March 25, 2012…


AND…  SH friend and commenter, AOM, decided to give it a try!!!  AOM’s new site… HERE!!

It is official…  

SH has always shared with SH readers… and it is official!   SH is officially BORED TO DEATH with Bravo and the Housewives.   

AND… if SH is BORED with all of the Bravo-sponsored dreck, it is certain that SH readers are also no longer interested in the Housewives franchises, Miss Andy and/or any of the upcoming programs.

SH has received several emails re the peripheral players in the Housewives world and has received the most recent photos of Kyle and Adrienne with their HouseHusbands in Las Vegas yesterday…. what to do with this recent info?  

Hmmmm… can think of nothing better than Ken’s famous fitting words:

Can only say “Good Luck” to Bravo and all the Housewives… they’re going to need it!!  

NOTE:  Don’t know if this is the finale of SH… this is simply the honest feelings and attitude toward the shows, the characters and the merchandise machine which Bravo has created.  

Just an aside:  If you believe that Kim Kardashian’s recent flour bomb incident was not set up by Kim and her Momager to make Kim appear sympathetic… then you still believe that the Housewives shows are REAL.  

AND… was asked in comments for other site recommendations.  Certainly the sites who subscribed to SH and copied all the items which SH published would not be recommended.  They must be in a real tizzy trying to find another site from which to retrieve  info from to create their posts!  What a shame!! 

HOWEVER…there are several GREAT HWs sites to choose from!  If they are on the SH blogroll, check them out.  

Personally, I’ve always LOVED “RealFauxHousewives”…HERE.  The BossLady is NOT a Bravo-endorsed, kiss-the-HW-butts site.  You will never see BossLady sitting in a HWs scene; or begging one of the HWs for an “interview”; nor will you ever see BossLady trying to shove a “RealFaux” t-shirt in one of the HWs hands!  

IF you are looking for an all-around great, funny site which covers all the “reality” shows, please check out our friends at TVGasm… HERE.

And, of course, if you’re looking for MobWives, give a try… HERE.  

AND… for info re the Atlanta bunch… just stick with “StraightFromTheA”… HERE.



  1. Seems to a common theme among the viewers. Were getting tired of the HW’s. All the drama, the fighting, the hateful attitudes, and just plain nasty, vulgar women. Were not buying into it anymore, because we know FORCED drama. These women couldn’t care less about being friends. Example, the ATL…they only meet up for filming.

    I think the downfall of Bravo was when they brought in Teresa’s family members. For whatever personal reasons, Joe, Melissa, and Kathy decided to be on the show for, doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is the public does not want to see family’s tear each other apart for entertainment purposes. Somewhat like selling your soul to the devil to be famous. Hint, hint, Melissa…

    Then along comes Taylor…Russell was a man you loved at one time. He was the father of your child. He is now dead, and you give him absolutely no respect. Taylor is all about herself, and doesn’t seem to understand why many of the viewers don’t sympathize with her. She is not a grieving widow…she is exploiting a dead man who cannot defend himself against whatever mud she slings against the wall.


    • Couldnt agree with you more about all of this, Sable. Selling souls for personal gain is never pretty. The Truman Show quality that developed around Russell was painfully perverse. It all started to mimic the downfall of mankind and my life is complicated enough without stoopid hw shows adding stress. I used to view them as a guilty pleasure…now watching them just makes me feel dirty. I’ll be glad to see it end.


    • Sable – As I see it, the downfall of RHs was less about the individual players and more about Bravo’s desire to increase the drama. The reason Melissa and Kathy were hired was clearly to vex Theresa and the nauseating drama of Russell and Taylor was yet another example of Bravo’s cravenness. Yes, these women were seeking fame through this tv show but it has always been Bravo that drove the drama b/c what Bravo wanted, was ratings. RHOBH had the highest ratings for its first show, second season, b/c of Russell’s death. Bravo lost sight of the original intent or perhaps the viewers became bored with the original concept but ramping up the drama instead of ending the franchise was Bravo’s choice. None of the individual players have any control over Bravo’s editing, hiring or direction of the show. Add to it that Bravo has known all along of the shady dealings of a number of housewives, their husbands or children and Bravo’s continuing to add criminals to their line up (Marlo and the woman from Vancouver whose husband has reputed ties to murder) places the complete deterioration of this franchise at Bravo’s feet.


  2. Off Subject- Earl Scruggs has died :( … The man who played the banjo, one if not the best! His well known theme song for the Beverly Hillbillies will always be remembered and so will Earl. May you rest in peace, our dear friend…Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family, friends & fans.


