March 23, 2012  2:25 pm    WFLX

For all SH readers who are trial watchers:  the jury in the John Goodman case has found Goodman guilty on both charges…

The six jurors began deliberating late Thursday afternoon and returned a guilty verdict shortly after lunch Friday afternoon.

Goodman was convicted on both counts of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide. The International Polo Club founder was drunk when his Bentley slammed into 23-year-old recent college graduate Scott Wilson’s car Feb. 12, 2010. The collision sent Wilson into a canal, where he drowned.

Goodman’s defense had argued his .117 blood-alcohol reading was a result of the defendant having reached for the bottle only after the crash in an effort to dull the pain he suffered from his injuries.

High-priced attorney Roy Black’s team also argued that Goodman’s $200,000 Bentley malfunctioned. They claim he left the scene dazed and confused, suffering from concussion-like symptoms.

Goodman could face up to 30 years in prison when he’s sentenced April 30.  Goodman’s bond was revoked, and he was immediately taken into custody while he awaits sentencing.



NOTE:  Obviously, Mr. Goodman will not be attending the Black’s Gala tomorrow… HERE.

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    • It doesn’t matter where you live; take a cab, use a disegnated driver; it’s not worth the pain and expense if you get pulled over; worst if you hurt someone or yourself and the ultimate horror to kill someone. I know a family that was wiped out by a drunk driver and the drunk driver died as well the pain is the worst. I also have a friend that got pulled over and charged and she was humiluated having a breath detector in her car for a year; she told me being in public, gas stations, everyday life in your car and people watching her breath into the detector everytime she had to start her car. We all have done it; a few drinks, no problem I can drive. NO, bottom line; DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don’t Drink and Drive indeed! My nephew’s lil friend on his baseball team was killed by a drunk driver. He was with his mom. They were pulled over on the side of the road having car trouble, waiting in their car when another car hit theirs and their car exploded. :-( It’s still under investigation one of them that hit them was off duty police officer…

  1. I watched his testimony and he tried the Juicy joe defense. He claimed that he drank all the alcohol AFTER the car accident to calm his nerves.

  2. He was so guilty…because he was drunk. When I heard him say, that after the collision, he drank all that alcohol for the pain he was in…I didn’t buy that no more than I bought Jerk A$$ Joe’s story. Hope he gets time,.

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I reach for some aspirin or ibuprofen if I am in pain, not alcohol. I mean come on. You are this big mogul in a car accident and you don’t know they are going to test you for alcohol? First of all, man up. You took an innocent person’s life because you chose to drive. Its not like he could not have afforded a taxi.

  4. But it’s not his (John Goodman) fault that he was drunk because right after the accident he miraculously found a bottle of whiskey that was hidden in a BARN!

    • for: We should all just be very happy that the jurors did their job in less than a day… if it took longer, it would have cut into Roy Black’s enjoyment at his Gala tonight! TFC!! SH

  5. I am *so sorry* for the family and friends of Scott Wilson. It is so very, very sad.
    “Thank you” to the 6 citizens who served on the jury that found the man guilty.

  6. John Goodman, BTW, is the man who adopted his live-in girlfriend. Now she is his daughter too. I don’t know how much money she got that was supposed to go to his real children, but she certainly inherited shame & misery from that deal. I wonder if attorney Roy Black (Lea’s husband) suggested that legal maneuver?

    • for: Certainly Goodman had no idea that adoption was an option before Roy came into his life!! And… JohnGoodman did not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer when he took the stand. TFC!! SH

  7. Hate them for it but, defense attorneys are hired to defend and protect their clients. Of course it was Roy Black’s idea for adoption to protect his client’s assets. That is what he was paid to do.

    Just as Roy Black will file for an appeal. It is his job. For many, defense attorneys are the “bottom of the barrel”, but they are a necessary part of our judicial system.

  8. I agree, CJ, the lawyer was just doing his job as a defense attorney. It seems the shame should be placed on anyone who has no compassion / dignity / morals. The guilty need to be held accountable. Thank goodness for the jury’s decision!
    Now on the Shana/Taylor injustice! Bring it.

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