MARCH 18, 2012  7:00 pm      NorthJersey.com

     Tree Joodice… in the one-shoulder, cobalt blue satin Bravo uniform

On tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Tree Joodice supposedly “goes wild”… according to a conference call with da Donald.   And, according to Tree’s site, she will be having “words” with Debbie Gibson… HERE.

During a teleconference about “The Celebrity Apprentice” earlier this week, Donald Trump – who also had contestants Dayana Mendoza and Paul Teutul Sr. on the line – suggested that the old Giudice will reappear.

“Well, I don’t want to give much up, but as Dayana can tell you and Paul can tell you, she gets wild very soon,” said Trump.

He conceded that he’d been baffled by how different Giudice, who lives in Montville,  has been on his show compared with her image on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Yes, she was seen on the NBC show flipping a table at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst a few Sundays ago – but that scripted re-creation was part of a challenge to raise money for charity.

“It’s surprising to me that she’s not more volatile,” Trump said. “She’s much different than I thought she would be. She’s a very quality person. I thought she’d be a total wild woman … and really she’s not. I mean, she’s more reserved, and I think it’s a lot different than when you see her on the other show. I don’t know why. I’m not sure if it’s rebranding or just that she’s maybe … a little bit intimidated by some of the other people. It’s a tough group.”

Pressed about her impending, er, relapse, Trump said, “Yeah, she has her moments.”  “Yeah, she has crazy moments,” Teutul confirmed. “But still, she’s more quiet than I would have thought, more subdued.”

Trump and the others tackled a variety of questions, including why everyone on the men’s team wants to get rid of Lou Ferrigno.  “Lou’s a lovable guy. … And who could not like him?” Teutul began. “Everybody has a great deal of respect for him. And thus far, you know, maybe he’s just been having a hard time with the tasks that we’ve been doing.”

Said Trump, “From my standpoint, I can tell you this. Lou has been wanting to get on this show for three seasons. He has called me incessantly, ‘Please put me on the show.’ … He’s wanted to be on so badly and he’s so intense and … I think that actually hurts him, because he tries so hard that it actually turns off Paul and other people.”

As for Trump’s firing of two people (Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti) last Sunday, he said, “This is the largest cast we’ve ever had. We have 18 people, and we have 15 [episodes]. So at some point we had to fire two people and this just seemed like the appropriate time.”

Of course, Trump also did some horn-tooting, saying that “The Celebrity Apprentice” had created stars (Piers Morgan) and revived careers (Joan Rivers). He called Mendoza a “star” who’s destined for “big things.”

When Mendoza was asked how she got along with the other women, Trump jumped in to suggest that things between her and comic Lisa Lampanelli weren’t always so great.  “Well, so far, so good for what you guys can see right now,” Mendoza said. “I think you’re going to see things exploding very soon, probably next Sunday.”

That would be tonight.  Will the bomb be detonated by Lampanelli – or by a certain “recovering” wild woman from New Jersey?

NOTE:  Da Donald referenced Tree’s “rebranding” herself.  Yes, Tree is “rebranding” herself… with da Donald’s help!  Why was Tree selected to be on Celebrity Apprentice??? After Nene Leakes QUIT on da Donald last time around, why would Donald go with another Housewife???

When Nene QUIT (yes, Nene made all the talk show rounds to dispel the fact that she quit… but Nene QUIT and then was fired by Trump)… she quit because she was finally the project manager and PMs are required to solicit donation money.  Nene was caught because she had no one to call on who had the big bucks to donate when it was her turn as PM.  Keep in mind that Nene was on CA before she was rich, VERY RICH… and at that time, she did not have the connections she now boasts about.

With Trump’s experience with Nene, why would another Housewife be asked to participate in Celebrity Apprentice??  It looks like the only reason Tree was signed up to appear on CA was for a very cozy exchange.  When it was announced that Tree would appear on CA, it was expected that her charity of choice for CA would be her friend, Dina Manzo’s charity, Project LadybugHERE.

It was very surprising to everyone when Tree announced NephCure as her charity!  Tree never once mentioned NephCure during the Real Housewives of New Jersey, nor ever mentioned kidney disease… Tree probably never heard of kidney disease before she signed up for CA.  The NephCure connection was discussed on SH last month… HERE.

Could it be that da Donald accepted Tree as a participant on Celebrity Apprentice with the stipulation that his son, Eric Trump’s charity, NephCure, be Tree’s charity of choice???   In exchange for  Celebrity Apprentice assisting in Tree’s continuing “rebranding” of her image from wild New Jersey Housewife to “sympathetic, hard working, trying to pay back $11 million in creditors?”

Sure looks like it!!   It’s all just way too cozy a situation to think otherwise…