March 23, 2012  11:00 pm

Alexis Bellino just LOVES her new nose… and thinks everyone should visit her nose doctor because his office treated her like “friends and family.”  NOTE:  Is that why the nurse had no idea who she was when she arrived for her nose job???

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  1. it’s like this hair “style” is becoming part of the bravo uniform along with the one-shouldered cobalt dress. lovely!

  2. Good thing she didn’t go to Dr.Dubrow for her nose job. He’s got a LOT of unhappy former patients on YELP.

    • Please don’t insult trannies, be they transexual or transvestite. If anything, Alexass resembles a drag queen who would never make it on to RuPaul’s Drag Race.

      • GO ahead say what u want, everyone know’s Alexis is the pretties one on there. I just wish she would breck Tammy Sue’s big nose, just wait it is going 2 happen. and I hate to tell her wasn’t she haveing her boob’s done the same time Lex was getting her nose job that was causeing her so much trouble Lex we all seen what came out of your noise don’t know how u lived with it this long.. don’t worrie about all the hater’s they r soooooooooooo jely’s of u and Jim. speaking of Jim he was so good to u after u got back home… just love him to death. Tammy and Eddie cannot hold a candle to u and that goodlooking husband of your’s.(stay strong). don’t even give then time of day…

        • Translation- Go ahead say what you want everyone knows Alexis is the prettiest one on there. I just wish she would bread Tammy Sue’s big nose.Just wait it is going to happen. I hate to tell her that she was having her boobs done at the same time Lex was getting her nose done. Which was giving her so much trouble. Les we all saw what came out of your nose. I don’t know how you’ve lived with it for this long. Don’t worry about all the hater’s. They are so jealous of you and Jim. Speaking of Jim, he was so good to you after you got back home. I just love him to death. Tammy and Eddie can’t hold a candle to you. That good looking husband of yours. Stay strong. Don’t even give them the time of day.
          If your going to bash other posters than I suggest you how to do it in english!.

          • Cyn: That could NOT have been easy, or pleasant. Really, you’re doing the Lord’s Work there and I, for one, thank you.

            Also I didn’t realize I was jely’s so thanks for setting me straight, Sandra!

            • That’s exactly what I think of when I hear that expression. The first time I heard it was Kyle on the season 1 reunion talking about how she was so jelly. I thought, “b3@ch there’s no way you ever wore a pair.” It took me a while to figure out what it meant.

              I just don’t understand those expressions that don’t save you syllables. It’s takes just as long to say jelly as jealous so what’s the point? Really, I am old. And will miss your comments here, it’s been fun!

            • AOM the shortening of everything started to happen when texting came to be the major form of communication with the young…it has changed everything to a 28 character language. I too will miss both Ms. SH and your commenting about everything stoopid. You both have great insight. One can only hope that something sparks the creative juices once again

            • I hear ya. It just drives me crazy cause they’re only saving 2 letters. 2 letter! And there’s lots of abbreviations that save even fewer, if any. Some I get but others I just find silly.

              Will miss your comments as well. It was a nice crew of commenters around here and like-minded people who didn’t take the shows seriously and just liked to have fun with the whole thing. So many other sites take the shows and characters personally and I find those sites dull.

            • ha ha so true, was watching a trial today on tv, they were reading the accused texts to one of her many boyfriends and she kept saying aftr and the cop would repeat that means after, oh wow big time saver dropping that E

            • when I heard Kyle say that, my daughter and I both swore to each other that word would never cross our lips. WhyTF would a grown woman talk like a middle schooler??!!. I bet her kids are proud….

  3. I think from that camera angle her nose still looks huge, from the 2nd shot it looks normal. Riiiiiiiight about doing the cosmetic portion because they showed her a picture AFTER she’d decided on the breathing portion. God are these women that stupid to think ANYONE believes that?

  4. Her nose still looks horrible! I couldn’t even watch this video for a full minute because she really can’t speak well. The color of her real hair, and those fake extensions look pretty bad.

      • Oh sandra. You were always such a delight. With your terrible spelling and your obsession with Alexis. I really am going to miss effing with you. Strange, eh? I’m feeling oddly sentimental.
        Now which Alexis cheerleading robots will I get to annoy?! Which, I ask you! Which?! This will definitely leave a huge hole.. A huge void that I will need to fill. These Alexis bots have given me so much in the past year I am unsure of how I will go on without them. I will do my best to muddle through.
        I would say take care, sandra – but I doubt you really have much left of yourself to take care of.

