In just a few minutes, the taped party in Andy’s clubhouse will be aired on Bravo.  Somewhat like Miss Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party, there will be a buncha Bravolebrities attending… but unlike Miss Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party, there’s really no reason for gettin’ together, except to have a party and do some cross promoting…  

There will probably be a gazillion more photos tomorrow…

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  1. Did that just happen? I didn’t witness what my eyeballs told me I just heard, did I? MsSH, I think I need help! I don’t want to spoil for others in diff time zones tho… ;-)

        • YES!!! She actually had sounds coming out of her mouth! They weren’t good sounds, but she actually sang. THEN that moving around bit that LuAnn probably calls dancing. I thought she was gonna throw her back out! She sure was… Excited? Eek

  2. Melissa Gorga’s performance was awful. I actually thought the Countess sounded better talking. Both had tracts behind them which doubled the sound of their voices but Melissa barely sang over hers. Please someone find a housewife who can actually sing if you must have them make music. I’m sorry….just saying.

    • Oh glad I missed that. I didn’t notice mugshot Marlo in any of the pics. Also odd is that Taylor is on the outer edge of every picture trying to pathetically squeeze her way into relevancy. Good luck with that shana banana.

      • Yea even during the game she kept shoving her body into the girls! Why can’t she go instead of Camille?

        • Yes, I did not watch the whole thing, turned it off when when Missy was supposed to be next up to fake sing…. I too, also noticed Puffer Fish lips (all dressed in RED) had to be reaching over all the women when Miss Andie was playing that game of guess the house frau LOL LOL, she is soooooo desperate, fear and self loathing need to visit upon her, very quick like!!! Then, I was reading some other post that gives pix of all the bravolebs, and could NOT BELIEVE that Puffer Fish lips is NEVER AT HOME on any given nite!!! Oh, yeah, you is concentrating on Kennedy and all that, lying skank, damn, she has no SHAME……sure wish she was coming to my town, would certainly like to give her some rotten tomatoes, or fish, or anything wrapped in newspaper, or one or those SPECIAL pies that was served in the “HELP!” My favorite last nite was ZOILA on red carpet, what a blast she is!

          LOVE the new Shanghai banner across the top (I LOVE MS SH) how clever:)

          • you are so funny! i love the list of things you’d give her…anything wrapped in newspaper! hahaha

            i didn’t see any of it. was she trying to get in every scene?

            • She was just being her usual repulsive self, but it seemed because there were so MANY haus fraus there, the attention could not be all on Puffer Fish Lips!!!

  3. Where was Teresa, Sheree, Kim Zolciak Bierman, Brandi? If Bethanny & even Jacquelyn can show up so can them girls! You know theres some dirt on why they didn’t show up to this annual event

    • Kim and Teresa are both on vacation with their kids. It is spring break for most schools.

      • But Teresa was in the background of Ramona’s video, how can that be?

        As far as Kim, please , she has time to go to a funeral celebration , she sure could have made time to go and promote her own show. It is only in her best interest that her spin off does well because now her sidekick Sherre is gone and she is going to need to reconnect with Phaedra and Kandi, this was her perfect chance and she blew it.

    • Per another site today, Sheree was fired by Bravo yesterday. She was supposed to be on the All-Stars thing, but she was too upset. She was begging for her job and everything because she really needs the money. Usually, MTO is full of crap, but they’ve always been dead on about Sheree.

      • Why was she fired – a ratings thing like the previous Atlanta housewives that were let go??

  4. If your Favorites didn’t appear at the All Star Party, it was thier own choice. Invitations where sent to all.

  5. I am through with Bravo since old fishlips is prob coming back…Hope Bravo likes the low ratings

  6. Can we take a break from the fun cattiness so I can say how great Kim Richards looked? Looks like she is taking her recovery seriously.

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