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ALEX MCCORD:  Ex-New York Housewife is ‘starring’ on an original YouTube channel on a web talk series called Coffee Shop Confessions… with two other “Moms” and Andrew Shue… HERE.  NOTE:  Sounds like a YouTube version of “The Talk”…

KYLE RICHARDS:  Watch tonight’s ENews at 7:00pm…

Hagface Kyle’s husband, John Turturro will be giving a tour of his new listing… the house in which Michael Jackson took his last dose of Propofol… HERE.

                       I’m Kyle’s husband… “How the hell can I get out of this Bravo contract????”

Yummy Tummie dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, LuAnn’s own designed bracelet, LuAnn’s own designed necklace, collected ring.  Photographed by Sam Horine  (YummyTummie by RHONY new HW, Heather Thomas…)

LUANN DE LESSEPS:  Q&A with LuAnnie… and take a tour of Countess LuAnnnie’s USW apartment… HERE.

Shana even made the Santa Barbara news, still tryin’ to push her triflin’ book:

PHAEDRA PARKS:  Phaedra at Jane Fonda’s event…scroll all the way down to the end… HERE.   Jane says that Phaedra went on a trip to the Galapagos with her last year…

ADRIENNE MALOOF:   Adrienne Maloof of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and her cosmetic surgeon husband Dr. Paul Nassif are opening their Blizz Frozen Yogurt in MGM Grand, and co-stars Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and Mauricio Umansky are expected Saturday afternoon…  NOTE:  According to BlizzYogurt, there is already a BlizzYogurt at Adrienne’s Palms Casino Resort.. HERE.

NOTE: Received the following information via email two days ago:

RHOBH filming started TODAY.
Apparently all are back EXCEPT for dana&brandi, according to Adriennes Chef Bernie on his facebook page. He also said that the new person who was rumored to be on the show last week, cant remember her name, her last name started with a Z, , well she is going to be the “plus one” of the show.
-Scenes with Taylor and Lisa film tomorrow.
-Adrienne,Kyle,Paul,Mauricio,Camille all head to Vegas this weekend for the palms, and to do an appearance at pauls new yogurt place Blizz Yogurt at MGM hotel, filming will probably take place for that.
-No word yet on when Kim is scheduled to film, but she’s been hanging with Taylor alot lately, so maybe we will see scenes with them.
NOTE:  There have been no entries on Bernie Guzman’s FB page.  However, the Blizz Yogurt info checks out.  Hopefully, the rest of the “info” in the above email is not true… it is very hard to believe that the producers/Bravo would give Shana another season on RHOBH…  
According to ROL, the entire cast of the RHOBH has been invited to the NBC/Universal Upfronts on May 14… HERE.
‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ star Kyle Richards and her daughters Alexia, Sophia and Portia seen chatting with a friend (Kyle’s ladysitter) in Beverly Hills, California on March 22, 2012  (March 22, 2012 - Photo by FameFlynet Pictures)

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(Thanks to SH readers “SR” “panda” “kas”!!!)
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  1. I’m not saying this in a melodramatic-hairflipping-Alec-Baldwin-i’ll-move-to-Canada-hollow-threat way, but if Taylor is truly back on RHOBH I will not watch. I hope the ratings tank. As viewers we need to make a statement to Bravo.

      • I heard she wasn’t going to be back, but I’ll stab myself in the eye with an icepick if she is. Watching her roll around pretending to help victims of Domestic violence is as disgusting to me as the animals that roam around disaster zones of hurricanes and tornadoes, take people’s money and flee. But, she is that good of a grifter and manipulator that she might land herself back on the show. She could threaten to write a tell-all book about what really goes on on these shows. If they want to sue her she could say she has PTSD and battered woman syndrome.

        • gessie! I won’t allow you to stab yourself in the eye if she returns, but I will accompany you to go kick her azz! If you’re game? ;-) Again, good job on gettin the scoop and sorry for your loss.

      • I can’t believe that they would have her back, I truly can’t. Bravo is a glutton for punishment, or as one blind item was correct (or was it a post, I don’t remember all the way). And that is Traylor may have alot of dirt on a few producers in the show (one we know is Kyle), and that is why she is back. This woman is the death knell for the RHOBH, and maybe that is why so many of them are trying to get a spin off. Also the reason why they are opening up that yogurt whatever in the MGM, is the fact that the Maloofs only own 2% of the casino and properties and essentially there creditors have control and ownership of it. So no money would have been coming to them that’s for damn sure if the bought out the one in the casino they used to own.

