MARCH 12, 2012  4:45 pm   UPDATE March 13, 2012  9:30 am

PamDana sent the following twitter message March 13 @ 3:10 am re SH!  

This is very puzzling to SH!  What possible “advantage” could there be in ANY of this for SH??

Hmmmm… maybe PamDana is not comfortable with the facts…. HERE.

Shana is chatting away and no one is listening to her!   Video taken at PamDana’s house  during the 1736 Crisis Center gala event… which the rest of the Beverly Hills cast avoided!  Kyle and Adrienne stopped by for a photo… and then ran like hell!

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    • Since Dana admits to reading SH, it is interesting she doesn’t deny that either Shana or herself didn’t receive a personal appearance fee or any other financial gain for hosting the “charity event.”

  1. She shoulda had Peter there with his big ole “hush up now ya’ll” whistle. Ha freakin ha ha ha

  2. Daily Mail shows Kyle, Adrienne and Paul attending this sham event along with Dana who has spent way too many hours in the tanning booth.

  3. FML… wonder if I could get Bravo to pay for a big party at my house? My house isn’t empty, though. Where would they fit all their gigantic, tuscan furniture?

  4. What is “the 1736 Crisis Center”?
    Or does it just sound like THE other; “1736 Family Crisis Center” located in Los Angeles?

  5. Kimberly T. Palmer ‏ @kimberlytpalmer
    @AdrienneMaloof @taylorarmstrong @danawilkey @kylerichards18 why is Dana wearing gloves?

    3h Dana Wilkey ‏ @Danawilkey
    @kimberlytpalmer @AdrienneMaloof @taylorarmstrong @kylerichards18 I like gloves but they also help people find you when yr hosting an event.

  6. Anybody know this restaurant?…..Philippe Chow LA ‏ @PhilippeChow_LA

    @Danawilkey @TaylorArmstrong thank you for such a great event last night. Hope you enjoyed the food!!!

  7. This event seems like a ruse for someone’s “Foundation”: hungry to achieve 501c non-profit org. tax exempt status. The coveted G.H.G…..(Grifter Holy Grail)

  8. From watching the video, it doesn’t look like Worm Lips and Pam/Dumbass had a very large crowd does it? I lmao when the crowd didn’t pay attention to the NY Times Bestselling Author’s spiel.

    This seemed like a tacky, poorly done “event” from the pics and video. Wonder how much they made to put into their bank accounts to buy shoes and bags with?

  9. I am guessing, at the very least, many disgusted $$victims of Taylor’s along with many who she has conned on, God knows how many levels, and the MMR people….have all contacted the IRS to audit this lying scum and keep a close eye on her 501c-3 for her typical embezzlement habits! Also, let us not forget how Russell had suspected Taylor was GAY, best girlfriend was none other than her eyewitness, JenniFUR!! Perhaps Taylor & Dr Spophy have a more interesting “relationship” than we even know of??? I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SHE IS TOTALLY BUSTED ON EVERYTHING!!!! AND TAYLOR, IT IS COMING…KNOW THAT!!!

  10. First of all, for those who frequently attend charity events, this sort of thing, (when picked up by poor recording devices) is not unusual. Even Jay Leno gets ignored while mc ing charity events. Sounded like every one was listening to her speech as they clapped when she was done speaking. Give Taylor a break! Geeze…

    • Hint: They clapped when she was DONE speaking. No one could hear her and no one cared. I think pretty much everyone sees through her at this point. Even the attendees.

    • Diana….there is a way to make everyone at a charity event hear correctly and it means you have to spend a little more money to make it happen….something that I’m sure Pam/Dana and Shana didn’t think about…all they want is the money. Would love to see the kind of fees Pam/Dana charged back to the charity for the privilege of hosting the event.

  11. People tend to “recognize” behavior in others that they exhibit themselves. Maybe the advantage for SH is that “we, the SH contributors” are exhibiting that we want to bring down unethical people who are using a charity to launder money. Pam/Dana can’t handle that we can see through both her and Shana’s carefully laid out plan.

  12. In response to Dana Wilkey tweet. No one was putting down the Charity. We were putting down the people holding the event because of their questionable reputations and poor spray tans. The last part was humor in case Dana didn’t get it.

  13. First of all, the people who were there were clapping at the introduction of the singer, which was the last thing Traylor did as she (the singer) took the “stage.” Second, ASSPamDana, just a few questions if you don’t mind: How many people showed up? How many of them were paying? How much was collected and how much is still outstanding? How much comp services were there? Was the entertainment paid or comped–how much? How much was paid to anyone by way of appearance fees or otherwise? What did the event net and where is the $$?? What expenses are being charged against whatever the gross amount was? When will the “big cardboard prop check” be presented to 1736??

    • original: LOL!!! PamDana reads SH… it’s just a shame that PamDana would make such a statement, as there is no “advantage” for SH! Poor PamDana! SH is awaiting her response… as for twitter, that was for anyone who has a twitter account! TFC!! SH

  14. Since PamDana reads SH, I’d like to congratulate her on putting together a look using 5 variations of the same color family (brown/beige) yet avoiding anything matching, complimentary or flattering. Well done!

    • Aaahhh; I love the fashion meows best of all. Love the SH posts and commentary for reinstating my faith that the entire world has not gone completely insane.

  15. Just what would Ms. SH’s “advantage” be in covering this sham-scam? A splitting headache?
    Do you think it is fun pointing out the scamming, grifting baby-mama that is known as Pamdana uealien shape-shifter? No! It is painful on the eyes! That blue eyeshadow you were wearing caused me to have an orbital floor mesh blow out of my eye with no bruising! Damn You!
    As for Shanna, documenting her lies, thievery and bad parenting is a selfless service that Ms. Sh provides because she is doing her duty as an American Citizen just as one would call America’s Most wanted if they saw a wanted fugitive. You idiot. Go to Rooms to Go so you can at least pretend you have a furnished house. Anyway, this is probably the last time we have to put up with you because your stint on RHOBH didn’t go so well. So don’t let the door hit you in the ass. and by the way, stop using charities as a way to earn money. It is just as bad as stealing a crutch from a child you evil imbecile.

      • MP!!!! Your rockin’ gravitar is out of double secret probation!!! How’d you do it? I need all the help I can get tryin’ to bust outta the Big House” waiting for my trial here in Memphis!!

        • I just waited it out. Took about a day. Hang in there Who. In the meantime make the most of your time in the big house.

          • Oh crap! Some of those guys are in here now!!! And they think I’m laughing at them!! Whatamigonna DO????

            • Oh no. Tell em you have a nervous tick and if that dont work then tell them you studied under Diamon Dave’s Ninja School and they bet not mess with ya. But dont go ninjaing nobody that dont need ninjaing.

  16. I still want to know why PamDana wore the shoes Adrienne sent over. I would think Adrienne meant for them auctioned or whatever for the “cause”, not for PD to stuff her fat feet into. I wonder if she sent boxes, too, so Shana would have a pair.

  17. PamDana might want to read IRS publication 1771 for starters. Followed by IRS publication 526 and 561. Just a thought now that she has joined forces with Shana in philinthropic endeavors.

    Of course, bright orange, might be her color.

    • They’re grifters, CJ. Dana and Taylor can probably recite the tax code front, back and sideways. It’s necessary study for their craft.

  18. I tweeted that trashy B a response that the reason she doesn’t enjoy SH is because u call her n Traylor trash out for the con artist they r. F course I ddnt get a response n she didn’t have to block me cause I’m not following her insignificant A$$!

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