What the hell are these chicks doin’ with their money??? 

  • NeNe Leakes - $750K per season, plus a $250K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Kim - $600K per season plus a $150K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Sheree - $550K per season plus a $150K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Kandi - $450K per season plus a $100K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Phaedra and Cynthia - $300K per season plus a $75K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Marlo - $75K – she must be available for filming on request.
  • Peter (Cynthia’s husband) – $75K – he must be available for filming on request.
  • Kroy and Apollo - $50K – must be available for filming on request.

NOTE:  MTO may be very spotty in there ‘reports’… HOWEVER, when it comes to Nene and the ATL chicks, they have not been wrong.  

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  1. We know what Kim is doing with her $. Spending it! Kandi is the only one who has a job & one that can support this type of lifestyle. I would love to see what happens to these women when bravo is done.

  2. Im sorry, Nene isn’t worth that much money in a brothel, let alone just being a bitch on tv. Atlanta bores me big time.

  3. That explains Nene’s “rich, very rich” comment. If she made a million dollars for this past season of nothing, she can at least claim to be a millionaire. Interesting question would be, how much did Gregg get in the divorce?

    • I don’t know, but that John guy I just can’t figure out… I know he’s creepy. What’s his angle though?

        • My mistake. After reading it here first I then read on other sites that she did, indeed finalize her divorce from Greg. Have to ‘fess up: I don’t watch like I used to & rely on the various blogger sites to keep me updated. Sorry.

    • The buzz here in Atlanta is Greg and Nene divorced to protect Nene’s income from Greg’s legal issues. I saw Nene and Greg together at an Atlanta (high profile minister’s birthday party) a few months ago. She can be very dignified and proper and very attentive to Greg when BRAVO’s camera’s aren’t around.

      • DunDunDun! Thanks for sharing. This makes sense in my head to me. I also someday hope to speak goods. Or type yummy. Wish me luck?

      • How can Ne-Ne be quoted as proper when she does’nt pronounce any word correctly.She said she was fraid, why would you leave the a off of afraid? She tries so hard and just keep messing-up. She would do better just being her old country self.

        • it is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny to read on these comment’s, well let us tell you how NeNe does this and does that, look how everyone on here are commenting about if she is nothing to read about thenwhy are so many pple on here.I will tell you why, you are all jealous of NeNe and cannot stand that she is doing so great and have turned out to be one classy ladie, oh and don’t forget Rish Ladie…..

  4. If recent reports are accurate, RHOBH are paid considerably less than the numbers listed here for Atlanta ladies. I wonder if the disparity has to do with the length of time of the air. It’s a substantial difference, in my opinion.

    • I think it has to do with ratings. Atlanta believe it not, is the highest show when in comes to ratings for Bravo. Nene is the star of the show, love her or hate her, so it sounds about right that she makes that much money. Nene doesn’t need any of the other fools, she is the show, at least for me.

    • Didn’t we have a guest on here that said that the ATL chicks are paid the highest because although they fight on camera, but when it comes to their contracts they tend to rally together to get the best options? Sounds about right according to those figures up there. Phaedra being an attorney must help negotiations a bit too.
      Why is Kandi getting paid so little? Seniority?

      • OK, let’s give credit where credit is due; Kandi’s super talented and a savvy business woman…… but with that thick drawl she subjects us to, she’s lucky to be getting paid at all!

  5. You know this just goes to show that the commenter by the name MOA was lying. He said that the Atlanta housewives all stick together and are paid the same or something very close the that.

    • He (or one of the other bugs) just said they rally together to get the most out of the deal. I don’t remember reading that they were paid the exact same and if I did, I must have dismissed it because it sounded absurd. I think there were a few random people on here at the time and some were spouting truths or semi-truths and I took what I wrote in my previous comment out of the ATL talk.
      I could see the ATL women coming together to make sure their contracts were fair and what not.

      • As do I…..Sheree has no talent whatsoever, she’s a trouble-maker, as tacky as they come, and envious as all get out! She chews GUM on this show……..OMG!!! It doesn’t get much tackier than that!

  6. oh my head is spinning. If they pay anywhere close to that kind of money to the New Jeresy ladies for just showing up for a reunion show how could Jax blow that off considering her financial issues?? The fact that mugshot only makes 75 and she is on the high end of the scale compared to BH then it really shows how desperate Dana was for that job. I mean Brandi openly admits she was in need of money and a single mom while Dana Is spending a possible third of her Bravo paycheck on a pair of sunglasses??… Crazy.

  7. Atlanta I find…is boring too. All the Housewife shows are becoming boring. Can’t stand half the people on them. Well dressed, but absolutely no class

  8. No, not buying this.

    NYC housewives the Countess and Ramona both make the highest salaries – $500K for this upcoiming season. That was posted on another ‘blog’ site who has very accurate reporting.

    ATL make make some money but not in this league.

    No, not true. Ain’t buying this.

    • Another site says that ”the story about the salaries of theRHOA is utter crap. Not one word of truth. They don’t even understand how the housewives are paid’. I would believe here more than these rumors. These ‘ladies’ are NOT actors and do not command such salary. If they did, would Sheree let her son sleep on an air mattress? And why or why would Nene make more than Vicki from the OC?

      • What cloud are you floating on Kat? Perhaps the fact that Vicki is a bore may have something to do with the salary she receives! She whines and looks soooooo antique for 50! Vicki does nothing for the ratings!

    • I find those numbers hard to believe too. Seems like an awful high amount to be paying out. I would be very shocked to find out that this is what they earn.

  9. These numbers can’t be right. If Sheree was making that much money – why doesn’t she have any furniture or own a home or car? Why is she STILL fighting for child support? I know weave is expensive, but she can’t have spent all her money on that.

  10. I don’t think Bravo would allow any of the ladies to state how much money they get paid. Can you imagine the tension between the women??? Not a smart move…

  11. Phaedra’s armpits are always gross. EWW! Nene makes the show, so of course she makes that much!

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