  2. Maybe it is the polite exit ala Peggy from the OC? Not that anyone here wants anything but a total exit. (Off the face of the earth)

  3. These shows are a joke and the people they cast as well!! I find it hard to believe, that in the REAL entertainment world of Hollywood, that anyone with any weight actually takes Bravo (all employees) seriously!

  4. I hope Bernie is wrong and Trailor is gone and Brandi is back. I read the article about Trailor and it was great. I kept saying, when does an abuser allow his partner to go away with girlfriends and be around other people without him there? They want to control and isolate you. He in no way isolated Trailor. And he isn’t the one who kept changing his name. To me that’s proof she’s hiding a lot.

  5. Didn’t Taylor mention in the San Diego inteview that she was indeed, filming with Lisa..or one of the hw’s??? I read it somewhere just this week! So, we should bombard Bravo AND their sponsors with letters, emails, phone calls, whatever — that we will boycott all bravo and all bravo sponsors if Taylor is a part of any of tbeir shows!!

    • Linda: Bravo/Evolution is well aware of how Shana has taken Camille’s place as “Most Hated Housewife!”

      Right now this is ALL just RUMOR… there is nothing verifiable, except the Maloof/Nassif Blizz Yogurt info. IF Shana WERE returning, why was she left out of the yogurt shoot in Vegas tomorrow??? Still MANY unanswered questions re these RUMORS… TFC!! SH

      • Also, there were no mention of Bravo cameras present for the Taylor/Dana benefit. Lots of press lately with the HWs (sans Taylor) mingling for one reason or another. All the press with Taylor has been alone or with Gretchen of OC.

    • she keeps saying negative things about Russells family to discredit them
      Even had JFur say that tidbit about Russells mom having schizophrenia and in and out of institutions. Taylor is a snake who will do anything and say anything to make herself look good she dosnt deserve anything but to whither away and die (figuratively not literally)
      If she truly comes back to Season 3 i will never watch another Bravo show.


  7. If they were shooting already, wouldn’t Bravo have released an official announcement of who the cast is? I will not watch if Taylor is on, I have almost no interest in this show as it is.

  8. There are some opportunites just too profitable for the Greedy to pass up–keeping Shana in her coveted “role” on TV is something the network may feel they simply WON’T do without because Bravo is feeding off the attention Shana brings THEM.

    • You’ve got it, Meow. They’re taking the idea that any publicity–even the reeking, awful stories–is good publicity, and they’re banking the rented mansion and trout farm on it.

      I hope Ms. SH is right and that the Widow Liar will not return, but Bravo execs aren’t well-known for being powerhouse intellects.

      Money talks, though, and ratings=$$$. People were tuning into Season 2 to watch the non-stop chaos caused by Shana, and apparently that translated into very high ratings for Bravo. The only thing that will shake the Widow Liar out is if people change their channels or turn their televisions off.

      I would be extremely surprised if they don’t have Brandi on Season 3, though. She resonated with many viewers, plus she would continue to be a splinter under the Widow Liar’s skin.

      I stopped watching the series about 3/4 of the way through b/c I simply couldn’t watch or listen to the Liar. With the updates here on SH, and the comments, though, I felt like I never missed a thing. {Thanks, Ms. SH and posters! :) }

  9. I understand the desire of Adrienne/Paul to want free advertising for their business. Very odd to me they are promoting on such a grand scale the venture in a competing hotel; especially after all the grief given to Lisa over the Bachelor Party. Hmmmmmmm

      • I understand that, Having a grand opening is one thing, but having all the press, media with Bravo cameras highlighting MGM instead of The Palms is very weird, IMO. Even the majority shareholders of The Palms can’t be too happy with the Maloofs doing that. Something’s up.

        • you have a good point….especially following her incessant whining about Lisa not having Pandora’s bachelorette party at the Palms. In fact the more Adrienne brought it up the more publicity the Hard Rock got. She must have enjoyed shooting herself in the foot…….she couldnt seem to put the gun down.

  10. Bernie posts alot on his FB so the info could be over-topped by all of his recipe posts and his recent birthday posts. I do remember seeing him say something about filming of RHOBH and everyone being back. Oh and just bc they might be filming right now, doesn’t mean that Bravo has to release a statement at this moment. They usually release it a month into filming from what I remember.

  11. It is hard to believe that Shana will be part of the cast as her lawsuit goes forward. She made a powerful enemy in Bob Lorsch, CEO of MMR Global. He has the money to pay attorneys until the end of the century. But , Bob Lorsch was on another Bravo show this week. Hmm, he is one smart guy and got his start in advertising and promotion. It isn’t any accident that he let Jeff Lewis redecorate a room in his mansion in front of the cameras.

