March 25, 2012

It is official…  

SH has always shared with SH readers… and it is official!   SH is officially BORED TO DEATH with Bravo and the Housewives.   

AND… if SH is BORED with all of the Bravo-sponsored dreck, it is certain that SH readers are also no longer interested in the Housewives franchises, Miss Andy and/or any of the upcoming programs.

SH has received several emails re the peripheral players in the Housewives world and has received the most recent photos of Kyle and Adrienne with their HouseHusbands in Las Vegas yesterday…. what to do with this recent info?  

Hmmmm… can think of nothing better than Ken’s famous fitting words:

Can only say “Good Luck” to Bravo and all the Housewives… they’re going to need it!!  

NOTE:  Don’t know if this is the finale of SH… this is simply the honest feelings and attitude toward the shows, the characters and the merchandise machine which Bravo has created.  

Just an aside:  If you believe that Kim Kardashian’s recent flour bomb incident was not set up by Kim and her Momager to make Kim appear sympathetic… then you still believe that the Housewives shows are REAL.  

AND… was asked in comments for other site recommendations.  Certainly the sites who subscribed to SH and copied all the items which SH published would not be recommended.  They must be in a real tizzy trying to find another site from which to retrieve  info from to create their posts!  What a shame!! 

HOWEVER…there are several GREAT HWs sites to choose from!  If they are on the SH blogroll, check them out.  

Personally, I’ve always LOVED “RealFauxHousewives”…HERE.  The BossLady is NOT a Bravo-endorsed, kiss-the-HW-butts site.  You will never see BossLady sitting in a HWs scene; or begging one of the HWs for an “interview”; nor will you ever see BossLady trying to shove a “RealFaux” t-shirt in one of the HWs hands!  

IF you are looking for an all-around great, funny site which covers all the “reality” shows, please check out our friends at TVGasm HERE.

And, of course, if you’re looking for MobWives, give a try… HERE.  


  1. Now WTH am I gonna do, please don’t make me go back to actually watching those shows to get scoop WAAA <snooki cry

    Gonna miss this site!!!!


  2. Now I’m concerned. Is this just because Taylor Armstrong hasn’t been fired from the next season (yet, hopefully)? Is this just a shell of a site and its real purpose is to bash Taylor Armstrong, and you thought you’d get her fired but you can’t and so you’re pissed and taking your toys home? I know that this site used to be extremely Taylor-tistic, and then at some point it when through a reno to make it look more about all the Housewives. Is this just pissed offedness about Taylor? I mean, I think she’s a fake, too, but she’s still a human being, whatever she’s done. Sometimes I think people on here won’t be satisfied until she hangs herself, too.

    Just my two cents. If this is just being sick over Bravo, then my original post agrees with that.

    Guess I won’t be coming back now. Especially since I’ve “defended” Taylor. Good luck. It’s hard giving up a successful blog. I did it, but mine only had 250K hits, not millions. Still, you’re going to miss it, bad. I hope you have something else to fill the hole.

    Good luck!


    • This blog, unlike many others, simply let the truth be told. The “reality” of various situations was not deleted or not allowed to post. Many of the posters here simply found Shana’s behavior beyond outrageous. Contrary to what many may think, the people that post here come from a variety of backgrounds – attorneys, accountants, public realations, teachers, etc.

      As verifiable information was found, Ms. SH, allowed it to be posted. The truth came out. It has nothing to do with anyone being fired. Viewers will decide the future of the HW franchises.


    • FYI: Your statement that “this site used to be extremely Taylor-tistic, and then at some point it when through a reno to make it look more about all the Housewives” could not be more wrong. From its inception, this site dealt with the inanity of all the Housewives and not just Traylor. While there may have been a time when it focused more on Traylor’s “story,” SH always covered all the Housewives. To allege otherwise is simply wrong..


