TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Explains Her NephCure Connection… VIDEO… Tree Slides Through ANOTHER Episode of Celebrity Apprentice… Unreal…

April 23, 2012  4:50 pm

Tree stumbles and mumbles through ANOTHER interview… Tree says that she met Matthew’s mother at a charity event and then just outta the blue, Tree was asked to participate on Celebrity Apprentice!  Yeah… right!


Tree slipped through the cracks once again on CA when miraculously, her team, lead by Aubrey O’Day, unbelievably WON the Trump cologne challenge.  Penn Gillette was “fired” for creating a very fitting slogan for his team’s cologne challenge lead by Clay Aiken… “You earned it.”

                                                     Penn Gillette, Da Donald… “You’re not firing me, Trump!  I’m doin’ a Nene… I QUIT!”

The reason for disliking Penn’s slogan??  It was viewed by the judges as being “pompous” and “arrogant.”  THAT was laughable!  Isn’t that what Trump is all about… being pompous and arrogant???    There are no rules on Celebrity Apprentice… someone can be fired one week and the next week, someone will be praised for the exact reason that the person was fired the previous week!  Trump is using all of his transparent justification reasoning to keep Tree as a player… lil Eric’s foundation needs to make more money!!

                                             Clay’s team’s display… if only they had scent sticks!!!

Clay’s team was clearly the winner, as their display could be placed in any department store and the cologne would sell… unlike the LegoLand display put together by Tree’s team.  Even Trump’s rep, George, had no idea what the display was when he stopped by to evaluate the progress… he thought the buildings were meant to symbolize the grilles on a Rolls!!

                                      Tree’s team’s cologne display… What the hell is it????  

If it is not clear to anyone at this point WHY Tree continues on CA, read the NephCure connection… HERE.

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26 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Explains Her NephCure Connection… VIDEO… Tree Slides Through ANOTHER Episode of Celebrity Apprentice… Unreal…

  1. shut up SH, who cares abt the connections. It doesn’t matter which charity she chose. All i know she is supporting a good course unlike the other fame whores in NJ busy trying doing nothing but trying to bring her down. She might not be the smartest of the group but common give her some credits, at least she is doing something more useful with her time

    • MeMe,
      You could have said everything with the same impact without telling SH to shut up. What were you thinking. We don’t attack or discourage anyone from sharing their opinion.

      • OC1….MeMe must be having the same problems that Tree has with reality….you don’t resolve things by preventing the opposing side expressing their concerns. And MeMe…shut up is just so small…you are bigger than that.

      • I think it is just as important for us to know if a charity event is rigged as it is to put away negative comments if it is benefiting children. The problem is that when a charity event has dispersions such as these cast about it makes me wonder if the money is actually getting where it needs to go. This is the exact reason that these things should be questioned. All charities should be lilly white and open to any and all public scrutiny. If you truely feel that the most important part is the charity reciveing the money for children you should be very concerned indeed about the connections. This has just as much or more to do with Celebrity Apprentice as Teresa, just think about that.

    • some of those “fame whores” you are referring to actually do things to raise money for charities, maybe just not at as in-your-face as celebrity apprentice. Wonder if TREE will donate her appearance fee to NephCure, or will it all go to Juicy’s legal bills? I’m sorry, but Tree could cure cancer and I’d still have a very low opinion of her!

  2. I think we are beating a dead horse here. Teresa is not the only one who had connections with the trumps. I remember Joan Rivers chose a charity that his sister was connected to. The other big charities also have some connection to trump as well. We know the game lol. The big difference is that at least this is a very small charity that would have never gotten the awareness it has until CA. I have a feeling that Teresa is gonna really work beyond CA to help out as i have seen her continuing to raise money for it. HOllywood and Reality shows are never fair…..don’t hate the player hate the game.

    • So why would anyone “compete” for their charities if the Donald charities are the big winners? There were huge losers at the start of the game. It screams rigged!

