TERESA GIUDICE: Tree JOO-DICE on Celebrity Apprentice…Tree Gets Another Pass From Trump… VIDEO

April 16, 2012  1:40 pm

Tree Joodice slipped away from taking the elevator ride on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice… AGAIN!!!   Unreal.  

Tree was the WORST out of the group.  

Tree was so ridiculously stoopid that she could not even grasp the VERY BASIC rules of improv…

Tree is a moron.


Aubrey O’Day tries to tell Trump that Tree is a simple-minded idiot… NOTE:  Does Tree even say an entire sentence????  AGAIN:  Tree is a MORON!!! 



Paul Teutel, project manager…

Note to Paul:  We all know that you are a very cool guy and were probably even REALLY cooler when you got your earring.  BUT, you are now in your 60′s, Paul… puh-leeeeeze lose the earring.  It looks stoopid.

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71 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree JOO-DICE on Celebrity Apprentice…Tree Gets Another Pass From Trump… VIDEO

  1. I watched the whole thing and I agree with Aubrey, Tree works hard but uses that to compensate the fact her elevator does not go to the top floor, not the sharpest tool in the shade; lights on but nobody home!

  2. I totally respect anyone who gives fully of him/herself, always tries to give ideas and solutions. I think that is a wonderful trait. I would rather have someone like Teresa than a genius who would just sit there clammed up. I am not a “Tre fan,” but there are some traits of hers I genuinely like.

  3. I don’t know why Tree is always picked on….she may not be the smartest but PAUL was the project manager and he deserved to go home, he did nothing, at least Teresa tried. Why must you week after week knock her, give her a break, does it have something to do with that miserable Caroline or the whiner Jac….they are both jealous as all hell….Go Teresa…give it your best, that’s all you can do.

    • Because, did you not see her how stupid she acted about that task, Paul was right she did take to long to come up with a name which she still didn’t A.H did, but she took all the credit when someone call’s her out on something it was the whole group. but when the dumbass think’s someone is saying she might had something right it is all me me me.when all the other’s took the money to there charity’s they all said the whole team. no not her it was like it came out of her pocket.

      • Shah: Are you SERIOUS??? The answer is: Because they get paid to be on “reality” shows. They all get bashed on SH! Tree is an absolute MORON… and Melissa CAN’T SING…and KATHY is a HANGER-ON… and DON CARO is A DELUSIONAL IDIOT! Does that cover all of them??? IMO… the New Jersey HWs are SUB-HUMAN. SH

        • OH GOD enough with the ESL excuse Teresa is damn near 40 yrs old she learned english in american schools and spent her entire life in America

          her whole educational experence was in the US taught English by American teachers. Its time to stop using the excuse of only speaking italian for the first 5 yrs of her life to explain her stoopidity

          We put her down because she is a IDIOT who is a cheater,liar and a criminal.

          • lisa, great comments! I’m a teacher who grew up in south Texas. Half of our students come to kindergarten speaking Spanish only. By the end of first grade they are fluent in English. They are immersed in English and also take ESL classes. They were not allowed to speak Spanish at school as part of the immersion process.

            The best way to learn a new language is to live in the country and immerse yourself in the culture and language so you’re forced to speak the language to survive. It works!

            Teresa grew up going to school in America, not Italy. She had the same immersion program that is used in all of America. She was fluent in English by age 6 or 7. English being her second language is no excuse for her stoopidity.

            On CA last night she was taught by the Henson Puppet people exactly what to do and not to do. They practiced and practiced. When it was time to perform with her puppet she did EVERYTHING wrong and caused her team to lose. She can not recall anything she’s been taught or told. As a teacher,

            I would call her a slow learner. I predict she has a below average IQ. People say she’s written books. Right! *sarcasm* She’s had someone write books for her. Celebrities do this all the time. I highly doubt that Kyle wrote her book alone or even Lisa. They have ghost writers that write them.

