Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey… Kim Zolciak is on vacation in Walton Beach… Sheree Whitfield is MIA!!

This is hysterical!!!  

SH has gotten yet ANOTHER threatening email!   This time it’s about this post re Sheree being fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  

If for some reason you’ve not been payin’ atten-shun, SH got a C&D letter from Phaedra Parks attorneys two weeks ago… SH has also gotten various and sundry C&Ds and “warnings” in the past months.

Here is the email SH received minutes ago:

I am a reliable source. Sheree Whitfield is contracted to RHOA through to Season 6!  This is therefore not possible. Your journalism is based on lies. I predict lawsuits in your future from the likes of Bravo!

NOTE:   Interesting that the email said that they “predict lawsuits” from the “likes of Bravo”… this is just too funny.  Obviously, this email was not sent by anyone who has any REAL information re Sheree gettin’ da Bravo boot… otherwise, they would have sent a REAL C&D letter, just like Phaedra directed her attorneys to send SH!   Bug off, “reliable source!!”

“April 05, 2012: First off, we want to make clear, this is NOT a rumor – it is a FACT! And any news source that re-reports this MUST give us credit, otherwise it is PLAGIARISM.

OK now that we got that out the way, EXCLUSIVELY heard that Sheree Whitfield was FIRED from the Atlanta Housewives yesterday.

According to an EX-TREEEEEEMELY reliable insider, the producers informed Sheree yesterday that she was FIRED, and that her services were NO LONGER needed on the show.

And we’re told that Sheree didn’t take it too well. You see, the producers FLEW HER OUT to NY, with the other castmembers to take part in the BRAVO UPFRONT PARTY, in NYC. But before the event, Bravo told her that she was fired. And word is that Sheree BURST INTO TEARS and started BEGGING to keep her job, saying that she NEEDED THE MONEY and everything. also heard that Sheree was SO DISTRAUGHT after learned the news, that she didn’t take part in yesterday’s UPFRONTS.

Oh, but DON’T expect a confirmation from ANYONE until AFTER this seasons reunion show. Even though EVERYONE knows, they have a CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE which prevents them from discussing it. (So if Sheree wants her last few checks, she’s gonna keep her lips ZIPPED too).

THIS IS A MEDIATAKEOUT.COM EXCLUSIVE REPORT. If you re-report our exclusive news, and don’t give us credit, we will NEVER link to your articles EVER.’



  1. During her time on the show, Sheree should have worked harder at using her fifteen minutes of fame to generate money and success for herself like other housewives within the franchise have done. I wonder what she will do now that she is out of the spotlight.
    When Bravo created the ‘Housewives’ franchise, their purpose was to display women who were among the middle- to upperclass within their respective cities. Being that Sheree was living in a small apartment, sleeping on air matresses, and having property and assets reposessed, she probably didn’t fit the criteria anymore.


  2. I do not feel that Sherees story is interesting enough to keep her on. As someone said all the house wives are bettering themselves. What is Sheree doing. Nee Nee is moving on to bigger and better things. Kandi is moving forward with her business and collaborating with country western stars. Cynthia has opened her own modeling business and moving right along and Phaedra has gone into partnership with one of Atlanta’s most prestigious funeral homes. Kim has even moved on with having a baby her up coming marriage and doing something with her life. What is Sheree doing. All the bragging about this big home she was building what happen the land is still empty. She by Sheree was in my opinion a disaster Come on Sheree do something with your life besides starting trouble and gossiping. Get it together girl everyone else has used this series as a stepping stone.


  3. I did say this on another post about New York HW but I think it applies here to …Bravo should have another show about how women who were married to very wealthy men transition into their new and different lifestyles…Sheree and Sonja could explore the decision making that goes into how they find their way……you loss soooooo much more than you think you do. A show like this would take on a different voice and not be focused on the fluff on the HW series.

    Kim and Camille can guest star (going from Big Pappa money to Kroy money could be very revealing) Camille’s lifestyle changes could be very interesting. Just because you have money doesn’t mean your lifestyle doesn’t change. They can bring back Lisa and DeShawn back from the early Atlanta series they have great stories to tell.


    • I like that idea. Sounds like it would be a good way to go and pull in ratings. Shoot things for Lisa Wu are going very bad. She and Ed are in the midst of a divorce and I read that Keith Sweat is filing for bankruptcy. So she has to land herself another sugar daddy to keep up the life she likes to live.


    • The Aston was siezed because of the Lien her divorce attorney’s office put out against her. Then she showed A Mercedes or some other high end car at some point. My guess is that it was a rental that Bravo paid for or rented for the shot.


  4. i do not wish any thing bad like loosing a job on any one. kim should have been let go. i just lookedat some of the old shows and see how Kim used almost every HWOA. Kandi her latest victim..Why did she fire Sweetie????? That suppose to be man of hers. I would not be supprised if he told her when he get back she better be gone. She had nothing to say good about being with them after she met K. She have am excuse for every thing and not going to things they have. she treated Phedra bad at the function she was invited to. I refuse to look at her and that man wedding. I have it so bad I turn my TV everytime they are on, Get Kim off. Let her take care of her so called family. That too shall pass.


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