      • i agree. taylor wasn’t discussed much when i started following this blog. the discussions and posts were hilarious and entertaining, very lighthearted. later, sh’s blog got a lot of attention suddenly when she started posting the information about shana since she had information other sites didn’t.

        if one started following when all of the information on taylor started being posted, then there was a good bit of discussion about her at that time because it was so shocking. otherwise, shana/taylor was definitely not a topic of conversation more than any other housewife when i started following.


      • AOM: And you should know, as you’ve been here since day one… and have become “angriest” and “angrier” along the way!!

        I might add to your saying “to allege otherwise is simply wrong.” Not only is it “wrong” it’s a totally STOOPIDLY erroneous statement! I thought SH readers, and especially commenters, were much more intelligent than mcspanky’s moronic assessment. TFC!!! (And no backtalk from you, AOM!! You know what I’m talkin’ about!) SH


    • What the hell are you smoking spanky ? This site wasn’t “created” to focus on that POS shana and if you had been reading it for the last year you would realise that. A “shell site” ??? The focus on that lying sack of s**t and her scams, etc. and the multiple issues became a more prevalent “hot topic” at a particular time due to her own words and actions in the last 6 months, this site provided information and opened up for commenters to question those actions .

      At no time was the equal opportunity snarking this wonderful site provided about all the faux things about the other HW’s or shows dropped, but certain topics create certain reactions for commenters ,more so than others. For those obsessed with “all things shana all the time,” there are sites out there both pro ( for those who need their heads examined IMO) and con (for all those who have retained the ability for critical thinking). It is asinine to think that issues regarding shana in anyway were /are the deciding factor or any reason for Ms SH’s apathy towards the HW franchise’s .. the shows suck .. people get bored…and shana doesn’t have that kind of influence over anyone with a brain, including SH or the majority of it’s readers.


    • mc: You could not be more WRONG. There is a “categories” drop down menu on the right… if you would bother to check it, you would find THOUSANDS of posts written about ALL the Housewives. This site is not a “bash” Shana site. Nor was it created to do so. What a totally ignoramous, ridiculous statement!

      Gee, thanks so much for the well wishes!! Did I ever mention that I despise passive-aggressiveness??? Eff off, Spanky! SH


    • This blog is obsessed with bashing Taylor and Kyle. The obsession goes far, way too personal. Maybe now haters here will find a job and stop this sick stalking of these housewives who are just on a reality show. No need to dig into their personal crap. Deep down they love Taylor lol they can’t live without mentioning her. That’s love right there.


      • Joke: Did Kyle NOT buy you a hot dog??? You were quite a fan of hers in your earlier comments! Is that why you cannot keep away??? You’ve been commenting for three months now… if you do not like SH, DON’T READ SH!! And don’t waste your time or SH readers time by commenting…


      • Jk, I think you zigged when you should’ve zagged partner. You’re a bit lost… All the Taylor bashing goes on at bird brain’s. Also, I don’t recall anyone here saying anything mean about Kyle. Observations were made, yes. They were all true though.


  3. I guess I’m a little behind checking on StoopidHousewives. I am a little saddened but completely understand. Bravo probably picked up viewers for awhile based on this site. Once I began reading Ms. SH, I started watching the show more and more just so I could keep up with all of the witty repartee on here. Once the extent of the staging was revealed, however, it became less humorous to watch or discuss any of it.
    Thank you, Ms. SH and your cast of regular posters (MP, AOM, MyT, and Click immediately come to mind) who made this SO entertaining for awhile, and gave this teacher some much needed comic relief from the “real world.”
    Best wishes to all of you. MWAH :)


    • fakehousewife – Best to you! Thank you for thinking of me, as there are many amazing commenters here to choose from. Best to you! And may I add – mwah! :)


      • I love all you guys…especially you mt…I’ve barely been around lately bc the “t” person ruined my quilty pleasure….I hope something turns things around to keep the site up and keep us all in touch….ex-oh-ex-oh


        • cherrylipgloss ( hereswhat) I luv ya, and I remember on my birthday you were one of many who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday, and I will never forget… you have always been so very nice to me and I cannot thank you enough for your compassion you sweet lady you… ex-oh-ex-oh
          cyber hugs,


          • I know we’ll keep bumping into each other….do you have a twitter account?….been to aom’s site?….this is weirdly sad….feels like the last day of high school….I’d hate to lose touch with all you lovely ladies….I’m cherrylipgloss on twitter….you cant miss those big red lips!…hugs to you too deb! 00oo00oo00oo!