            The only thing Teresa is good at imo is promoting herself and she has PR people doing that for her too. Oh, and she can flip tables. Look at the way she deals with problems in her life. She behaves as if she’s in la la land and assumes it will all be OK. This is not the behavior of an intelligent woman. Neither is the behavior she exhibits with her family. Who the hell tears their family apart and destroys relationships with friends for a REALITY TV SHOW??? I’d say a person who has no common sense and a low IQ,

            Often I see traitis of a mildly or borderline retarded person in Teresa, which I hate to say. She can’t repeat simple sentences or recall information she’s just been told. She’s impulsive and doesn’t seem to be able to use any higher level thinking skills such as reasoning, problem solving, logic etc. It’s sad, really when you’ve seen what she’s done to her life since she got on RHNJ. When her 15 minutes are up, what will she do then?

            • Wow…thanks for the food for thought ..Tre does appear in denial and consistently slow on the uptake. I’m not an Aubrey matter how good of an idea person she maybe.

            • Teresa is the Scarlett OHara of NJ she thinks if she ignores the Problem it dosnt exsist and will go away. I bet before the show she was a good Mom who doted on her Kids sadly now she dosnt even have that as much

            • lisa the Irish Dragon, “Scarlet OHara”?!!! mercy. Wait til Phaedra hears your comparison of our southern belles to NJ’s Teresa!
              Oh well. another day.

          • Its true, I don’t think it has anything to do with being Italian. I have a friend who was born in Hong Kong and brought up speaking Mandarin, his mother hardly speaks English. He is the smartest and most articulate person I’ve ever known. It all boils down to intelligence. Some have it and some don’t. Not something we should be judging people on. Cheating, lying and being a criminal is another story.

        • Dude ???? What are you 12.

          Teresa is more then annoying she is a criminal who deserves to be in jail. I didnt call her a Bimbo I called her what she was a Crook and a Liar.

      • SH..have much of an opinion? I totally disagree with you. The Jersey franchise is disgusting but not because of Teresa. Give her a break already. The bashing Teresa because she is dumb train is getting old. She is not stupid. She is alot farther than you & I in success. Did you know that her primary language is Italian and she speaks broken english? She is not the best articulater but she constantly gets a bad wrap and I for one find that stale. JMO

        • I remember when Danielle couldnt say Women she said Womans and people gave her hell called her stupid ect ect

          and it was one word
          yet Teresa gets a pass for her idiocy because she speaks a second language, Really

          Teresa isnt just off the boat last week she was born here and educated here even has a Higher degree if she was speaking in Broken english she wouldnt have made it so far. I know plenty people who learned english well into Adulthood and they articulate just fine with a accent
          . Teresa is a few french fries short of a happy meal

        • lUCY: Speak for yourself re “success.” You have no idea about me, my education, my background, where I’ve been or who I know. If you don’t like what I have to say about Tree the dumbass moron… don’t read SH. Tree is a MORON… and that fact never gets stale. SH

          • are right in that I don’t know anything about you, except what you post. Not trying to make you angry..just stating my opinion..I thought that’s what this blog was about. I stand by Teresa..agree with your analogies of the other Jersey hw, just not Teresa.

        • Lucy I think it presumptuous to assume others haven’t done as well as Teresa or better simply because we aren’t connected with a reality show. I know I have and the primary language in my home was German. I doubt that Teresa primary Language is Italian since she speaks it poorly. My problem with Teresa is that she excepts her flaws as being real rather than learning and growing as a person. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Not to mention that working hard will only take you so far in life. She has daughters that will look to her as an example and that should be motivation for her.

          • Ok people..I mispoke about Teresa doing better than others. sorry I see your point. I just get tired of all the Teresa bashing. I just don’t find her to be this awful person that some of you portray. And, original you are correct in that one’s success is not defined in a reality show….never never never..I see Teresa differently..

            • You are not the only Teresa fan here. I stated what I dislike about Teresa but I’m sure she has positives as well. We all banter back and forth with our opinions. That’s what makes it interesting. Try not to take it to heart.
              P.S. I don’t think there is anything you can say that will sway SH opinion. This is after all STOOPID HOUSEWIVES.

        • Teresa does not speak Italian. This has been proven on the show, over and over again. She knows only a few words and phrases in Italian……another “Tree Lie”. Tree is just not very bright! She has NO communication skills, period.

          I really think that Tree is skating by on The Apprentice, she really has no business skills and this is supposed to be a show about business.