    He has made it very clear that he feels Shana was fully aware of the fraud. With his net worth, $1.5 to$ 3M is chump change and he will probably spend more on legal fees that the recovery of any actual funds. Mr. Lorsch has a long history of significant philanthropy, so it may just be a matter of putting the grifter out of the “business” of charity. There is more going on than meets the eye.

    Bravo is fully aware of who is suing Shana and exactly who Mr. Bob Lorsch is and what he has said about Shana. Yet, they filmed a show in his home. Something is up.

    • Until I read your excellent and insightful post, CJ, the thought never entered my mind that it’s possible that Bob Lorsch WANTS Shana to remain on RHoBH because she will be paid $250K (if I’m correct about each housewife’s cut). The duped, financially ruined investors @ the hands of Russell & the Menacing Grifter, deserve compensation, and Bravo provides the Grifter w/ some money. Is it possible that Lorsch is brokering a deal w/ Bravo that her wages will be garnished for the considerable debt she owes?

      Once again, excellent post!

      Does anyone know if MMR can nail the Grifter for the $$$ she makes on her graphic fiction with her picture on the front? (In the pic, her fingers are under the sleeve of her black sweater to hold her trout lips together so she won’t break into a huge “GOTCHA” grin.)

      • With a reported net worth well over $100M, Mr. Lorsch certainly doesn’t need the money for which he is suing Shana. It is more of a nuisance lawsuit for him. He is going after her for a reason other than money.

        Obviously, only he knows the reason, but given his years of significant philanthropic work, I can’t help thinking he is sickened by her griffter attitude toward charity.

        He wanted to be on Bravo and Bravo wanted him for a reason, and it isn’t for money on his part.

        • I am totally intrigued, CJ, and will wait on the sidelines (without ever watching another Bravo program) to see what transpires.

          I would think anyone with an IQ greater than an Oklahoma radish would be able to discern what a scamming liar Ms. Armstrong is in every aspect of her life. That’s why I’m puzzled by Lisa’s and Adrienne’s support of her. Kyle has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, so I’m not surprised by her patent acceptance of the lies. (But she has nice hair and can still do impressive center splits whenever she wants! :) )

          We shall see! :)

        • Agree, it’s about Principal with Bob regarding L SHAFT
          That man’s wife is a gold digger. just saying!.

        • Maybe he is in debt?. Le fabulos Lorsch? Why sue foe a mere 1.5? They had already settled a Deal. Mr PR Party Planner MAN. He want s his wife on the show.
          Check his debt to pr – ratio …

    • Philanthropy mays for itself. Actually it can make you money. Careful d
      To give the proper due. Maybe some of B Lorches bills r OVERDUE?
      Just saying do your DD.

  12. Now keep in mind I didn’t have any coffee today… Just wondering if anyone has seen click?
    Click, I don’t use wordpress. I logged in one time to see if MyT’s suggestion would work. That cache thingy… It did, but I did not like the way WP displays my name. I just made up some random email, do NOT sign in to wordpress at all. Make up an email. Doesn’t matter what. Mine doesn’t even make sense… Then I put the handle I’ve always had. Worked! :-) Hope that helps… You’re very missed! Ima go get coffee now. I hope I’m making sense :-/

  13. Another site is saying DV charities (with the exception, I guess, of 1736) want nothing to do with Taylor.
    This is probably old news but I found it interesting…

    • Jeannie: Old news… However, this is simply another example of making an item out of basically nothing. It is only a logical conclusion to draw from all the issues with Shana… that no DV facility would touch her with a ten-ft pole. Were there any quotes from a “real” DV center? Any links? Any direct contact with any DV shelter/center?? Anything?? NO… of course not. TFC!!! SH

  14. HI SH, I know that guy looks like maurico but it’s not him lol. Great find though. You find the most awesome things to post for us. you love us. that’s why you go through the hard work of putting up posts everyday.

  15. Is that really LuAnn’s apartment? Looks like it’s been furnished from the cheap garage sales and whatever she could find on the curb.

    • I disagree. That apartment is over a million. My bf sold his for 900K plus last year in a the same neighborhood and it wasn’t as large. Not my taste but I would lke to live in the neighborhood where that stuff was on the curb.

  16. I’m confused -I thought this site had verification Armstrong would absolutely not be coming back. It has been written on here many times. Did the producers change theri minds? I will not be watching if she is on.

