SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR THURSDAY: Nene Leakes Divorce Tweets… DonCaroManzo… Teresa Guidice Gets $15,000 for Two Hour Appearance… Reality Kids… Real Housewives of Vancouver Jody Claman…

                                       Tree Joodice… “You’ll never make as much as I do, Missy!!!”

TERESA GIUDICE:  According to celebrity booker, Mike Esterman, Tree commands $15,000 for a two hour appearance…HERE.

“Teresa Giudice (‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’), who has a new cookbook out, will get $15,000 a pop for a two-hour meet-and-greet,” says Esterman.

Tree will also be at the Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival on Saturday, April 14… you’ll have to pay $40 to watch her cook her “Devil’s Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta”  and let’s not forget Tree’s “Happy Endings Cannoli Cupcakes”… HERE.   NOTE:  Seriously???  $40 to watch Tree mumble some words while making some super simple recipe which she has already made a bazillion times on TV?  What morons are going to pay $40 a person for that???   AND… Tree ain’t even throwin’ in a cookbook!


REALITY SHOW DAUGHTERS:  Briana Culberson, 25; Victoria de Lesseps, 17; Pandora Sabo, 26; Tierra Fuller, 26; and Lauren Manzo, 24… talk about being on Housewives… HERE.

 Jody Claman… “Yeah, I’m drunk… but, what are you??”

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER:  Jody Claman discusses why she prefers natural remedies instead of plastic surgery, what she really thinks of Christina and how her lifestyle differs from that of the other housewives… HERE.

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DON CARO MANZO:  Members of the Manzo family, including Caroline and Albert, are scheduled to appear at Dearborn Markey on Sunday, April 22 from noon to 3 p.m. to promote The Brownstone line of signature pasta sauces… HERE.

NENE LEAKES:  Nene ‘splains bein’ divorced from Gregg via Twitter:

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28 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR THURSDAY: Nene Leakes Divorce Tweets… DonCaroManzo… Teresa Guidice Gets $15,000 for Two Hour Appearance… Reality Kids… Real Housewives of Vancouver Jody Claman…

    • There is really only one child in the article and the rest are young adults. I’m suprised Kyle’s daughter wasn’t included in the article.


  1. Is Tree serious? 15,000 for 2 hours really? What does The Donald do to these housewives after being on his show to have them coming back talking like they got his money? Tree and NeNe need to get a check alright and it’s called reality. On the bright side, at least they’re doing something with the fifteen minutes allotted to them unlike some.


  2. Jody is delusional, she lives in her own crazy little world. Hands down the most morally bankrupt, evil self important HW! Way to go bravo, she has almost caught up to Shana!


  3. I am liking the RHoV so far. The drama seems like typical ‘I don’t like you… I’m better than you’ type of drama rather than down and dirty drama like Melissa and Taylor brought to the shows. Jody is being the perfect villain, probably her intended role… she really is a snot, she makes the countess look down to earth.


  4. Thanks Ms. SH. The Glamour article was a good one about the HW’s daughters and it was good to hear how they cope with their “famous” moms. Brianna looks really good and I just love her attitude.


    • @Cat – I’ve been watching RHOVancouver on Project Free TV. I have a Mac, which doesn’t get viruses. I’m not sure how a P.C. would handle the site because of the annoying pop-ups. Hope you can watch the show. It’s my favorite so far. Enjoy!


    • You can download them safely at kick ass torrents, addy is: kat dot ph
      This is how I’ve been able to keep up with NJ and BH since it takes longer for those shows to air in Canada.


  5. “yeah, I’m drunk…but, what are you?”

    Hahaha! Job interviews & traffic stops will be so much easier now. No need to be nervous or put much thought into it. Problems solved!


  6. Jody is a horrible person and so is that drunko Ronnie. I am really enjoying the RHOV show, and I’m sure it would be boring without those bitches, but I cringe when they come on screen. Jody is an old witch; jealous, pretentious and mean. Her daughter Mia is the spawn of Satan. Ronnie…I don’t understand why someone so wealthy married her. She looks weird, drinks WAY too much and doesn’t have any apparent skills. How does a woman like that deserve a luxurious lifestyle. Life isn’t fair and cannot be explained…rehab doesn’t work for rich people unless they have a real rock bottom.


  7. Its too funny that Jody would be so judgemental, and constantly speak of her high-class morals, when her assistant Jordy used to be a punk rock party girl in the 90’s. Believe me, the drugs were flowing freely back thèn. I almost fell off my couch when I saw her on the show. I don`t want to say anything else (I`ve already said plenty), because she was always a sweetheart. It`s just hilarious that Jordy, who used to be a regular face at various Vancouver dives,now works for the ultra-phony Jody. What a change! Hope the `Queen of Mean`is paying you well!


  8. Jody is quite sickening…the lady doth protest too much, methinks……..always pretending to be better than everyone else and bullying every opportunity she gets (btw, it is not an argument between two people when one person takes every opportunity to insult, belittle and embarrass someone…that is bullying!). It is unacceptable behavior and so annoying that I will not continue to watch the Vancouver Housewives. I really enjoy all of the Housewives shows, ladies (used loosely) interactions with one another in social environments is always good for a laugh..but Jody’s bullying will not be brought into my home!


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