    • Bev: Joan Rivers volunteered with “Gods Love We Deliver” with Blaine Trump for YEARS before participating on Celebrity Apprentice. Please look it up. Absolutely no comparison between Joan’s personal involvement with her charity to Tree’s sudden discovery of NephCure. And… no one is “hating” on anything. TFC!! SH

  3. I know everyone hates Aubrey….but i think she is super smart. Just arrogant and narrisitic lol. Another suprise is Clay Aiken….i really think this show improved his public image. I love me some Aresenio : )

    I hope Dyanna goes further than Lisa. I think Dyanna is a class act, wicked smart chick.

    • Barbara: When the others bite the dust, Tree will too. Does anyone really think that Tree has a REAL career AFTER RHONJ??? Tree’s prospects are parallel to that of Nene Leakes becoming a LA working actress! Bravo knows their ‘reality’ shows are fading. TFC!!! SH

  4. IMO it isn’t about Teresa. It’s about how the show manipulates the outcome and the charities that get chosen. I’m sure given the opportunity any of the women would contribute equally as much as Teresa, the show and their charity.

  5. Teresa is still around because she hasn’t done anything (yet) to get fired over. Who cares that she was clever enough to pick a charity that one of the Trump’s liked. I think it was smart. I do agree, however that the claim that Penn’s slogan was too arrogant was laughable. Donald Trump is the epitome of arrogance and self-adoration. Just take a look at his guilded house. What a douche.
    I thought Penn was going to win. Penn needed to make a better argument for himself and put the blame on Clay. But I give Teresa props for getting herself on the show. Trump said he has thousands of applications. So, good for her. She’s not going to win, but she has lasted a lot longer than I thought she would.

  6. I doubt it was a tradeoff. After the high drama that Nene provided I am sure the producers wanted another drama prone Housewife and Teresa definatley screams drama. The nephcure connection is just an added bonus. Why do you think Trump kept asking Teresa why she wasn’t fiesty..etc. He was expecting fireworks given her reputation…..ultimitly that was the reason she got on the Apprentice. i bet the producers saw gotti, lisa, and teresa as the firecrackers. However, Teresa was smart to use CA as a platform to soften her tarnished image lol. Smart PR move.

    Interesting Caroline now claims Lisa Lampanelli is a good friend (eyeroll)….cause they have very similar personality traits.

    • Bev: The NephCure connection is the only reason Tree is on CA… purely a tradeoff. AND… is why Tree keeps sliding through. Tree is too dumb to even realize what Trump is insinuating to her… SH

  7. Her charity and why she chose it is irrelevant to me. The bottom line ( for me anyway ) is a worthy cause is getting more attention and more $$. The thing I find the most let’s say entertaining is the glaring paradox a lot of ppl try to pin on her – ” She’s a moron AND a diabolical genius! “

  8. Clays team was a thousand times better then the craft project by Aubrey…I also thought Trust your Instinct was a dumb slogan for a fragrance….why would you use a word that sounds like STINK for a fragrance…this was a totally rigged episode..

  9. First…. NephCure is a wonderful cause. ~~BUT~~ Isn’t it weird that Teresa had to be assigned a charity? I mean, why would a grown woman, with children and all the wealth she professed in early seasons not already have a pet charitable cause? Not even her Family had some charity to which they were partial? IMO, proves the narcissistic illbred character she is.

  10. Hmmmmm….I guess Dina’s Project Ladybug was flush with cash and didn’t need the exposure.

  11. Youre just so mean to everybody, BRAVOs reality show are rising, especially Housewives and Kathy’đ new show was success, higher than WWHL, look at the rating, last sunday, Housewives were the most watched cable show so you need to get a lige and stop bitching about everything

      • Correction Pawn stars had the highest ratings for the week followed by Swamp men.Atlanta Reunion was 2.2 million viewers for their time slot but lets face it sponge Bob had higher ratings during the week. NJ wasn’t even on the top 25 cable shows and it was their premiere. That isn’t a good sign. NSCI had higher rating than both Bravo shows. This was according to Nielsen not Bravo.

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