    • IMO, there must be something going on between Bravo and Bob Lorsch. Obviously, Bravo doesn’t want to get entangled in the MMR Global lawsuit against Shana, but if there were assurances made that they wouldn’t be in exchange for ????, it could be beneficial to both of them. Certainly, Shana would be thrown under the bus, but the ratings and publicity could be spectacular.

      It is no accident the Mr. Lorsch opened up his home for another Bravo Tv show. Jeff Lewis doesn’t have clients like Bob Lorsch. Chaz Dean is his biggest celeb client, but he isn’t even close to being in the same league. These negotiations most certainly would have been beyond Ms. Andy’s sphere of influence.

  17. Looks like the “Countess” has lost some weight. Good for her. But, just as money can’t buy you class neither can it buy you twenty- something body parts. Unfortunately, there does come a time for us when it probably isn’t the best idea to let them do a close up of your ankles or hands. Countess, you time has come.

  18. I have sworn off other things in the past due to disgust (ie Casey Anthony) but then I break down and sneak a peek…but when it comes to Traylor..I truly cannot watch her anymore….the sound of her voice, her coked up mannerisms, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard and I just cannot listen to it anymore. If I was even to sneak a peek at BH if they bring her back I would honestly have to fast forward thru Traylor because it is just so grating to hear her voice and her speed talking thru prepared speeches..

  19. Thank you for that article on Shana. FINALLY, someone else pointed out that when Russell made Taylor leave the party, that it was because she was so intoxicated. I saw that immediately. It was obvious he was trying to protect her from people seeing her as he has to see her all the time. I was amazed when people kept saying he was “controlling” her. Oh please. It was obvious it was time for her to go before she began to embarass herself. I’ve done that for my husband many times (and okay, maybe once for me – all right, twice, but I’m not giving up any more).

  20. MsSH, Did Russell’s friend Randy ever answer questions for you? Where can I find Shana’s timeline? I am missing those Armstrong headings that used to be at the top of your page. I’m going to talk to our local bookstores & shelters and will provide them with documented proof of Shana’s lies/deceptions. Thank you for all the info you give us.

  21. MsSH, okay, I did find Randy answering questions ( last dated Jan ’12) I found Randy from your “search” box. But there are no Armstrong titles at the top of your page, only 2 lines: first line starts with “home” and second line starts with “Real housewives franchises”. There used to be a coupla more lines about Russell, Randy, Shana’s timelines, etc. Thanks!

  22. I watched ep 7 of OC today. The friend of Heather who owns the helicopter is Australian, she sounds like she has been living in the US for quite awhile. I wonder what her story is?

  23. I am pissed off that Brandi is not returning to RHOBH. She, Camille, and Lisa were the only ones worth watching. Vyle & Kim are dumb and declasse. Adrienne & Shana are poseurs at different levels competing for the Jocelyn Wildenstein “Fuggie”.

  24. I hope these rumors are false about Brandi not returning to RHOBH. If Brandi is not comming back and Shana Banana & PamDana is, me and my family & friends will not be watching!

  25. I was reading in people that Camille has decided not to return to the show. Which is what was reported here sometime ago. It also means Bernie once again isn’t a reliable source of information.

  26. How come no Tay Tay and her cling-on buddy at the Las Vegas festivities? I’ll bet the invite got lost in the mail. Yeah, right!

  27. I fully expect Taylor to be back. Bravo has gotten more press out of Taylor’s bullshit antics than all of the other ladies put together. The MMR lawsuit is a nuisance and nothing more. It will be settled out of court before there is any chance of a verdict forcing Taylor to admit guilt. Seriously, when have you ever known Bravo to do the right thing? They cannot wait to bring this despicable woman back on to our TV screens.

    • I have to agree with you although I hold out a glimmer of hope that it isn’t the way it will play out. Should Taylor be brought back to assault our senses then I hope they at least ask Brandi to return so the two can balance each other out. Of course, I won’t be watching if Taylor does return because I refuse to let Bravo shove this lying skank down our throats. I have the power in the remote to switch channels!

  28. 1. Cannot watch Shana aka Namechanger ever again. Still feel duped by her lunacy! :(
    2. Brandi’s New Years Eve stunt/marriage didn’t help her credibility. Plus she has never been willing to have a camera near her home. Could be a red flag. And her ex is actually married to a legit self made singer. They may want that instead? Dunno. She may get bumped.
    3. Cannot watch Orange County either this year. So, I hope BH gets repaired.
    4. Bravo needs to dump the wannabes. All of them. Imposters ruin it IMHO!

    /save the franchise

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