March 23, 2012  11:59 am   Bravo

               “Oh, look Melissa!  There’s your old boss from Lookers and he’s coming this way… he’s all mic’d up, so this is NOT a set up that we’re all in on…”

The premiere episode sets the stage for a dramatic season answering fans’ burning question…why did Jacqueline not attend the season three reunion?   (NOTE:  Is THIS a burning question???  Don’t think so…)

Caroline Manzo struggles to maintain her friendship with Teresa.  (We all know how that’s going!)  

Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley, has outstayed her welcome, resulting in a shocking ultimatum.  (We all know that Ashlee’s been in LA… so that’s a “shocker!”)

Melissa remains determined to bring the family back together, but certain accusations threaten to destroy her reputation and her marriage.   (We all know the story about MeGo bein’ a stripper at Lookers… and it hasn’t destroyed her reputation OR her marriage!)

Kathy tries to bridge the divide and fears what will happen if Teresa’s husband, Joe, end ups in jail.   (Kathy developed a concoction of a drink that Juicy can smuggle into jail… it looks and tastes just like red velvet cake!)

The sand begins to fly between Teresa and her brother, Joe, when their families head down to the Jersey Shore.   (Oh… another Punta Cana scenario…)

NOTE:  So what else is new???


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  1. To be honest, i am not looking forward to this season.

    1. Thanks to Jacqueline and Melissa Gorga we know all of the plot lines and basically know ho wit will end.

    2. Like always Jersey’s theme is all the cast ganging up on one person. The first two seasons it was Danielle now the past two seasons it is Teresa. (it has gotten old)

    3. Same people same shit same storylines…..OVER IT!

    At least on other housewives franchises people fight people make out….other people fight new people fight……Jersey seems to have the same fight same players lasting two years at a time.

  2. The staged get together (Jaqueline has always wanted to see the Golden Gate bridge!) Caroline pontificating, judging and being her usual mean rotten self, Lauren is fat! Oh No! And everybody jump on the it’s all Teresa’s fault bandwagon. This is going to be torture.

  3. If nothing else (and there really doesn’t seem to be anything else), this cast should give us plenty to mock. That’ll make for a nice Spring…. err, Summer….err, Fall…..cause Bravo will stretch this out for MONTHS.

  4. At least one of my cats likes, or is fascinated by, RHONJ. Everytime they’re on, he jumps on the foot of the bed and watches intently. When Tree talks, he cocks his head sideways and just stares. He doesn’t do that with any of the other franchises. I think he might like the Jersey Girl’s accents.

    I’ll turn the TV on for him and go to another room. At least they still have one fan, although he is covered in fur and has four feet.

  5. WOW how are these bitches not embarrassed??? I will not watch. Bravo should get rid of all of these screeching idiots and get REAL housewives from New Jersey. The first that shoud go is Caroline. She is so boring and just sits there with a puss on. Joe Giudice is right when he says she is boring. He really should have said boring bitch!

  6. Kathy says, “when you associate with scum you become scum.” So, she must be scum for staying married to her douchebag of a husband, Richie! She hangs out with MeHo, Don Caro, & Jacqueline so what does that make her? FABULOUS? Uhh, no bug-eyed! That makes you SCUM, Kathy!

  7. Albie is such an asshole. He is a mean little weasel just like his mom. Vito should have punched him in the mouth for making that koala bear comment about he and Lauren’s future children. Vito should have came back with Albie’s kids will all have a learning disability. Albie thinks he is funny but he is NOT.

  8. Heck, I go to the Jersey shore every summer and I don’t dress like I”m going to the prom. It’s shorts, flip flops and a Kenny Chesney t-shirt. This women are crazy.

  9. Is Albie a closet gay? HIs comments are obnoxious and immature. When the hell is Lauren getting engaged? That is all she wants, a huge ring. Does Joe bring in money to his household? Is he driving?

  10. Albie is a total closeted fag. He should just come out he’d be souch more likable. Christopher is super fat now like Lauren. Plus it seems Carolines kids are all really stupid. Must be fat on the brain or Carolines disgusting olive sauce. She is a no talent brainless ass clown.

  11. At least on the show maybe in real life she is cool. I think all the RH shows are pretty trumped up its all bs.

  12. The New Jersey Reunion show makes so much more sense now after watching the preview. Tre was definitely getting the B edit and it is easy to see why everyone became angry with her. Some people can not say I’m sorry and mean it. Tre is one of them. Don Caro likes to get even and is at that age were a woman hates everyone younger than they are. Jac is very passive/agressive and is not demonstrating any leadership skills. Mego and Kathy just seem like followers right now, but they won’t follow Tre because of past grievances. I will miss being able to vent like this Ms.SH…..good thing we have AOM’s site to do it in.

    • Whoa, Lizzie/Stevie — am I missing something? AOM has a site? Which one?

      Please clarify for me and thank you very much…

  13. “Gripes of an Angry Old Man” is where we are hanging out right now. If you go to the 2nd Posting Ms. SH said about her boredom in the first sentence there is a link at the “HERE” word. Hope to see you there Robin!

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