    • Awe :-( I do miss MsSH’s Detours… You making that announcement made me think of those.
      Hi Deb! How ya doing? :-)


  3. Dear SH and loyal folllowers, I have been reading SH for about six months. Very entertaining, i will miss the gossip. But like so many others, I quit doing HW. Bravo HW tv is toxic according to experts. People are slowly figuring out what is healthy and Bravo is eating the hand that feeds. (Top Chef is the exception)

    Thank you SH and all the other really smart commenters, will miss u all.


  4. Toxic is right! The ‘t’ word person singlehandedly moved the reality benchmark so low that they began to drown in their own toxic slime. She is so far beyond the lowest of low that she falls into some freaky non-human category. She needs to do everyone a favor and disappear into oblivion. No one needs her kind.


  5. I miss SH!! Please come back. Although I did not provide comments, I continually viewed SH throughout the day. Please come back.


  6. Ms. SH – I think your exhaustion with this franchise is shared by many but I would hate to lose your voice altogether. You asked for suggestions so may I share mine. There are plenty of reality shows that could use your practiced eye for BS and objective reporting. There is a reason so many other sites have stolen your original material, b/c it is the best out there. I hope you will explore the myriad of opportunities for your reporting. Heck, you could start reporting on issues of the day that concern us all that go largely unaddressed, save for sound bites, by the mass media. In any case, I hope you are enjoying your much deserved down time and will come back reinvigorated and taking on BS in whatever forum you choose.


  7. housewives schmousewives—did anybody win the MegaMillions????? C’mon, Illinois, Kansas and Maryland readers…ANYbody????

    Oh, okay, I guess it’s back to missing SH posts :(


    • Pfft, like they would tell you! You’ve been locked up more times than … Hey, good idea… maybe one of them will fess up. In the meantime I’ll be working on training my dog to track that winning ticket. I have a losing one; so… be right back ;-) ok?


  8. Where did MsSH go? Here’s my theory:
    Everybody knows that Bravo hired Andrew Wang (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, etc) to rescue Bravo from jumping the shark. Right?
    Well, to help him with Scripted Development & Production, Andrew is so ingenious that he hired Ms Stoopid Housewife for her perspective and her bazillion commenters to breathe some brains into Bravo’s reality shows.
    That’s just my theory, but I like it.


  9. Why is this ending just when Housewives of NJ is about to start?? This season will definitely not be boring. I guess the Manzos got their way! What is the new site’s name?


  10. Ooh… what’s going on over here? I like it! The new header photo is saying what I and everybody else thinks… It looks great! :-)


  11. I am tired of trying to post and the damn word press tells me i am not who I am……..just want to say love you MS SH AND THE BECK’s, for a suggestion to change to instead of the whored out housepests, how about a little thing here and there of the oh so frankly, well i am going to say it::::those reeeaaallll east and west house persons or peoples who sell REAL places not like that John Tutu, you know KKKs Hub, , oh shiver me timbers, that FREDERICK, now there is my kind of person, savy, snarky, clothes horse, and RYAN hates HIM, Did anyone see on the ole MISS ANDY CALL IN SHOW , that was the best show in a long time, and I was just watching cause could not sleep, JOSH FLAGG called in, well of course it could have been a plant, who cares, it was SOOO GREAT because it was not about bitter STOOPID HAUS FRAUS!!!! ANNNNNDDDD, did anyone catch John Hamn with his new FRENCHIE, oooh LAAAA LAAA, MP, GIVE US SOME GRACE POTTER,,,,,,,,WELL WHATEVER you decide MS SH, I tip my hat to you, MR SH and Beck’s……xxxxx’s and ooo’s Miss all my ole peeps and you know who you are, hearts to all, PERCI:)


    • Well, since it is almost 3 am my time, no one on board, I am going to try and do an MP, like she used to do with her vids from You Tube…hope I get it right, this in reference to Don Draper’s new wife Meagan, who is pure SEXxxxxxxy, ladies, you know what I mean, and MS SH, you did after all say, to try and come up with new ideas!!! Here goes, am going to try and copy and paste or is it share, oh son of a pup, hope it works, will like to comment on the fab 3 brokers out of New York later, did anyone see where a couple with one child bought 3 floors, (forgive me if it is more or less,) was still like, did I just here that right? Any hoo, I am no way as savy as our MP, but will give it a try, and I think it goes along perfectly with Don Draper’s new wife….Grace Potter and the Nocturnals ok, let me know if it worked, this word press is not working very well, as I have posted 3 times already and nothing shows up(: will not know if you got this, or if the song worked until someone lets me know if my post went thru….adiou mon chere’s…..


    • Perci, Omg I love Frederick! I tried to talk about him to my husband, but he didn’t know whoTH I was talking about; so that wasn’t any fun! :-) I did catch that WWHL ep you’re talkin about and it just cracked me up. Btw, I just don’t like that Ryan… Love Million Dollar Listing though! I couldn’t view that link you posted… Where is MP? She is our video vixen. I’m not good at you tube either :-(


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