April 2, 2012  1:45 pm

 Teresa Giudice on Celebrity Apprentice… “Uh, Mr. Trump… remember that MY charity is the one that YOUR son picked for me… in exchange for me bein’ on this show.  So, you can’t fire me, even though I should be fired.  Thanks, Mr. Trump…”

SH don’t usually mention Celebrity Apprentice.  However, SH was in a TV-watching mood last night and actually watched all THREE hours of CA.

After wasting three hours watching this dreck of a show, it is VERY clear that Tree JOO-DICE was given preferential treatment by the Trumpster.  And, WHY would Tree be given such special treatment??  For Tree’s appearance on CA, Tree agreed to select NephCure as her charity.   And, WHY would NephCure be of any significance??  NephCure is all tied in with Tree’s management and Eric Trump.  

SH connected the dots between Tree, Eric Trump, Tree’s management and NephCure back in FEBRUARY …HERE.

 Aubrey O’Day, Tree Joodice, Dayana Whatever, Lisa Lampanelli and Debbie Gibson…

Tree should have been fired on last night’s CA.  Instead of Tree gettin’ da boot, Debbie Gibson got the fired finger from da Donald.   

 Donald Trump… “You know how all this phony TV stuff works… so, I gotta fire the BEST one out of you three.  That means, you get to stay, Tree…”

Tree was an ineffective project manager… to say the least.  Tree also thought she was on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show when she was speaking with Debbie Gibson in the boardroom.  Instead of intelligently holding a conversation with Debbie, Tree attacked Debbie on the dress she was wearing.  HUH???   By doing so, Tree simply proved to be the total moron that she is… and let’s not forget the other appropriate descriptions that would also apply to Tree’s display of ignorance on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice:

  • Unable to form a sentence   
  • Unable to hold an intelligent conversation  
  • Unable to think for herself  
  • Allowed da Donald to put words in her mouth

CONCLUSION:  Celebrity Apprentice is the WORST and PHONIEST reality show on TV.

NOTE:  Have never cared for Lisa Lampanelli’s style of humor.  However, have to admire Lisa on Celebrity Apprentice for being the glue and the persistent worker bee holding the women’s team together.  Without Lisa, there basically is no women’s team.  Go Lisa!!!!

UPDATE:  Debbie Gibson… unjustly fired last night… talks with OK! magazine about her time on Celebrity Apprentice… HERE.

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  1. I can’t wait for Lisa’s shush contract to expire, her next show after that will have some funny sh*t in it!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Ms.SH….I couldn’t believe when Tree started in on Debbie’s dress….how stoopid was that? Tree needs a whole new category of stoopid…….even KKKkelly wouldn’t have done that.

    • Tree incapable of constructing a succinct, thoughtful, well reasoned response. That would require a smite of intelligence and self reflection. What. A. Troglodyte.

  3. 3 hours? God bless you. I fear you might have to take another hiatus after that.

    And just how desperate for any ratings is NBC if they’re willing to hand over 3 hours of prime time Sunday night programming to Donald Trump? They’d be better off setting up a webcam aimed at sleeping puppies and just air that.

  4. i didn’t see any of the episode, but i am really curious about debbie’s dress after reading the post. what was wrong with it? it had two shoulders?

    • BSL….that was the only thing appropriate about the dress. It was extremely short, cut out in the back with just a strap of material between her neck and bottom. She looked like she just got off work at the strip club and quick headed to Trump’s boardroom. She musta forgot she is over 40 now and not in a mall singing…..

      • thanks, sh fan! i didn’t see the episode, but what you’re describing is inappropriate for a board room. it is a strange show, though, with all of the cast members from a broad range of entertainment backgrounds.

            • i have no idea. i was asking, in my original comment, i clearly wrote that i did not see the episode but was curious why tre commented on debbie’s dress, because all i could see was a normal looking dress. all i know is what i can see from the picture sh provided. sh fan was kind enough to answer my initial comment.

              unsure if you’re asking me what tre was wearing (see my original comment/question) or if you want to defend someone else’s attire in the faux board room. either way, someone else is better prepared to answer your question in more detail.

