MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR FRIDAY: Teresa Giudice, Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes…Shana “Taylor Armstong” Has FierceFakeFollowers!!!… Bravo New Shows…

April 20, 2012  9:15 am   UPDATE  6:35 pm

                  Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Jax Laurita… “Hey!  Which one a youz wants ta keep filming this show… even if it’s rippin’ apart our families??   I guess we’re all still in, Miss Andy!”

TREE JOODICE:  Tree says that “FAME” ruined everything… HERE.

“In a perfect world, I’d be closer with my family. Or, at the very least, my friends would help me repair those relationships rather than attempt to cause additional problems between us.”

SHANA:  Check out this “expose” re Shana and her rabid followers… HERE.   NOTE:  Thanks to SH reader “Sammi” and “AO”!!!)

BRAVO:  Bravo is adding MORE shows… including:  “Shop With Stella” and “Tone It Up.” Bravo’s additional character-driven development greenlights include “The Gold Coast,” “Heirs Of Palm Beach,” “Splitsville” and “Untitled Male Model Project.”... HERE.   NOTE:  BRAVO is turning into the Kleenex of Kable!  They continue to produce all very similar throwaway “reality” shows.  No wonder MORE and more people are jumping on the SH “Bravo has jumped the shark” train!!!

                      Tree JOODICE and some NJ idiot who bought her crap…

TREE JOODICE:  Tree got a big turnout for her Fabellini wine… HERE.

NENE LEAKES:  Trump on Nene… HERE.  Really, Trump???  On second thought, what else is he going to say, except that Nene’s a “nice person?”  Nene is no longer in his atmosphere…Trump has no reason to state otherwise!

  Kyle and John… Watch out for Kyle’s LizardLipLickin’!!!!

KYLE RICHARDS:  Kyle and her husband, John Turturro, at Jacob&Co jewelers in NYC.   Interesting that Jacob&Co don’t consider Kyle a “celebrity” on their site!… HERE.

AND… don’t forget…KYLE IS ADOPTED!!!!