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NOTE:  My Becky is having a fabulous time during Spring Break and she better hurry back!  Why?  SH’s robotic arm broke!  A photo is included below of how SH is coping while waiting to get the arm back…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS:  This would not deserve a mention on SH.  However, this from DallasMorningNews about Dallas “Housewife” Tiffany Mullen was just too funny!

Last week’s bogus report of a secret list of cast members for the nonexistent The Real Housewives of Dallas TV show gave me a chance to run down Tiffany Mullen, who was mentioned in the report.

She is no longer a housewife, she is no longer in Dallas and she’s not doing any Bravo TV shows. Otherwise, the report was accurate.

“I don’t know how this connection was made because I have never been approached, contacted by or connected with The Real Housewives of Dallas,” she says.

Long before the show The Bachelor, Dallas oilman Mike Mullen went on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show, flashed a 13-carat diamond and said he was looking for a bride. He was flooded with letters and offers. Lots of dating and private jetting around ensued.

In the summer of ’98, he ended up marrying Tiffany Kornegay, who was not one of his Oprah pursuers. That was the fairy-tale ending.  As for the real-life ending, Tiffany and Mike divorced in 2007, which seemed to have escaped the notice of the secret-list makers.

Tiffany Mullen now lives in Aspen, Colo.  Mike Mullen and his wife, Justine, live in Dallas.

NOTE:  Other than the fact that Tiffany lives in Aspen; is not married; has never heard from Bravo… the bogus report is 100% accurate!!

                                                                  PamDana Wilkey and John Flynn…

DANA WILKEY:  AlienShapeShifter PamDana Wilkey is “dis” engaged from her “fiance” John Flynn… HERE.   NOTE:   This is a total NON-story!  Uh… when were PamDana and Flynn EVER together???  Callin’ manufactured BS story on this… just a little tidbit in PamDana’s attempt to keep her name relevant.

NOTE:  Whoever wrote the linked article has been drinkin’ the PamDana kool-aid!  If PamDana is worth $12 million as the article states, she should have no problem in settling the looming lawsuit still in the courts brought because PamDana and John Flynn ripped off an investor... HERE.

(FOR SOME EXTRA READING:  PamDana’s bankruptcy…HERE…. PamDana’s real estate problems… HERE…. PamDana’s Adwil Agency… HERE.)

DANIELLE STAUB:  Those “800” numbers which ex-NJ Housewife Danielle Staub was tweeting two days ago were real!  Danielle says that she’s being paid $1,000 an hour to chat with people calling her… HERE!   NOTE:  SH researched the number Danielle was tweeting… it was listed as a sex phone line.  Danielle says that she is not required to “talk dirty”… Uh, OK Danielle!

                                    Kroy Biermann and lil KJ Biermann…

KIM ZOLCIAK:  Kim is 4 months pregnant… HERE.   Kim is gonna need MORE help!!!

MARISA ZANUCK:  More about the new BH Housewife… HERE.

NENE LEAKES:   Nene getting a closet makeover on tomorrow’s episode of “The Amandas”… HERE.

THE FAME GAME:  “The credibility of any ‘celeb’ doctor or lawyer goes out the window the second I see they have the fame bug,” he said. “Once they start with the game of fame, they are discounted. Many experts are there to help or grow their business; it is easy to tell the experts from the fame seekers.”… HERE.

VICKI GUNVALSON:  Vicki talks about getting married again and why Brooks got behind in child support… HERE.

CYNTHIA BAILEY:  Cynthia will be at TWEF on March 26… where YOU can learn “wisdom tips!”… “Participants will receive expert advice and instruction on What it takes to be a Winner,” “Financial Freedom,” and “Controlling your Emotions for Success.”… and This year we will feature Runway Model Cynthia Bailey, the CEO of “The Bailey Modeling Agency”. Cynthia is also currently starring in BRAVO’s hit reality series “Housewives of Atlanta”.   MORE… HERE!   (NOTE:  What words of “WISDOM” exactly will Cynthia be spewing???  Attendees should find that out before donating a can of corn!)

KYLE RICHARDS:  Kathy Hilton’s Party on Saturday…

CAMILLE GRAMMER:  Kathy Hilton’s Party on Saturday…

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(Thanks to SH reader “originalSnarky”!!!)


    • Why would Danielle wear an outfit that clearly belongs on a stripper? Yeeeessh! No one wants to see that. No one.


    • Pesky details. Maybe the landlord approved it since it would likely be a nice selling point. Especially after NeNe moves out in the middle of the night. Oh, wait…that wuz Gregg right?! ;)


  1. What I find more absurd than the papparazzi hovering over cable TV “personalities” as if they were movie stars are the handlers, escorts, friends and hangers-on who circle these HWs and have such delusions of grandeur. They throw themselves in front these “celebrities” as if they’re shrouding royalty from bullets. Lady Kyle seems like she’d love to stand on the sidewalk and field questions from camera-men all day. Camille is always shielded by some type of attack-dog agent or minder…… + yeah, I mean you too Deidre. Annoying.


