy. I am on Teresa’s side & I think this was such a set up. The only reason Jax & Don caro will accept an apology is if it means they get to stay on the show. They have nothing going on other than that show. Caroline Manzopauses Jimmy Fallon was so boring & stupid even Jimmy looked bored. The Roots were actually yawning. Teresa has become the star of this show & her family (maybe Tree doesn’t like that but its true). The Manzo, Laurita Gripp Holmes’s need to get da boot to da ass becaus ethey are all boring & rediculous. Caroline ain’t no Mob Mamma & ain’t really Italian or at least fully like Tree. I’d like to see Don Caro go 1 round with Big Anj from Mob Wives. Big Anj would lay stupid Caroline & her fortune cookie cliched wisdom out fat on her ugly old orange haired ass.

  10. I hope they do get the boot, I don’t think much of the drama with ANY of the ladies would have gone so far without Caroline’s pushing and Jac’s passive aggressive crap. But it is dumb of them to blame Tre, if Bravo kicks you to the curb, that means Andy is tired of you, not that Tre is all-powerful.

  11. I think the photo of Teresa is absolutely beautiful. She looks relaxed, glowing, and the shot is stunningly composed.

  12. Of all the news & predictions that post here, I wonder what Ms. SH’s track record is. Hope this premonition (Carolyn & Jac’s departure) comes to pass for S5.

    • MaggieG: Have only been off once… and that was being shaky on the return of LuAnn de Lesseps to the RHONY. Was leaning towards her NOT returning, but could not make a definite call on LuAnn. Other than that… excellent predictions! TFC!!! SH

  13. I personally don’t care if they go or stay. But, if they do go, who’s in? Is Bravo out signing the other sister-in-law, the one who is married to Joe’s brother? What’s her name? Joe and Teresa can’t stand her, but are still on good terms with the brother (Pete?).

  14. CAROLINE MANZO is going with her husband to the White House Correspondants dinner this weekend! WHAT THE HELL! I wonder if Tre and Joe were invited! Why would they be invited to this? I don’t get it.

  15. She’s also besties with jailbird and all-around ” Great person ” Bermie Kerik. I don’t know if that gave her an in to the WHCD, come to think of it, I doubt it. But I think Caroline has always been the most legitimately “connected” to higher ups. I’m not implying the mob; I’m just saying they’re long term business owners, they know a lot of ppl. That’s probably another reason her a*s was so chapped when Teresa became the breakout star – she already thought of herself as special and powerful because she hung out with some legitimate power players ( until they went to jail ) .

    • Well they do work, they have the blk water company for now anyway. They also must get paid something for being on tv. If they lose that lawsuit though, they will be back at the Brownstone. They are spoiled, but they do seem to want to work and be a success.

      • I disagree about the Manzo boys wanting to work. They are spoiled and want everything handed to them. Whatever will they do when/if DonCaro gets da boot?

  16. Why didn’t Joe Gorga read his sister’s new cookbook? Maybe he can’t read. Last season he made people read stuff to him a couple of times. like at Teresa’s book signing, he made her read what she wrote. He looks like maybe he is a little slow. Empty bobble head.

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