TERESA GIUDICE: Tree JOO-DICE on Celebrity Apprentice…Tree Gets Another Pass From Trump… VIDEO

April 16, 2012  1:40 pm

Tree Joodice slipped away from taking the elevator ride on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice… AGAIN!!!   Unreal.  

Tree was the WORST out of the group.  

Tree was so ridiculously stoopid that she could not even grasp the VERY BASIC rules of improv…

Tree is a moron.


Aubrey O’Day tries to tell Trump that Tree is a simple-minded idiot… NOTE:  Does Tree even say an entire sentence????  AGAIN:  Tree is a MORON!!! 



Paul Teutel, project manager…

Note to Paul:  We all know that you are a very cool guy and were probably even REALLY cooler when you got your earring.  BUT, you are now in your 60’s, Paul… puh-leeeeeze lose the earring.  It looks stoopid.