MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR FRIDAY: Teresa Giudice, Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes…Shana “Taylor Armstong” Has FierceFakeFollowers!!!… Bravo New Shows…

April 20, 2012  9:15 am   UPDATE  6:35 pm

                  Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Jax Laurita… “Hey!  Which one a youz wants ta keep filming this show… even if it’s rippin’ apart our families??   I guess we’re all still in, Miss Andy!”

TREE JOODICE:  Tree says that “FAME” ruined everything… HERE.

“In a perfect world, I’d be closer with my family. Or, at the very least, my friends would help me repair those relationships rather than attempt to cause additional problems between us.”

SHANA:  Check out this “expose” re Shana and her rabid followers… HERE.   NOTE:  Thanks to SH reader “Sammi” and “AO”!!!)

BRAVO:  Bravo is adding MORE shows… including:  “Shop With Stella” and “Tone It Up.” Bravo’s additional character-driven development greenlights include “The Gold Coast,” “Heirs Of Palm Beach,” “Splitsville” and “Untitled Male Model Project.”... HERE.   NOTE:  BRAVO is turning into the Kleenex of Kable!  They continue to produce all very similar throwaway “reality” shows.  No wonder MORE and more people are jumping on the SH “Bravo has jumped the shark” train!!!

                      Tree JOODICE and some NJ idiot who bought her crap…

TREE JOODICE:  Tree got a big turnout for her Fabellini wine… HERE.

NENE LEAKES:  Trump on Nene… HERE.  Really, Trump???  On second thought, what else is he going to say, except that Nene’s a “nice person?”  Nene is no longer in his atmosphere…Trump has no reason to state otherwise!

  Kyle and John… Watch out for Kyle’s LizardLipLickin’!!!!

KYLE RICHARDS:  Kyle and her husband, John Turturro, at Jacob&Co jewelers in NYC.   Interesting that Jacob&Co don’t consider Kyle a “celebrity” on their site!… HERE.

AND… don’t forget…KYLE IS ADOPTED!!!!

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33 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR FRIDAY: Teresa Giudice, Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes…Shana “Taylor Armstong” Has FierceFakeFollowers!!!… Bravo New Shows…

  1. Okay, I’m still kind of confused. For one thing, I’ve never heard of this Norman Golden at all. Never saw the movie Cop and a Half. So are they saying that this Adri made a fake account using Norman’s name or are they saying Norman himself is Adri’s buddy and is posting this stuff himself? And if she made a fake account using his name how has he not figured it out by now? The whole thing is just WEIRD!

    • “Norman” use to look and Taylor’s mentions then Tweet the people saying negative things about her that how I ran into him he was never mean to me but like to defend Taylor rabidly I always thought there wasnt something right with him he was just to RAH RAH for Taylor and refused to acknowledge all the lies and had excuses for all of them.

  2. I recoginzed several posts that have been on here. Same wording and phrases but a different screen name. This person is very disturbing. Stalking Russell’s son and Taylors young cousin pretending to be a pier should cause alarm.

    • Yeah, it is disturbing….I feel so sorry for Russell’s two sons & what they will have to live with until Taylor is out of the public spotlight

      Wait a second…..Remember that girl that threatened Taylor & Kennedy? Taylor was afraid of her but not this person? I guess if a psycho stalks your dead husbands kids & your younger cousin its okay……………Taylor is a foul human being for that but we already knew that, eh.

      • To be fair I doubt that Taylor Armstrong had any Idea that this person was anyone other than a fan that adored her and defended her. Since I’m sure she will read it on SH maybe then she can have the appropriate reaction and reprimand this disturbed person. It would be good PR and she could use a little bit of that. The damage that this person does defending her may be for important though. Let’s watch and see where her priorities lye.

        • I dont know if she knew or not However He/she claimed inthe tweets he meet her and hung out with her on several occasions

          • I’m sure Taylor relished in this obsessed STAN and may even have directed his/her attention towards Randy. I was speaking about the interaction with the children. The ball is in her court now that it has been brought to light. I’m curious as to what her response will be.

            • I agree it was wrong to tweet or Facebook the kids If i recall Norman even claimed Aiden didnt like Randy and blocked him or some such nonsense, I dont know if its true or not.

            • I can see the press now Taylor Armstrong saves Children from obsessed cyber-stalker?Tomorrows exclusive on Radar Online compliments of SH and others ! LOL

  3. just read that whole Who is Norman page. I do not understand how someone can get so attached to a complete stranger. It’s one thing to like and/or believe Tayliar, it’s something completely different to obsess over her the way this girl is.

    I hope Randy takes out a restraining order on this girl. If she doesn’t know this Norman Golden, nor have his permission to impersonate him, he should consider filing charges against her.

    She might want to pay a visit to the Meninger clinic.

  4. It is impossible to believe Shana was not aware of Adri’s actions. Shana knows a fellow psycho and grifter when she sees one.

        • cyn: Kinda thinkin’ that! I actually have more emails from these people; however, the info will suffice for now. Gee, wonder why they would want to “shut down” SH??? And… no one thinks Shana is involved??? LOL!!! TFC!!! SH

    • Further reprehensible behavior from Shana. Encouraging a young woman to behave in such a manner. Keep digging Shana. More goodies to be disclosed during discovery.

  5. Trump doesn’t really know many of the contestants on CA. For example he recently told Dee Synder he was going to be big, really big. Obviously he was unaware that Twisted Sister had already been big, really big. As for his saying NeNe is nice and he likes her, he says that about every contestant but when she quit CA he called her a bigger loser than Starr Jones.

  6. Shanna should be happy tht anyone is even paying attention to her, good or bad. Attention whore. Eh Oh, did i Say that?

  7. According to LinkedIn, Adri Saad also seems to be (or thinks she is?) an “entertainment professional” in Los Angeles who went to the University of Houston – Clear Lake for 13 years (1998-2011).

    • If Adri’s in LA, maybe she is living with Shana. Shana is going to need someone to act concerned and be her “friend” during the trial. Adri will get some air time and pics playing the part of concerned friend.

  8. I spent 5 1/2 years in school getting 2 Bachelors degrees, I guarantee you, I had no time to look at blogs, and even though there was no twitter at the time, I would not have had the time to tweet 25 times a day. My oldest son is in college right now, and he cries to me that he doesn’t have the time to do his work. There’s something wrong with all this BS.

  9. Omg that is the fakest smile on Teresa ever! Hey the young woman needs a cookbook & at least Tree’s is easy to follow because it is written by a moron.

  10. Ok, this Saad girl thing is creepy. So she was tweeting Bernie, trying to get to know him and asking for his inside info about the returning housewives? To me that sounds like Taylor put her up to it to try to spy on Lisa, hoping the cook heard Lisa discsussing Bravo info…Taylor is some piece of work!

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