        • I have to agree with you about bashing Teresa on her intelligence. My youngest son has a learning disability and as people might say about Teresa, he isn’t always ‘the sharpest tool in the tool box’. But he is more than his intelligence, he’s a person with many other attributes. I would table flip someone into next Sunday if anyone spoke about him the way people speak about Teresa. When I read comments about how stupid Teresa is I think it is so unfair, tasteless and down right ignorant. No one CHOOSES to have a low intelligence and to pick on someone for the way they are born, intelligence wise, is no different than picking on them for any other trait that they have no control over such as a mental or physical disability.

          While this is how I FEEL about it, I know not everyone will FEEL the same way, so I never bothered to bring it up. It just gives me a perception of some poster’s intelligence with the comments that they make. As for MS SH, it is HER site and obviously can say whatever she wants and if we don’t like it we don’t have to come here. She isn’t going to change because of me or you and so she shouldn’t. She is equally mean towards ALL of the housewives, so don’t expect her to hold back or be politically correct, its not the vibe of this blog. She brings the snark that we love so don’t get so offended when it is a snark against someone you like or when it is snark that you think is distasteful because if she tried to please everyone in that way nothing would ever get posted.

          I guess I just want you to know you’re not alone in your opinions here and hope that you can find a way to not let it bother you so much.

          • Annah: Comparing your son, who has a diagnosed LD, to Tree is simply NOT comparable. No one here is bashing anyone who has a LD… especially any young children who are afflicted in this way. Please note the major differences in your argument: Young child dx’d with LD v grown adult woman who has no LD, just a plain moron. Again… no one here is bashing anyone who has a clear and diagnosed LD… and no one here has brought into the mix any children, except you. TFC!!! SH

            • My son is actually an adult, a young adult, but I understand what you’re saying here. Its just a sensitive thing for me when we are picking at someone’s intelligence. I only wanted lUCY to know I understood her point and it was an opportunity to speak my mind on the subject, hopefully without offending anyone.

            • Thanks Annah…I so appreciate you sharing. I too have some similar experience (although not a child). I have a hard time listening to others criticize someone who has difficulty verbalizing (although thank God we are in America and have that right). It just doesn’t define who you are and I do feel there is much more to Teresa than she is given credit. I wish you and your son well.

      • hey, Her IQ is probably no higher than a warm day but she has alot of trouble saying words and it’s almost impossible for her to speak in sentences. I’ve known some not so bright peeps but they were able to express themselves far better than TG.
        It seems to be more than just IQ. IDK!

        • Ya, I know people who have a hard time ‘stringing sentences together’ at times too, but I’m not about to make fun of them for having a low intelligence. Its just a weird thing to pick on IMO because people are born that way, they didn’t CHOOSE to be that way. Why is someone judged on their IQ or intellect in general? There are people out there from severely mentally challenged to genius, I don’t think it matters what part of the scale a person fits into, it doesn’t make them any less of a person or any less deserving.

    • Learning Disability Just when I thought I had heard every excuse for Chewys stupidness

      • So what makes people have a low intelligence (or stupid)? You can’t say lack of education in Teresa’s case because we all know she did go to college.

        • Annah: Just to clarify: Tree did not go college. Tree went to a two-year ‘business’ school… and received an AS in Fashion Merchandising. Also, simply because someone has a college degree or higher does not make them intelligent. Some of the stoopidest people walking this earth have earned Master’s, PhD’s, MD’s and JD’s… trust me on this. TFC!!! SH

          • Some of the stoopidest people walking this earth have earned Master’s, PhD’s, MD’s and JD’s… trust me on this. TFC!!! SH

            A-to-the-Men on that remark, SH!

          • LOL that is SO true!!!! Some of the most clueless people with no common sense are those that I’d expect to know a little something, especially doctors. I didn’t mean to imply that Teresa was highly educated, I just meant its not like she dropped out of school in grade 8 or something. I know people of that nature as well and while they have some sort of ‘street smarts’ they really lack quite a bit of academic knowledge.

  4. At least she gives it her all & is hardworking. Aubrey takes over too much & is very mean & catty behind people’s backs. I also don’t find her all that smart either. Just because she is a loudmouth showoff doesn’t make her right, smart or talented. Plus she looks like a circus clown. Arsenio is the best one on that team.

    • You know what, Savonna…..if you saw what Aubrey looked like when she auditioned for “Making the Band”, I thought she was a beautiful young girl & QUIET…worked her but off and got the part than BAM all went to her head, partied and put on alot of weight (oh and dyed her hair)…however, there’s been posters on sites that said her personality on CA is what she has always been like…..guess that proves you can change your outside but cannot change STOOPID.

