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           GretchenCHRISTINE Rossi and Slade Smiley…

On next week’s Real Housewives of Orange County…

… WretchedRossi “stands by her man,” Slimey, and keeps herself at arms length from Slade’s “comedy act”…

… Wretched says that she had nothing to do with Slimey’s act and that she could not have been expected to actually go on stage and stop him from saying what he said about Tamra and Vicki…

Note to Wretched:  You WERE involved in Slimey’s creation of his “comedy” act… you also were his audience when he rehearsed.  You knew everything that was going to spew outta Slimey’s mouth… and NOW you’re going to claim that you knew nothing about his act??  

Just another reason the WretchedCHRISTINE is…



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    • click: It will only get worse! We have yet to see Slimey’s sudden interest in his son, Grayson’s, health… which will be featured soon, when Wretched and Slimey host a benefit for Grayson. Poor kid. TFC!! SH

      • Is Wretched going to wear her sparkly bikini and tiaria to host? Is Slimey going to do his thrusting hip comedy routine and trash Miss Piggy in front of small children?

  1. Not gonna give a pass to Gretchen. