TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Explains Her NephCure Connection… VIDEO… Tree Slides Through ANOTHER Episode of Celebrity Apprentice… Unreal…

April 23, 2012  4:50 pm

Tree stumbles and mumbles through ANOTHER interview… Tree says that she met Matthew’s mother at a charity event and then just outta the blue, Tree was asked to participate on Celebrity Apprentice!  Yeah… right!


Tree slipped through the cracks once again on CA when miraculously, her team, lead by Aubrey O’Day, unbelievably WON the Trump cologne challenge.  Penn Gillette was “fired” for creating a very fitting slogan for his team’s cologne challenge lead by Clay Aiken… “You earned it.”

                                                     Penn Gillette, Da Donald… “You’re not firing me, Trump!  I’m doin’ a Nene… I QUIT!”

The reason for disliking Penn’s slogan??  It was viewed by the judges as being “pompous” and “arrogant.”  THAT was laughable!  Isn’t that what Trump is all about… being pompous and arrogant???    There are no rules on Celebrity Apprentice… someone can be fired one week and the next week, someone will be praised for the exact reason that the person was fired the previous week!  Trump is using all of his transparent justification reasoning to keep Tree as a player… lil Eric’s foundation needs to make more money!!

                                             Clay’s team’s display… if only they had scent sticks!!!

Clay’s team was clearly the winner, as their display could be placed in any department store and the cologne would sell… unlike the LegoLand display put together by Tree’s team.  Even Trump’s rep, George, had no idea what the display was when he stopped by to evaluate the progress… he thought the buildings were meant to symbolize the grilles on a Rolls!!

                                      Tree’s team’s cologne display… What the hell is it????  

If it is not clear to anyone at this point WHY Tree continues on CA, read the NephCure connection… HERE.