  5. Paul deserved to go home. But Teresa and improvisational puppetry? Not a good match. Fat-ass, Clay and Penn had this one in the bag. By the way, could Lisa be any meaner to Danya? I’d rather be a nice person like Teresa than a witch like Lisa any day. Lisa’s got 30 yrs of improv experience and so does Penn. Lisa is brilliant and creative or so she keeps tellign us.

    • Totally agree with you. Lisa may be brilliant and hard working…but she is brash and vulgar…and not just in her humor. She feels justified in her behavior because she does view herself as the top dog giving it all. Whatever her talents, I couldn’t stand to be around her at all. Poor Dayanna…is that how her name is spelled? I don’t know how she contains herself. I’m hooked just to see who is left standing…

      Any bets out there? Ms. SH?

        • I agree….as long as Lisa isn’t…hate to be mean…but I hope she takes a ride. Bring the kleenex….. ;)

        • Once again, MS SH gets it right! Insiders are leaking information that Clay and Aubrey will be the final 2 and I think they should be. Arsenio may be 3.

          I do not want Lisa anywhere near the final 4. This woman doesn’t know when her “insult comedy” ends and real life begins. She can dish it out but she can’t take it. When attacked, Lisa cries like a baby just like every bullying coward I’ve ever taught or come in contact with. Confront a bully and they will turn into a bawling, pathetic baby. That’s Lisa. What she’s done to the others on this show is unforgivable imo. I love it when she gets a dose of her own medicine.

          • Well, put Lisbeth! Lisa is just a bully! She is just not all that she thinks she is for sure! Can’t wait to see her go!

          • You are so spot on Lisbeth..I find it amazing that the younger girl has been able to restrain herself from going bat shit…I’m thinking it’s taught in the Ms. Universe factory in Venezuela…(that sounded funnier in my head..I decided to roll it out anyway)..but I digress….I am personally going out of my way (and it takes a lot for me to do so) to insure that any contract this person has in a certain Resort and Casino that includes an MGM Grand in New England (out of all’s huge too) gets nixed…(when there is team of corporate attorneys on staff.. they love this petty nonsense) I normally do not get involved in my husband’s family business, but when Lisa decided to hurl the word “sp_c” in a recent radio broadcast when talking about her fellow apprentice there..she rubbed a whole lot a folks in a whole lot of places the wrong way…I just happen to be one of them..

  6. Tree did seem clueless, but then again what else is new. I like her (sometimes) and I’m glad she’s doing other things to shut Caroline and her flunkies up. All they have is RHONJ and she has other success as a result of the show and they can’t stand it. Like NeNe said, she would’ve been a fool not to take advantage of the opportunity given her with RHOA and I agree 100% so don’t get mad at the go-getter, be mad at yourself. With that being said, Tree is not as dumb as she looks.

    • I CANNOT call ANYONE making money a MORON or DUMB. The only MORONS & DUMB ONES are those that watches the show and spend their time commenting and blogging about it…LIKE ME. I need to go and sign up for a reality show, that master’s degree AIN’T working for me.

  7. Tree flew not only under the radar but over it and around it. She should have gone home this time. She broke all the rules of the puppet thing and she wasn’t funny. At least Paul flat out said he knew nothing about this task and was going to sit back. Trump is keeping Tree merely for ratings.

    And Lisa is picking on D…the model chick. It’s so obvious she has no tolerance for her and anything that comes out of her mouth Lisa is dead against. Lisa starts the crap every week then has the nerve to cry about it in the boardroom.

    Tree doesn’t have a learning disability. She is just a plain bit@*! She will say or do anything to make herself look better in any given situation even if she has to use her husband or children as Pawns to do so.

  8. Tree not stupid she still there. She is a very hard worker. If Tree can survive NJ BITCHES she will do just fine on C.A.. Donald is very tuff but Don Caroline has bigger balls and Tree can take her any day of the week.

  9. Ms SH you’re correct about Teresa imo. She’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. She was taught by the Henson crew how to do the improv over and over. She could NOT get it. She totally messed up the skits and also the design of the puppets. She has people who write her books for her. She may be good at marketing but that’s it.