            • oh sorry BSL I really wasnt asking you but anyone who can asnswer
              My apologies

            • no problem, i was really interested, too. i hadn’t seen it, either. i was just worried my comment might have come across as attacking someone on CA, when really, i was just curious, too. i was also trying to figure out what tre is wearing–looks like beads attached to it or something.

  5. Uh, Lisa is really annoying. I loved the comment Dayana made about the fact that Lisa’s emotions are all over the place. She’s either a bitch or a bitch that’s crying. I hope she goes down next week, because if I do a shot every time she cries or gets mad over stupid crap I’ll be going to the E.R. next Sunday night. PS. I loved watching Aubrey get slaughtered last night. Thank you, Arsenio!

  6. Tinie…..Do you think Aubrey was listening at all?….she seems really incapable of hearing anything except how important she is to any task…..So the D-man saved his favorites once again…Tree, Dayana & Lou and got rid of the people who were good…Dee and Debbie. Ever since reading about how the charity money is collected and how it is the charities that the Donald likes seem to get the money, I’ve never enjoyed the show the same. When Patricia’s charity lost all that money on the first show I really thought that the “fix” was in for the whole show.

    • I’d be surprised if Aubrey is really done. If she quits then she seriously is too narcissistic to handle trying to be a team player. But I think it’s just drama and she’ll be back and ready to rehab her image on the next episode. Isn’t that what reality TV is about? She won’t win CA though.

      • All of the women where trying to keep up with Aubrey’s and Dayanna’s sexier and sexier clothing except for Lisa. Even Tree, but she dialed it back this episode. It is hard to have someone like Ms Universe on the team and Aubrey’s clothing has been pretty extreme. Debbie was just trying to stay relevant and not dress like mommy Tree.

        I hope Lisa does spill the beans, but I’m getting a little tired of her poor me attitude.

  7. I’ve read several places Victoria Gotti would be returning to CA. Maybe Aubrey’s walk off was real?

    Teresa sucked as a PM. She did not organize and delegate well. As PM, Teresa should have directed the printing, kiosk and theme. She did not, then blamed the team members for the choices they made.

    • You kind of know what happens because of Clay A. fans….they follow his every move and have been posting the results the whole way through…. I agree Tree sucked!

    • I read somewhere that Aubrey comes back next week.

      I haven’t watched any of the Apprentices for a long time but don’t the final 2 get to bring back some old team members to help them during their final tasks? Maybe that’s where Victoria comes back in.

    • TangyOrange, Thank You, that is all that I have been trying to get everyone to see. I use to love The Appnt’s, not anymore they set Debbie up so Miss Dumbass would have someone to fight with and get more air time,. I guess she need’s it so she get’s more money for herself to pay off some pple so she and her husband Joe won’t go to jail.

  8. I posted this elsewhere…. Teresa was at an event a few weeks ago and indicated she got Debbie fired. Aren’t the CA participants contractually obligated NOT to reveal that info?

    • Don’t you kinda find that Tree is acting true to form?….she really believe she can do no wrong.

  9. I think Debbie Gibson, Lisa Lampinelli and Aubrey O’Day have overstated their importance to whatever team they are on. Nobody mentioned how Diana saved the day by making light of Penn’s gaffe about Walmart. Anyway, I think either he or Clay will win. I’m proud of Theresa for lasting this long. I find Lisa’s treatment of Diana appalling. And adios to the smug-for-no-reason Debbie Gibson. I felt bad that Dee Snyder got sent home, however “itching, scratching, defecating, all words ending in “ing” were not appropriate for the box. The box was off-putting.

    • And Diana was the one to question the use of the “ing” adjectives…Dee thought they’d be funny… not so in a corporate world. I wasted 3 hours of my life watching this as well…. but they hooked me in! I had to know what would happen next.

      Tre gets that blank look in her eyes…and just nods “yeah” when at a loss.

    • I agree!! Lisa and Aubrey are getting on my nerves, I can’t understand how Lisa turns a blind eye to Aubrey’s crap. I think Lisa is smart but she can’t see through Aubrey maybe they will end up going head to head at some point and take each other out!

      • Hey love your comment, look’s like we are on same page I donot like how they are doing D. and they are so jealous of her. Lisa realy give’s that poor girl a hard time, I think it will come down to her and Clay.