            • I dont have a twitter account, am old school, I will check out aom site now, Im sure its good just like he is…

              I know what you mean…..feels like the last day of high school to me also when we were all crying an sayin stop it you, n0 you stop it, no You stop it, you baby stop crying, and then someone slapped someone and we all stopped crying lol!


  4. There’s one part of this post that i keep thinking of when i read the comments:
    “NOTE: Don’t know if this is the finale of SH…”
    you haven’t given final notice yet,, so i’m still counting on seeing a new post appear at any time. it’s not over ’til it’s over. you’re too young to retire and besides, you know you’ll miss us! :)

    snark awaits!


  5. “pissed offedness”

    We have an English professor in the house!

    “It’s hard giving up a successful blog. I did it, but mine only had 250K hits, not millions. Still, you’re going to miss it, bad. I hope you have something else to fill the hole.”

    I too walked away from a very successful blog years ago. It had well over a million uniques a year. I missed the blogging. However, there was no hole to fill. It was just a site.


    • Mob: Obviously, there are many people whose lives DO revolve around people who play characters on phony “reality” shows… and these people would have no idea how to get a foothold in the real world.

      Yes, as soon as this site is deleted, what in the world would I ever do?? Well, I might as well spill it now, as the hole left by a HOUSEWIVES SITE is so devastatingly devoid of anything meaningful… a dark abyss, which one would tumble into without a site about the idiotic HOUSEWIVES!

      Since saying that I’m done with Bravo, I’ve been crouched in a corner in my one of my guest bathrooms, writing the name of every Housewife in pencil on the wall next to me, until the pencil is down to a nub, then I chew the erasers off the pencils. Yes, I have fallen into the black hole of nothingness because I’m done with Bravo… and am waiting for Miss Andy to come and save me!!! Until that time, I’ll just continue to mindnumbingly stay safely in the corner writing the names of all the Housewives on the wall.

      OH… the tragedy of ditching something so important as a HOUSEWIVES site!!! TFC!! SH


  6. SH, I don’t blame you for being fed up with Bravo and the HWs shows. I’m personally sick of it too! I used to love them, especially New Jersey…but now? Whats the point of watching? Thanks to JacNcoke, and the Whorga’s we already know whats going to happen. Maybe I just spend to much time on twitter and the blogs (and so do the HW’s) the shows all seem to follow a very tired formula with some very fake people (Vyle, Jeel, Don Caro, the Whorga’s) and the unstable ones (Kelly, Jac, Shana) In the beginning the shows seemed more riveting and I enjoyed watching the ladies and their families, I think the only way Bravo can save these shows is to recast the entire franchise and stop “manufacturing” drama for ratings.


  7. I still click onto this site first when I’m looking for at time killer and frown when I see the tell tale DONE.



  8. has anyone seen whodothesepeoplelooklike?, MP, or clickclick? thinking about the three of you, and several others.


    • To: hereswhat, Romo, BelowSeaLevel, MP, Stlrfan, Cathy from FortMyers, Sistah T, gapeach, MT, AOM, DaniCali, Dani96, I will miss you guys and you were the ones who wished me a Happy Birthday last year. You will never know how much it meant to me because I was going through alot of pain and for all of you to just take a minute to write a simple happy birthday message well…. It brought me out of a dark place that night and I will be forever so grateful. <3


      • awwww, DebWeb, you’re making me sad. :(

        that’s been the beautiful thing about this blog, that while we could snark about the antics of the various housewives, we could also share the good and bad with our fellow commenters, laughing and smiling during the good and offering support during the bad times. let’s keep sharing as long as the blog is here, okay. mwah!


