April 5, 2012  11:15 am

 Christina Keisel…

The Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered last night on the Canadian Slice network.  Just like the Bravo template, Slice requires each Houswife to write their thoughts about the aired episode for the Slice website.

                               Real Housewives of Vancouver cast…

Christina Keisel, one of the Vancouver Housewives, has written that she deemed her participation in the Vancouver franchise as a way out of her boredom.  And… as for season two of Vancouver, Christina says she was chosen to play a character and the she “played her character to the max.”  

Christina’s words:

“I decided to do the show because I was bored.

People always say that they appear on these shows to raise money or awareness and I think that’s bullshit. Obviously we are not a bunch of altruistic, pious women. We all love the attention; we all love the camera. I’m clearly a masochist.

I was in Palm Springs when I got a call from my best friend Kevin Chase saying that my name kept coming up in discussions for thisHousewives show. Now, not having a television I thought it was forDesperate Housewives. I had no clue what a sensation the Real Housewives franchise was.

When the screener for the first episodes arrived at my house I didn’t really know what to do with it. When I’m at home I read and masturbate — I don’t have a television, I don’t have a DVD player, I don’t even have the internet right now.

I started dating a guy right after the show, let’s call him ‘The Persian,’ and I had this DVD burning a hole in my purse so I called him and said, ‘I have a copy of the show. I don’t know what’s on it but you need to see what comes out.’

Naturally, I had to get really drunk — I mean I don’t like my voice on a voicemail, nevermind on TV while I prance around in a “Gold Digger” t-shirt — so I don’t actually recall much of the show other than gaging his reaction; I was watching him watch me.

I’m going to be like every other viewer when I watch these episodes because I didn’t really think about what I was doing, it was just me. I’ll own it and I’m proud of it. The emotions are real because eventually you just stop caring that the cameras are there. People are going to judge you whether you’re on television or not, so why pretend like you regret anything?

For example, there’s a scene in the first episodes where they mention that I dated Ronnie’s ex-husband. Of course, everything is all embellished. I briefly dated her ex-husband when I was 18. I don’t know how old he was so I guess it’s kind of pervy but who doesn’t like a little pervy? It was all in good fun.

As for Season 2? It’s a little early to say but I don’t think so because I did my Housewives thing.  I was chosen for my character and I played that character to the max.”

NOTE:   Non-US viewers complained loudly that they could not access video on the Bravo website.  SH wanted to include in this post video from last night’s Vancouver premiere.  This is the result when trying to watch the video on Slice:

Now I know how Housewives viewers outside of the US feel!

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  1. I LOVED IT !!! was hooked before the 1st commercial, excellent diverse characters and I found the show very well done, much better than most other franchises !!

  2. Yes, these women have money, some more than others, it definitely isn’t short on the bling. I know how you feel with that ‘not available in your area’ message. I can’t watch ANY video on Bravo. That is ONE of the things I love about this site… MS SH always includes videos accessible to everyone…. not just a link to Bravo.

    I enjoyed last nights episode. The characters are diverse… maybe not the right word…. one minute you think, ‘oh she seems ok’ then you’re like… ‘oh actually she’s a biotch’ Then you think ‘oh this one is a stuck up snob’ then you think ‘oh she’s actually kind of fun’. So who knows, they all seem equally unlikable.

  3. I LOVEDDD the 2 first episode , way better that most american verison they remind me of a mix of BH and NYC housewives. They are soo fun and actually have REAL money unlike the ATL and Jersey girl.

  4. These ladies do have some money, but the constant reference to that money and “society” shows that it must be new money, as anyone with real family wealth would never discuss it, nor appear on a reality show.

    Loved their accents, sounded so British.

  5. I’ll catch the show online somewhere. I bet Bravo is thinking about showing this during the fall or summer as a fill in for something one night. Also she is a GOLD Digger, she just doesn’t want people to know it (but why go on a show potraying on).

  6. She’s a digger. Seems obvious to her and the viewers. No shame in her game!
    I was a little disappointed to see her love interest was this loser from Millionaire Matchmaker…David. He is so gross.

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