  2. Just read on another site that PamDana and her boyfriend have split the sheets. Maybe this is the “difficult transition” she’s referring to.


    • Jeannie: And how is that news??? They, PamDana and babyDaddy John Flynn haven’t been together since BH started. And that is all he is, just like her girl and JenniFUR… they all got their PRESUMABLY very rich babyDaddy…to donate their sperm and Shana, PamDana and JenniFUR thought they were set for life!

      There never was an engagement; there never was a castle wedding; there never was anything… except PamDana’s imagination. Oh… the lawsuit is still going strong… PamDana is not imagining THAT! TFC!! SH


  3. The little cake walk Dwight presented was nice. Now LLL exiting with her cup of coffee ready to charm the photos with her cackle laugh was kinda sad to watch. How embarrasing she is to herself.


  4. Gotta give props to that psychic Rose that Kim goes to…She said like 3 years ago while reading her palm, long before she met Troy, that she had 2 more lifelines, a boy and another for a girl…Can’t argue with her readings, looks like she’s spot on…Poor


  5. Hmm, trying to figure out Marisa. In some pics she looks nice in the clip above with the German douche she looks kinda platic surgery scary. At least I don’t have to give her the fashion speech. She looks like she has a since of style or a good stylist. I guess the jury is still out. Anyone else?


  6. Oh Icki Vicki… “His child support was set at a higher salary than he was getting prior to the 2008 crash, and it should have been adjusted when it declined, which it wasn’t.” Isn’t that one of the reasons that Slimey was behind as well? You are so dumb and hypocritcal, you make Alexis look like a saint (that says A LOT).

    I’m not a fan of Slimey’s, by any stretch of the imagination, but for reals, she’s done lost her mind. It’s all just way too coincidental. Perhaps this is all just a set-up to keep her on the show and the Bravo paychecks coming in?


    • Also not a fan of Slime’s. However, you’re right, same thing happened to him. His income declined with the recession. Hmm, good conspiracy theory that she may actually need the money. Opening episode of the season, didn’t she say she needed Donn’s income to make bills while the house was up for sale? I thought that was interesting, considering she has always shoved down the other ladies throats how they didn’t ‘work’ and couldn’t support themselves.


      • Well if Brooks’ income from the insurance business has dropped like Vicki says in the article, hers must have too.
        She probably is relying on Donns income as he isn’t in sales.


  7. The whole Kim thing leaves me scratching my head….two little babies and two older children with someone who can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t model good behavior for her children just has me scratching my head real hard. I wish them well, but they are going to need it.


  8. SH..have you done a blog yet on why Traylor won’t be returning? I think you mentioned a while ago that you were writing one and maybe I just cannot find it. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight!


  9. I wish I was on Spring Break… Is it too late? Eye on the prize! WHO needs help and mechanical arms…
    I blame Mr. Peepers


    • me Romo! i understand i seem suspicious, but it couldn’t have been me! i was in the library – armed only with a candlestick – fending off the advancing Col. Mustard! maybe it was a different hairy fella in a set of cut-off red overalls? anyone know what Robin Williams was doing over the week-end?


      • Ooh Col Mustard… he’s tough! Looks like you came out ok in that deal though. He prolly stole your apples and everything! You’re right about Robin Williams though. He can’t be trusted! Let’s blame him. He’s shifty but tries to play it off with all those jokes!


        • was anyone watching professor plum and miss scarlet while all of this was happening? there’s still some rope missing from the library.


          • there’s me clever BSL!! i can’t tell you how i know this, but the scholarly Plum smuggled (..teehee) the rope to a certain spittle-ridden gop talk-show host in an attempt to frame brave citizen Miss Scarlett as a woman of low character! #FAIL ! as it happened, said radio host got just enough rope to hang himself :) … the rest of that week-end was an apple-covered blur…please remember my BSL, you didn’t hear a peepers from me!


        • :) yes please! thank you Romo- we blame Robin!! ps–i think i did alright for a monkey-boy in short pants! i covered Mustard’s ‘stash in applesauce and ate his monicle.. .pugilist peepers! brutalizing the mustachioed since 1998 :)


  10. Omh Nene looks like she’s stuck in a huge condom in that tan dress.
    Who is the national geographic boob lady on the pic with Dwight?! Yikes!


  11. I thought Sheree said she was the only one that made it to Aiden’s party.. I see Marlo and Cynthia in those photos. Am I just losing it? Or did Sheree say something like that?


    • Oh click! I put a little tutorial of info on the casting call post. Some of your comments are going thru! I wish I knew what the biscuits was going on so I could help! :(
      FYI – I was having trouble making this comment from my phone.


    • Click! You got your name back! And you’re back! Don’t be upset now… :-(Talk to us, but not about being mad. Let’s talk about stoopid HWs! :-) Glad you’re back! Did you watch OC?


    • i wish i knew a way to help you CC/MC! i know how you must feel, and i hate that for you. ps- i am sorry if i got the wrong impression of Monsieur Kitty. it’s my fault as i am partial to New Year’s Cat. <3


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