Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey… Kim Zolciak is on vacation in Walton Beach… Sheree Whitfield is MIA!!

This is hysterical!!!  

SH has gotten yet ANOTHER threatening email!   This time it’s about this post re Sheree being fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  

If for some reason you’ve not been payin’ atten-shun, SH got a C&D letter from Phaedra Parks attorneys two weeks ago… SH has also gotten various and sundry C&Ds and “warnings” in the past months.

Here is the email SH received minutes ago:

I am a reliable source. Sheree Whitfield is contracted to RHOA through to Season 6!  This is therefore not possible. Your journalism is based on lies. I predict lawsuits in your future from the likes of Bravo!

NOTE:   Interesting that the email said that they “predict lawsuits” from the “likes of Bravo”… this is just too funny.  Obviously, this email was not sent by anyone who has any REAL information re Sheree gettin’ da Bravo boot… otherwise, they would have sent a REAL C&D letter, just like Phaedra directed her attorneys to send SH!   Bug off, “reliable source!!”

“April 05, 2012: First off, we want to make clear, this is NOT a rumor – it is a FACT! And any news source that re-reports this MUST give us credit, otherwise it is PLAGIARISM.

OK now that we got that out the way, EXCLUSIVELY heard that Sheree Whitfield was FIRED from the Atlanta Housewives yesterday.

According to an EX-TREEEEEEMELY reliable insider, the producers informed Sheree yesterday that she was FIRED, and that her services were NO LONGER needed on the show.

And we’re told that Sheree didn’t take it too well. You see, the producers FLEW HER OUT to NY, with the other castmembers to take part in the BRAVO UPFRONT PARTY, in NYC. But before the event, Bravo told her that she was fired. And word is that Sheree BURST INTO TEARS and started BEGGING to keep her job, saying that she NEEDED THE MONEY and everything. also heard that Sheree was SO DISTRAUGHT after learned the news, that she didn’t take part in yesterday’s UPFRONTS.

Oh, but DON’T expect a confirmation from ANYONE until AFTER this seasons reunion show. Even though EVERYONE knows, they have a CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE which prevents them from discussing it. (So if Sheree wants her last few checks, she’s gonna keep her lips ZIPPED too).

THIS IS A MEDIATAKEOUT.COM EXCLUSIVE REPORT. If you re-report our exclusive news, and don’t give us credit, we will NEVER link to your articles EVER.’