Did you ever think that Bravo and all the Housewives franchises could be or ARE categorized under the above road signs?

If you are a thinking person with at least two brain cells that work, the above question has run through your mind.  Bravo and their programming has lost its luster… lost its appeal… lost its  sparkle… lost its … well, just LOST IT!

IMO, Bravo has jumped the shark… ALL the Housewives franchises have jumped the shark.  

Does anyone REALLY care about the upcoming New Jersey season?  Does anyone REALLY care which of the Beverly Hills Housewives return?  Does anyone REALLY care about the Atlanta or Orange County franchises???  Or New York??

The interest in Bravo/Housewives has turned to apathy… a distinct lethargy.   Is anyone REALLY interested in what these people… who are playing characters on TV… are doing or what they have to say?  

The Housewives have evolved into a predictable gimmick:  

  • become a Housewife 
  • write a book 
  • develop a skin care line 
  • make a wine… or some bleeech cocktail 
  • make jewelry 
  • send out newsletters 
  • become a “singer” 
  • and give advice, advice and more useless advice.  


Here are the results from the last poll:

Unfortunately, because of the language used in some of the “other” comments, they cannot all be shown… and FYI… SH has no interest in which of the franchises gets da Bravo boot!

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  1. Don’t forget handbags and shoes! I keep picturing Caroline on the couch surrounded by bags and wearing the most uncomfortable fake smile.

  2. Forgot to add: Ms SH — you may have given Lisa, Adrienne and all the other hoof-covers their new line extension — the Bravo Boots! :)

  3. Don’t understand why Bravo would get into “scripted” programming. Frankly, that is what the HW franchises are pretty much doing anyway. Not to mention some of their other programs.

    The only show that looks like it is going to be worth watching and original is Kathy’s new show. I hope the Bravo suits don’t put any censorship on her.

  4. WOW! I am pretty surprised by the other comments.

    I am actually surprised they even brought back Miami. They didn’t even have a real reunion show.

      • Well I understood you :-) I like Miami tho… Me and 4 other people. Their reunion (can we call it that?) was lame. Totally agree with you there!

  5. Amen! Bravo failed to read the Aesop’s fable of the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg. Well, more like they just kept goosing the goose to lay too many golden eggs at once and now it’s just laying regular eggs. Sometimes I only watch the shows so I can comment here.

    Anyway, the only one I’d watch, if she comes back, is Kim. And I suspect know that she’s out of rehab, or wherever she was, that she’ll try to pull a Camille and rehab her image as well. And like Camille, she’ll be dull.

  6. To answer your questions Ms SH….. no, I don’t care about any of the shows and who is or isn’t going to be in them. The only thing I care about is seeing Teresa come out on top and Taylor getting called out for her lies. But that doesn’t make the shows worth watching because I know neither of those things will happen. I do have to say that I am interested in seeing the housewives of Vancouver, I’m Canadian and I am interested to see how it will come across.

    I haven’t been watching Atlanta OR OC or any other that may be airing right now.

  7. I miss the ladies from the first season of the housewives of Orange County, at least then it seemed REAL! I’ am so sick of the scripted BS…it seriously is the SAME THING, DIFFERENT TITLE~ like all scripted “REALITY” shows. The whole Bravo network has really hit the bottom of the ocean and im ready to jump ship, before my brain sinks right along with it! SAD, SAD!

  8. I have to agree with Angry and Annah, I rarely watch any of the housewives. Like the previous people wrote one of the main reasons I watch any of them is so I can come here. I sometimes wish SH would start another Blog about whatever subjects she chooses so I don’t have to watch HW. I know I don’t have to watch….Its just on rare moments one of the HW actually come up with something worth watching. Dang it I wish that they started over with all new people because they seem to start out for real and then once they get the ego boost they all start acting ..Yeah acting….

        • sd: Still LOVE the RuPaul’s Drag Race; however, can see the changes that have taken place since the first season. Logo will no longer air “gay shows.” Hope Logo’s decision has not affected Drag Race! TFC!!! SH

      • Ms.Sh., What about some of the shows on TLC, A&E, Oxygen? Unfortunately, some of the shows involve children, but that Abbey Lee and those mothers on Dance Moms are a good example of what shouldn’t be on television. I don’t know, is Toddlers and Tiara’s still on? Once again, those mothers are psychos. Just some suggestions.

  9. I agree with the last two posters. I wish that bravo would just start all over with new casts in every state. I have seen that when they first start out they tend to be real. They haven’t been tainted with all the perks and stardom and show their true self’s. Once they get through the first year each and everyone of them become different people. I can remember when Caro first came on she was liked by a lot of people. I did admire her for her family commitment, for her directness and that she was a good friend as well as a good sister. Once she became”famous” that all changed. The same goes for Tammera, Vickie and many of the other housewives. The change is very clear with all of them once the first year is over. Am trying to think if there is just one of the housewives who has stayed real. I cant. I know people change when they start to learn the ropes. But in the housewives case its a total personality change. Its also a lot of physical changes that in the beginning most of them claimed to not want. I also see that most of them for some reason feel that being on a reality show makes them a star. Really? Not! I think that Bravo to make the reunions more dramatic should polygraph all of the housewives….lol…Now that’s a show I would make sure I would watch….Oh and I should be done by someone who has no connection with Bravo what so ever….

  10. I have posted this before so I’ll do it again, at this point I enjoy this site and all of you much more than I do the actual shows anymore. I used to watch these shows and pour over every detail so I could come here and discuss. Now I am sorry to say I skip most episodes on the night they premire and catch them on reruns when nothing else is on. I still visit here as much as possible and love to read all the comments and gossip I just wish I felt excited about the shows the way I used to. :(

    • Yea same here. I’ve barely watched any of this season’s OC, it’s so ridiculous and boring. All these endless arguments over the most petty things imaginable. I’m trying to get through Atlanta, the Africa trip wasn’t bad but this season seems to be lasting forever. Like you sd I no longer feel excited about the new episodes and if I miss them it doesn’t bother me.

      • I second that. I have lost interest in OC and it used to be my favorite. Seems it’s all the same fights over and over and it all appears so scripted. If it happens to be convenient, I will catch reruns of Atlanta later in the week. I seldom even watch the reruns of OC any more. Vicki is getting old and worn out and needs to be put out to pasture, just like most of these HW shows. I will watch RHOBH only if TAYLOR DOES NOT RETURN. Listening, Bravo?

  11. I did not get into the housewife shows until Jersey. Then, I started getting into reading the blogs. Well like many of you I have become irritated by these shows. The same drama, same fights, and same merchandise being pushed. I still enjoy reading this blog. I hope they do something to these shows. I would like to see all cast changed completely except BH (I would like to see Taylor gone and see how the season goes without her).

  12. Sh….I was thinking maybe you could have a contest on what would be a good blog topic for all of us followers of Stoopid Housewives. I just get the feeling that most of us here are tired of The Fake Housewives.Bravo has to be aware of the dwindling numbers of people watching there HW shows. I love all the people here and I think if SH came up with another topic to write about we all would jump at anything that has nothing to do with Bravo…..

  13. i just can’ t support a production company that promotes a lying grifter like Taylor. The fact that they have added to her war chest and helped promote her lies to the detriment of Russell’s family and children makes me so sick, I cannot turn on their programming anymore. Love this site and the fellowship of the people. These gaudy women hold themselves out as role models, and someone has to call them out for their misrepresentations, lies, etc.

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