        • Oh Mythunker, let’s see if I got on here and had bad comment’s about Alexis, then would it be ok.some of you are just upset that you have to write like you did in the 70’s.I am sorry that I type to fast for some of you.And I donot have an obsession with Alexis, I just think she get’s a very bad wrap, because she is so pretty, and we have as many jealous people on here as there is hater’s. and you are one of them. P.S. Did I type that good enough for you dear. c u don’t have 2 stop effing with me, I am still here. lol

          • Yes you did. I thought your comment was well written and too the point. Everyone has HW they like and those they don’t. You didn’t attack anyone in your comment and that is the way we do it here.

          • Hey sandra! Yes, I am so jealous of being vapid, vain and throwing my kids in a pool while they were strapped in their stroller. Oh jelly me! You see right through my antics. Are you a psychologist? If not, you should look into getting an honorary degree. You just have mad skills.

  5. She’ll never be a beautiful woman. She needs to accept that and work on enhancing her other attributes.

    When will these women learn?

    • toast – what other attributes? I’ve been pondering this for a week now. Help a little girl out?

  6. You can’t change the shape of your face. You can’t change the shape of your forehead and how flat/rounded/high it is. You can’t push your eyes closer together or farther apart. You can’t make yourself beautiful if you’re not beautiful, period.

  7. Alexis and Jim are losers – she is talking about her doctor so she can get her surgery for free….because they are broke. Pathetic. It was probably one of the conditions from the doctor in order to do the surgery (since they cant finance anything legally or without some kind of ‘hook’)

    Go away Alexis.

    Can Bravo please entertain us with Housewives that actually have a pot to piss in???? I’m sick of these skid row bimbos.

    Oh and did Gretchen and Slade get Bravo to pay for her engagement ring or is he going to take that out of his child support savings? He’ll probably just talk Gretchen into prostitution before he actually gets a job. So sad :(

    • SAY WHAT U WANT 2 ABOUT gRETCHEN DON’T LIKE HER ANYMORE OVER THE WAY SHE DID LEX, AND Jim AND ALEXIS DOES HAVE A POT 2 P IN.GRETCHEN U KNOW U GOT THAT BI… STARTED ON LEX WE ALL SO HOW SNEAKING U REALY R, I WOULD B ASHAME, AND TO THINK U HAD SOME OF US FOOLED 4 A WHILE NOT ANYMORE DEAR, would like 2 know 1 more thing is Eddie Gay. I mean Tammy Sue does go the other way, maybe that is why she don’t mind him beening gay…right Tammy Sue.. and look’s like she would take him with her when she get’s her boob’s redone and get him SOMETHING DONE PLSE.

      • Translation-Say what you want to about Gretchen. I don’t like her anymore because of the way she treated Lex and Jim. Both Jim and Alexis do have a pot to pee in. Gretchen we know you are Bi and started on Lex.So, we know how sneaky you really are. I would be ashamed and to thin you had some of fooled for awhile. You had some of us fooled for awhile but not anymore! I would like to know one more thing. Is Eddie Gay? Tammy Sue does go the other way, that could be why she doesn’t mind. Would that be right Tamm Sue? It looks like she would take him with her when she gets her breasts removed and have something done for him as well.
        English is a wonderful thing. I suggest you use it to communicate with other posters.

        • Oh Lord even with my typo’s I still did better than Sandra. I know totally I am being witchy. We have so many 20 somethings that think writing is texting and not necessary in the real world. It drives me crazy.

      • I didn’t understand any ofnthe stuff in all caps and you lost me after “she don’t mind.”

  8. I saw Lisa Vanderdonkeybutt’s friend Mohammed on the new selling million dollar homes show(not sure the name). Does Bravo just recycle these people because they are under contract? Borrrrrrrrrring

  9. I feel bad for alexis that she went thru all that pain and anguish and now she has to live with an even worse nose than before. She should have just paid someone to do it on the down low rather than use a Dr. that trades plastic surgery for advertising on a pathetic reality show. This poor woman is so dim, no matter what work she gets done it’s a totally futile effort when you are a complete moron underneath it all. Can’t get over heather’s face when alexis said at the bunco party that she would ‘hock up a loogie’ — what an crass disgusting thing to say. Most of the stuff she says sounds like it came out of the mouth of a 12 yr old— she should get work on THAT. Because eventually she’s gonna be 60, FTLOG. And her kids are gonna chew her up & spit her out when they turn 13– they’ll be smarter than her. Chick doesn’t stand a chance b/c by that time jim will have found a younger idiot desperate to take his crap.