        • Im not tryin to make you sad BSL… sorry about that :(

          I am thanking you and I agree that we could (snark) at the antics of All of the Housewives on Ms SH blog and also share with each other are good times and bad… Let’s keep sharing and hope the blog is still here so we can keep in touch… mwah!


      • aww…sugar, you just made me tear up….and thankfully in a good way….keep away from the dark….we all have to fight it sometimes. You have my heartfelt best wishes in everything you do…..
        wittew ole hereswhat


  9. Ms. SH — it obviously isn’t the HWs that draw thousands of followers here — it is YOU. I am pleading for you to continue with something to keep this community flowing and growing!

    I think and hope in the meantime, you can just keep this alive, lightheartedly so, with posts about anything — just to keep us all coming here and sharing.

    By keeping us here, your next blog venture is a shoo-in to be successful for you.

    Unless — you just no longer want to blog at all. And that is a decision I completely respect. I’ll just miss the heck out of you, girl!



  10. Yes I think it’s time to go and do something else—for all of us. The RH shows are really played out. AC is so so boring and awful and Bravo is burying itself in the ground by sheer repetition. But thanks for your website. Good luck in your endeavors .


  11. Ms. SH…totally tongue in cheek,,,,what in the world will all of the poachers of your information do now that you are leaving bravo crap in the dust? How will “they” be able to carry on without you spoon feeding them information that they need for their own sites? I just visited several sites and one on them that will remain nameless, copied your site completely and all of its information as it it was their own and even copied the avitars. I had visited this site before when it was called another name so I know how completely it was lifted from this site.. I was appalled and may have to resort to letting them how unethical it is to use someone else’s information as their own…it is called stealing. Perhaps they don’t know that. How will they ever stay current? I also loved the way you called out MC…..How rude was that!


  12. i am tired of the hate….bad girls club, HW, andy playhouse…ladies, let us stop….the anger and hate is just disgusting and puts us back about 100 yrs. this needs to stop and by watching this we are unfortunately adding to the ratings. So much anger…where is it coming from..I think that is the question we need to answer…


  13. I’ve been a commenter for over a couple of years now…not too vocal, but I read your blog everyday. I was always impressed that your blogs were factual and with the most up-to-date information. I can’t say that I blame you for your decision, because I feel the same way as a viewer.
    I can’t stomach watching Tamara or Vicki on the OC, lost interest in this show. Bethenny has lost her attraction also…her snarkiness isn’t cute, it’s annoying. I’m indifferent to her, if her show is on, I might watch it, but if I miss it, I couldn’t care less.

    Beverly Hills HW’s…everyone seems to hate Taylor, but the one that repulses me is KYLE! I find Kyle’s behavior offensive. I just want Taylor to go away and get off my TV screen. Every show I turn too she it there, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Entertainment Tonight, etc, etc, etc. GO AWAY!!

    The show that started all the intense drama is New Jersey. NY and OC talked alot of smack, but NJ took it too another level. If I had to pick a HW from all the shows on Bravo that has left me feeling disgusted, it would be Caroline Manzo. She is on the top of my list as most “hated” HW.
    Melissa G. isn’t looking too good either. Lost interest in this show when they brought Teresa’s family members in…talk about throwing someone under the bus. This show seems too gang up on one person every season with Caroline as the ringleader. Or head bully.

    ATL…quirky since Phaedra has arrived. Nene has moved on with other projects, and the show has lost its luster. The most annoying person on this show is Kim Z. I will not be tuning into her new series. This b**** is just too lazy for me.

    So much for Bravo…I do believe that Andy hates women, exploits them, and laughs with delight at the drama. I think he would prefer the network to have many more “gay” shows.

    Good Luck SH, I respect your decision on the HWs. I will continue to read…






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