BLIND ITEM…Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!!… Which RHOBH “Borrowed”… REFUSES To Return Them??

June 24, 2011  

RE-POSTED MARCH 19, 2012  3:33 am  National Enquirer

NOTE:  While searching for another item and found this.   Hmmmm… has anyone seen PamDana wearing her $25,000 sunglasses lately????

NOTE:  Oh… this is a good one!  Usually, blind items don’t name the particular Housewives’ franchise, but this one is calling out someone in the Beverly Hills cast…


Who is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “star” who…

…“borrowed” some pricey items from a high-end boutique and refuses to return them?  The sticky-fingered home-maker, who’s avoiding calls from the retailer, may get charged for theft if she doesn’t give back the loot!

7 comments on “BLIND ITEM…Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!!… Which RHOBH “Borrowed”… REFUSES To Return Them??

  1. Where oh where did my $25K sunglasses go?
    Ummmm…it’s been cloudy in L.A. recently?
    Hmmm…I only had ’em on loan to promote them, ’cause Imapromoter?
    Errrr…I gave ’em back in exchange for the million dollar crack pipe looking thingie?
    Oooh ooh, I know…I’ve graduated to $100,000.00 chinchilla couches!!
    Yeah, that’s the one, that’s the ticket!!
    (with apologies to Tommy Flanagan!)


  2. This chick is trashy, shady, and scandalous. I’m not surprised! Lol. PamDana is already embarrassing herself, and the fact that she won’t return them proves how stupid and cheap she is. What about all that money she has? She could just pay them the money. People who have a ton of money don’t continue to brag to the world, and this woman is pathetic for trying to make herself up there with everyone else in Beverly Hills… Just like TRAYLOR “Sneaky Snake” TRASHHHHH!


    • Wasn’t this designer or company one of the sponsors/vendors (something?) at the Center party recently? Can’t recall if we saw that in a photo or if you, SH, had this information. Of course, it was on loan. Either she borrowed it for herself or she was being compensated to wear the sunglasses on camera. Wasn’t that the case for the ridiculous diamond studded lollipop holder necklace that she had on a different episode? Did anyone run out and buy one of them because PamDana wore it on TV? *crickets*


  3. Clever Deb! It probably looked a million times better than Pam/Dana’s.

    Oh this item is so Pam/Dana. Maybe this is the “difficult personal transition” she Tweeted about. Jail!


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