SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR WEDNESDAY: RHONJ Premiere Ratings Record… Yolanda Foster, Kyle Richards… UPDATE… Kim Zolciak…PHOTOS… Trying To Stay Relevant (FAIL!)

April 25, 2012  9:40 am   UPDATE  7:30 pm

                                      Kim Zolciak…Kim’s pregnant…

THE SALAMIS:   Sad when ex-Housewives and/or their current or ex-spouses attempt to remain relevant… HERE.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY:    Airing at 10 p.m., The Real Housewives of New Jersey season four debut ranks as the most-viewed season premiere in Bravo history with 3 million total viewers.  Starting the night at 9 p.m., the Atlanta Housewives reunion saw a 32 percent increase among the ad-coveted 18-49 demo… and  a 27 percent increase in total viewers.

 Yolanda and David Foster… married 11/11/11.

JEANA KEOUGH:  Jeana put her house back up for sale… asking $3.5 million, down from $6.2… HERE.

TV personality Kyle Richards made sure to feed the meter in Los Angeles, California on April 24, 2012 during a manicure and pedicure.  (April 24, 2012 – Photo by FameFlynet Pictures)

HMMMMM….. Wonder who called the paps???  Kyle still gotz da “ManHands!”

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(Thanks to SH reader “OrigSnark”!!!)

21 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR WEDNESDAY: RHONJ Premiere Ratings Record… Yolanda Foster, Kyle Richards… UPDATE… Kim Zolciak…PHOTOS… Trying To Stay Relevant (FAIL!)

    • Since when indeed! First thought was she’s rocking booty pads. Second, clutch the pearls, she was working out. Third…. implants or Brazilian butt-lift. Fourth… was it Dr.Paul?


      • LOL! That’s the first thing I thought, wonder if she’ll be in Phaedra’s donkey booty vid. It does look like a cute donkey booty, ain’t nothing wrong with junk in the trunk!


  1. Looks like Kyle may have lost some weight – not that she was huge to begin with, but she’s much smaller now.

    I’m surprised about the ratings record for RHONJ. I’m STILL on the fence about whether I want to watch it or not (I haven’t watched it yet) just simply because I’ve seen snippets here and on tv and I don’t think I can stand such terrible people ganging up on one person (who may or may not be terrible depending on personal opinions)


    • I feel the same way. From the little I’ve seen here and elsewhere, it appears to be a bully centric show, with Don Carlione leading and cheering the bullying on. I’m not a fan of any of the women, but watching the bullying and destruction of a family just isn’t my cup of tea.


      • It’s not mine either. Sometimes I feel like showering after watching these women’s (and men’s) antics just to wash off the negative energy they put out. There is enough suffering in the world without watching these people beat the crap out of other people, just to keep up the “drama”. Bravo is going to hell in a hand basket.


      • I’m confused as to how Caroline is a bully? She isn’t bashing Teresa or Joe. She has given her some common sense advice which Teresa can’t understand. She has chosen to back off from the friendship for what ever her reasons. I have yet to see her bully Teresa about anything. Are going to tell me she is at fault for Teresa’s family issues? Caroline and Kathy and Melissa aren’t sitting around bashing Teresa together. I can see calling a witch or overly opinionated but a Bully?


        • Agree, I am confused when people back Tree, I think all the other ladies would do well on the show and get along! Tree sucks the life out of everyone; she wants to be center of attention and throws everyone else under the bus. Yes, all Caroline has done is offer sound and reasonable advice.


          • It’s amazing to me how many people feel like tree
            is being picked on. IMO these people were not around
            for the 1st and 2nd season watching tree spend $$
            she doesn’t have. Remember tree in the brownstone?
            starting the fight with Danielle? Tree was horrible
            in those seasons. Now, it’s 4 against 1, so all the 4
            must be wrong! After all Tree made the cook book
            that everyone else wanted to make- remember her
            home-made Pizza recipe? She tells us in an episode
            that she never made pizza dough and doesn’t know how to.
            wonder what recipe she used in her book?
            It kind of makes me nuts that so many people buy
            Tree’s cool-aid. Granted, she’s working hard, but lying
            to the bankruptcy court and not paying for
            the work done on your mansion, while still rackin up
            30k in bills at Nieman Marcus is not going to pay back
            the 11 mill. just my opinion. :)


            • The brownstone was most likely producer induced. They were coworkers on a show and at some point there had to be interaction! Teresa was fine and nice until Danielle stated and brought up the foreclosure. Wouldn’t you have a reation to something said publicly that wasn’t on the show, which Melissa told Danielle behind the scenes?
              I think fame has gotten to all their heads and they have gone after Teresa because she is the most famous from the francise. Who cares that she doesn’t make her own dough? I buy mine from shoprite. Her cookbooks are meant to be simple. As for the bankruptcy that is for the court to deal with and not for Don Caro or MeGo to comment on. I agree to disagree and disagree in a respectful way :-)


  2. I know she is getting a pedicure but there is something ridiculous about carrying an expensive Chanel bag while your wearing flip flops and work out pants.


  3. Surprised about the numbers for RHONJ premiere. I didn’t even bother recording it. I think the dynamic aspect of all of the family issues and they each with their pathetic attempts to one up eachother, it fizzled it out for me. Anyone else skipping this season? I’ll just read the highlights on SH.


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