    • Oh please, why does anyone have to worrie about that ice queen Heather, I guess you didnot see her face when Tammy Sue got on there and was talking about how her and Eddie, about there was alot of (farting) going on now between them.she was saying how the honeymood stage was over, sorry Tammy my husband and I have been married going on 23 yr’s, and we cannot say that. we respect eash other way too much.

    • Gwynneth, please don’t waste feeling bad for Alexis, she is doing just fine. there is a few more on there that you should feel bad for, right and I am sure she in no way has to trade anything for her surgery. and why are you acting like a bully saying all that about someone’s look’s. please you should go see the new movie out, the one about bullying.

  10. i wish i knew how to photoshop that hair “style” of hers onto things, like teletubbies, justin bieber, paula deen, steve buscemi, joan rivers, godzilla, al roker, etc.

      • No, I’m talking about Alexis, dear. Is there a picture of Kim on this post or Alexis? Yeah, that’s right, that’s Alexis up there with the greasy Snooki bump looking thing on top of her head. I’m going to be nicer to you than most have been on here, Sandra, but only this once, so you might just want to stop right now…seriously.

        • OK, or what!! I have the right to write my comment’s on here that anyone of you do. and you are the one that should be worried, it is not healthy for you to get so jealous of someone. it will make you very sick inside, ok hon, again Alexis cannot help for beening so beautiful. guess you will have to take it up with the lord, he is the one that made her , and please don’t bother to comment on anymore of my comment’s. Thank You..

          • Oh dear, Sandra. It was painful to see the comments people were making about your writing–painful! Nothing will come of you commenting, other than making yourself look like more of a dumbazz every comment you write. I was hoping you would spare yourself, but just go ahead, “hon” it’s really okay by me.

            You write about having the right to comment, and you do have the same rights as everyone else, then are a dumbazz in the same post to tell me not to write a comment to you. That’s okay, go ahead, “hon” it’s all good.

            I don’t need to tell you this, and you really have no way of knowing if it is true or not, but I am better looking than Alexis, have a much hotter husband that is richer with a real white collar job, have incredibly smart kids with good educations that get approached for modeling jobs while cruising around in their BMWs (no 3 series for us, either), and I even have some sweet little pets that reside at my big house in a ritzy part of town. Some people on this site know me and know I’m telling you the truth. I thank God for the blessings I have every day. That leaves no room for jealousy in my life, only gratitude–no jealousy for Alexis or for your killer writing skillz–those are truly bad azz, btw!

            Before I end, let me just correct you that when you say the Lord made someone that way, and that person has had numerous cosmetic procedures, that’s not exactly a correct statement.

            • Oh. Hah! I should have read your comment before I posted mine. I just got all excited about bringing up those surgical procedures Alexis felt that she _had_ to have in order to look better. Klassy, that Alex-ass(thank you click)!

            • please, if you have all of that then why would you get on here and be so worried about Alexis and myself. sorry that you have a goodlooking husband and all of the other grap you was bragging about and still have the time to get on here and hate. Blessings, sorry dear would not call material thing’s blessing’s.and don’t think GOD would bless someone that is all about hate and bullying. but I will say a prayer for you tonight in my little townhouse, don’t have a big house in the ritzy part of town,but what we do have is full of nothing but love and gratitude and for that we are blessed. The End…

            • thank you, sweetie. i actually like alexis and find her attractive. I like alexis more than the rest of the other OC housewives, but the hair for this video is not good for her. i’m not worried about alexis or sandra. how are things in chi town these days?

            • We had 2 weeks of glorious weather….then reality set in an we are back to 40-50 degree s and wearing coats again. It was so good having a little bit of summer! How is the heat down where you are?

            • It was also very nice, and now it is getting cold too. we realy cannot complain after the winter well we didn’t have, cannot wait to be able to get out for good and paint my deck and do all my flower’s, Hope you have a nice Easter!!

            • sandra, tried to post it & respond to you, but having trouble figuring it all out. yes, all is good. thanks for your message. promise, i actually do like alexis, just hoping she changes hairstyles, that’s all. let’s start fresh.

            • Thank You, would love very much to do so.I guess you could say I get into my show’s a little to much, have been in all week-end with my teeth killing me, I lost my insurance and have not been able to get any work done so I have been in alot of pain. It seem’s to help me to forget about it for a little while when I get on here reading and commenting on some of the post.

          • Alexis had to go through many surgical procedures to even attempt to be beautiful. No one here is jealous of that insecure, ketchup squirting, neglectful parent, sandra.

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