MARCH 15, 2012  6:10 pm   MorningBuzz

Tree is still makin’ her “Juicy” meatballs… BLEEEECH!… and her “Happy Endings”… and Tree STILL can’t put together two sentences!   


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  1. What was the point of showing how to smash pasta that had already been cooked? It is so obvious Teresa knows nothing about any of these recipes. It constantly sounds like she is repeating talking points said to her by a press agent. Teresa also seemed out of her element when she wasn’t able to squeeze any more frosting on her cupcake because the pastry bag got clogged.

    I wonder if the “Joe’s Juicy Meatballs” caption was done on purpose by the people in editing/production.

    • The noodles are uncooked when you roll them and then you boil them, and that is the name of recipe in the book.

            • g: Have no idea what you’re referring to… there are no “favorites” or “teams” on SH. Please do not feel that you have to read SH if you don’t like it. Sorry you fell for Tree’s “right off the boat” crap. How she continues to peddle her merchandise is a testament to not only her total stoopidity, but the stoopidity of the consumer buyin’ her story and her crap products. Nice to know that you think she can cook, too!! SH

            • That English as a second language excuse always makes me LOL
              she was born here,educated here went to school here and Learned English here she Is Dumber then a box of rocks.

            • She may be dumber than a box of rocks…I’m not even gonna argue or defend her. I am gonna argue the English as a second language bit though. Unless you’ve lived it, you may not understand how it is possible. My parents moved here from Poland in 66 and they spoke not a bit of English at that time. I was born a couple years later and I learned how to talk from parents who spoke 90% Polish and about 10% English (and it was broken English to boot!) By the time I hit school, my English was such a clusterf**k of broken down mispronunciations that I spent 5 years in Speech just to learn how to speak my own language. LOL I credit the awesome school program for fixing my language issues.

              Tree grew up in Patterson, right? Perhaps they didn’t have the funds or capability of doing for her what was done for me. I don’t know and neither do you guys. Bottom line is this – her speech patterns are exactly the type you’d find from someone that learned English second and not first. I still occasionally slip and when talking to my Mom or my kids…I often speak Penglish – half the sentence in Polish and the other half in English and I don’t even realize I’ve done it till my kids stare at me like I’m a nut. :-)

            • Rosemary: Welcome! Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience. I think you and others have taken the “right off the boat” comment out of context. It was included and meant as another of Tree’s tried and true sayings that she says at EVERY appearance… like “Happy Endings” and “Cannoli Cupcakes” and (not this time but…) “Devil’s Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta.” TFC!!! SH

            • Why thank you, Ms. SH! I surely do like your site and appreciate the welcome. :-)
              I understood what you were sayn’ truly I did – it was Lisa I was referring to about the ESL. For the record, I appreciate that there are no team anyone’s on here and we can all just like who we like , hate who we hate and it’s all good. I personally like to make fun of all of them except that trout mouthed psychopath in BH – her I just wish a house would fall on. Have a nice day!

            • Thanks for your experence and I am sure its the case for you But I stand by my opinion that this isnt the case with Teresa its just a excuse she uses to explain the fact she is dumb she is a women in her 40s who cant even say Cumin correctly.

            • Now u tell them Lisa, she is the worst when it come’s to try saying anything. and she make’s my skin crawl when she speak’s. my husband is alway’s turn her off she is give me a head -a.those poor little girl’s is who I feel sorry for, they have to go to school and let everyone know that they have this dumb woman for a mom,and a bad one at that.

            • Oh and Teresa wants so badly for people to think she is Right off the boat Italian she dosnt even try to speak correctly. I almost think she is ashamed to be American

            • SH: I think you’re 100% on target with that statement. I for one won’t help her quest to be over-exposed to the point I want to scream when she appears on any show. Her defense of her crooked husband assures me that she’s every bit the snake he is.

            • I agree BravNo, that was harsh. I’ve been reading and recommending this site for over a year and I felt the bite of that response, also. Yikes.

            • You lost, me, you just lost me. One has to wonder why you would want to alienate participants on your board. I like Teresa and her recipes, so I guess that makes me unfir for Stoopid. By ladies its been fun while it lasted.

            • BravNo, if it’s any consolation, I think it’s wonderful you like T. I can certainly see Teresa’s innate charm; she has a Fran Drescher voice thing going on, her mannerisms are often cute, and she looks really amazing (I would die for that thick, lustrous hair). Just don’t take this all so seriously. I for one will miss your comments if you choose to go! Take care…

        • Well, try the food channel. Mario, Giada, even Rachael. Or Tony, who’s actually got a French background but I bet could cook better Italian …. I could go on… These are chefs. With training and expertise. Tree is entertaining, but her fingers in the food with those Lee press on nails just turned me off immediately.

  2. I am sure Teresa can cook, but the Italian martha stewart personae she is trying to create seems forced. She really needs a media coach…big time.

  3. ok do you think the courtroom/boardroom Faux pas was genuine of do think she was having a passive agressive go at her lol!

    • She had a lot to work with in the begining! She should have been happy with that and not get greedy and want more! She and her husband screwed a lot of people out of THEIR money and now THEY are left with doing the best THEY can with what THEY have to work with! Pffff

    • Calling: That is such a cop-out statement… like the other cop-out, overused cliche “It is what it is.” EVERYBODY is doing the best with what they have to work with. And…if that’s all the better Tree can do, that’s pathetic. TFC! SH

    • yes honey we know and that is the sad part, what does she have.a voice that when u hear it u want to kill youself,or maybe it is how nice she is.(NOT).and that nasty little fat husband of her’s, don’t even get me started on him.

  4. Jon Hamm was right in his statement! “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated, being a f-cking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly” These women are morons! Not to mention 90% have criminal backgrounds! When it comes to this, I guess the saying holds true “crime pays”

    • So true Vicky what Jon Hamm said in his statement… and that is Teresa. As Ms SH has said; she cant put a sentence together., she says ya know and um a lot IMO and I guess the old saying ” crime pays” is also true. I do not care for her or her lovely husband ( IBS) lol!

  5. I get what everyone is saying about Tre but for some odd reason I still like her. I can’t explain it, confuses me as well. I always find myself rooting for her. Just weird. However, I have never purchased any of her products. I’m not making excuses for her but I think a lot of the reason she fumbles her words is due to nerves. She gets a little tongue-tied which happens to a lot of people when speaking in front of a crowd. On another note, WTF is the hostess wearing in this video? Was it lesbian Friday and they forgot to tell Tre? The two of them look so odd together, Tre in her hooker one-shoulder clubby dress and the hostess in her butchy leather biker vest and ripped jeans.

  6. Love, Love, Love Tre. She is what she is and I like her. She can cook and I love her cookbook. I wish she would get her own show and leave the Manzo Moron Show.

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