    Lisa is a bitch! What she did to Dayanna last night was horrible. Who the hell does Lisa think she is? I’d never heard of her before this show. She’s a typical BULLY!!! When you confront a BULLY they back down and cower in the corner bawling like a little baby. Every time Lisa’s criticized she bawls like a baby and almost gets into a fetal position. She can dish it out but she can’t take it, can she? I’m sick of her fake crying in the boardroom too. Not a tear yet. It’s all a show for Trump.

    Dayanna keeps trying to contribute and Lisa won’t even listen to her. Dayanna has English as her second language and told them she’s a little slow because she thinks in Spanish and then translates to English. Lisa still doesn’t cut her any slack. Last night Dayanna did the best job of designing the puppets and the Henson crew offered her a job. Teresa totally screwed hers up and so did Arsenio.

    On this subject, NeNe kept saying on RHWATL reunion last night that Trump paid her so much money she’s rich from cashing all those Trump checks. Do they pay the celebrities to be on Celebrity Apprentice? I didn’t think they did.

    • Lisabeth: The “celebrities” are paid to appear on Celebrity Apprentice. Just like all singers, performers, etc. are paid off the top at all “charity” events. They ALL get paid… the charity comes second. Do you really think Natalie Cole performs at the numerous charity events she sings at throughout the year for nothing? Natalie gets paid up front and off the top… her fee used to be $25,000 about 7 years ago; it’s probably $50,000 up front now. I was involved in a huge charity function 15 years ago and Dizzy Gillespie,Tito Puente and Count Basie were the talent. Had to pay Dizzy $20,000 CASH… Tito $10,000 CASH… and Count Basie $30,000 CASH. You don’t really think any of these people do it for “charity!?” TFC!!! SH

      • Thanks for clearing that up for me MS SH.I knew if anyone would know about this , it would be you. lol Nene said she is RICH from cashing all the Trump checks from CA. Now I’m so curious now to know how much they’re paid to be on the show and how much money Nene considers enough to make her RICH.

        Most of the CA people this season have been far more concerned with promoting their careers than in raising money for charity, which has made the show worse imo. I mean, at least pretend you’re doing it for charity, right? ;)

        Anyone know how much money they get??

        • Piers Morgan won CA and said he made $32k for the two months, so the more you stay on the show, the more money you make.

          • Thank you JD. That sounds reasonable. How long did Nene stay? I didn’t watch her season so I have no idea. I wouldn’t consider $32K being RICH, though, as Nene kept saying.

            On Big Brother they received a stipend for each day they remain in the house. The longer you stay, the more you make.

  10. Teresa may not be the smartest person on CA and she sure does have a hard time thinking on her feet sometimes but she the only person from the RHONJ that was smart enough to surround herself with good people to help promote her and her many businesses. Don Caro, Jac, Lauren, Chris, Baby Chris, Albie, Ashley, and the former Lookers employee have all failed in their business ventures. BLK water has 2 lawsuits and is not selling well. Don Caro’s radio show is dead, she was turned down for a cook book. Lauren is on her second shot already for a make up store. The former Lookers employee is still trying to give away all the CDs of On Display. Yeah, she strutted her butt in a few gay bars but that was it. Kathy is the only one that is seeing a little success but again nothing like Teresa.

  11. I’m not a Teresa fan by any stretch of the imagination. I normally can’t stand her. But in this particular instance I actually agreed with Trump firing Paul. Teresa sucked at the task but she did at least try and she worked. Paul sat there like a lump and didn’t seem to do much of anything. Honestly, I think he wanted to be fired at that point, he was just tired of being there altogether.

  12. Remember when Teresa took her oldest daughter Gia(?) to a “modeling agency”? The agency tried to correct some of Tre’s Jersey-word pronunciations but Teresa refused. She said she didn’t want to change. That was part of who she was.
    Sounds like that same attitude during Celeb Appren: she wouldn’t try to learn the CA puppet routine for her team because she didn’t want to.
    Tre doesn’t speak correct English because she is not interested in making the effort to learn.

    • ha ha! I remember that and it was one of my favorites when the agency was trying to get Gia to say “coffee” without the Jersey accent….Its sad that she cannot look at even understand to have any chance or credibility, you must be able to have a voice that is absent of any accent, etc….it’s called “acting”

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