    • Exactly. Everyone saying debbie was set up clearly didn’t watch prior episodes. Debbie did nothing for her team she used every challenge to showcase her singing voice and was promoting her comeback tour not working. She needed to go.

  10. I thought it was silly and desperate for Teresa to bring up the dress issue.
    I didn’t watch the show so I could be wrong but it seemed as though Debbie was fired because Teresa didn’t like her personally not because of how she performed? T used the opposite reasoning for Keeping Aubry liking her. Mr. Trump ended up using the same reasoning in retaining Teresa?

  11. Mr. Trump, you have messed it all up, another good show down the tube’s for what the same old asshole’s that we used to watch on other show’s we didn’t like because of them. what has T.V come to these day’s. well don’t think I will be watching that trainwreck of a show called The Cel, Appents. Thank’s Donald,

  12. Watched the show online this afternoon. Lisa Lampanelli is the only reason to watch IMO and she was funny last night/this afternoon. I dont’ generally care for her humor either, but she is funny on this show. Given the idiots she is surround by, save Penn, she may be headed for a melt down though.

  13. I had to laugh when Arsenio, in a snit over Aubrey, tells Tre that when he googled Tre he saw her interests were culinary, fashion and so on. Aubrey had a bunch of naked pictures on the internet. LOL>>> Arsenio was to kind to mention all the court dates, bankruptcy proceedings, rip offs by Juicy Joey….

  14. I will correct myself!! I blatted out months ago that I heard Tree was let go early on and my sources were wrong. Up to date, Tree has laid pretty low; wish I could say the same for NJHW!
    Lisa, her “I am so much smarter than everyone” is getting old. Lisa there is also a hint of I am jealous of the pretty Hispanic girls!!!!

    • Would someone please tell us, is Teresa drunk in the pic. up on the page, and on the one on the bottom she cannot even hold her eye’s open, oh yes Mr.Trump that is a real class act you have there!!lol

      • sc, about Teresa’s drunk-look: My dog gets that look when there’s too much information trying to get into his head. Like when he wants to do something but somewhere in his pea-brain he kinda remembers that someone told him a different command but he can’t quite remember the thought – so what to do? freeze. * crickets*
        That’s how Tre looks when her brain is trying to decipher a complete sentence: eyes glaze over, jaw slackens, body kinda frozen for a nano-sec. Usually with one hand halfway in the air during a mid-sentence pause (*crickets*) while she’s trying to gather a Thought.

          • for: LOL!!! That is exactly what Tree does… you can virtually see the wheels spinning in her head and when she does not have a logical reaction, she starts the senseless personal attacks. Tree Joo-dice is STOOPID!!! TFC!! SH

        • Forblog’s you are so funny, love the way you tell it just like it is. did you see where she was not saying anything until Mr. Trump and his son and daugther was telling her that she was not the same person they saw her as been. why didn’t they say to her, Teresa if we knew you was not going to show your butt and cause drama, we would had never picked you. but again I read why they picked her and why they cannot boot her off early, and I think it is a shame to play the game that way, shame on you Donald ,Eric and Donald Jr.

  15. CA was good in the beginning when “real” people were competiting for a real job. The show was used as a teaching tool in some schools as to how to react in high powered situations. It was really a good show to watch. Then came the “phonies” and the show went the Bravo Route and now it makes no sence. I hope Mad Man stays as is, it takes me back to when I first started in the job world in a major Wall Street firm in the 50’s and 60’s and woman were not put in any high positions and in the late 60’s how things started to change and women were reconized for the jobs they could do as good as, or better then men. This is just my view on how some shows are informative and some some just care about ratings.

  16. Teresa is a moron. The only smart thing she has done is keep her big mouth shut, with the exception of Sunday. So far she has flown under the radar. She’s out of her league and knows it.

    • Buggy, that is soooooooooooooo true, she know’s who to mess with and who not to. did you see the fake tanner picture of her, oh my if not you have to please. that right there show’s everyone that for her to come out let lone to a big party she went to, she has no class and look’s like her hubby Joe would had stopped her from even going out of the house. my husband said he would had killed me if I would have gone out looking like that…….please Melissa help your sister-in-law.

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