1. Yes, I have heard through the media that Lisa is putting on the pressure; rumor, it’s become a Lisa vs. Adrienne. Adrienne has shown clam and class from day one; Lisa, like I have wrote in past blogs; I saw a different side of her for the 2nd season and I don’t know if I would trust her????

    • Really? Adrienne stays calm but has that look on her face like she just mentally killed Lisa 3 times in her mind. LOL I feel the opposite. Adrienne seems very controlling to me and like she doesn’t have or care to even have a true friendship with any of the other ladies. I liked Adrienne so much the first season because she’s got a few good parts to her but after this season and seeing how she nit picked at all the tiny things Lisa did I just felt she was so extremely jealous. I will admit though I <3 how Adrienne stands up when it came to the Taylor mess at the white party and called her out. I just wish she kept that up! :)

  2. I think Lisa is the one who has shown class since day one, not Adrienne. I’ve seen Adrienne stir the pot and point the finger at Lisa for two season. She even blamed one of Shana’s breakdowns on Lisa when Lisa wasn’t even there. IMO Adrienne is very jealous of Lisa because Lisa is witty, funny, likeable and is the star of the show. Adrienne imo is boring, boring, boring,

  3. I pick Lisa over Adianne hands-down. Lisa is very clever, hard-working, loyal friend, beautiful without looking creepy, class act, wonderful sense of humor, and, I believe she is honestly happily married and has a happy family.
    Adrianne doesn’t appear that smart, or hard-working?? Have never seen her “work,” and have read that she has only “occasionally” booked talent for their (3% ownership) not-so-popular hotel in Las Vegas. She looks horrible with her OVERDONE fillers, botox, etc., which screams body issues/insecurities. I did not witness much “class” this season and was offended at how she physically handles people – not cool! She showed jealous, catty, offensive, inmature and “mean girl” behavior especially at the
    reunion. I really lost ALL respect for her when she jumped ship to be BFF with Taylor AFTER she seemed to be on to Taylor’s horrid, true self????? I don’t and never did, like how she treats Paul snd I do NOT think they have a reallly happy or healthy marriage. I like Paul but their “banter” back & forth is annoying and fake to me. She literally seems miserable around him. I hate her voice. It’s like nails on a chalk board. I have read that she & her brothers have wasted much of the money their father worked so hard for. Many times I’ve read that they have repeatedly made stupid purchases, investment decisions, and simply wasted their money – hence, she is reported to be having serious cash issues. Sorry, but she proved she is not such a “voice of reason” and is very unintellegent to be so tight/gossippy with her chef and gulable to believe RadarOnLine as truth and fact. She is very vain and selfish as a
    wife. This world has toi many serious problems for her to be so vindictive toward Lisa. Now it appears she is up Kyle’s azz, SO, that alone, says enough.

  4. Kyle planted the story which first appeared in Radar Online, which we all know has quite the cozy relationship with several of the BH housewives.

    Surely we can see through this.

    They are all doing this under the table subterfuge… it’s really crazy.

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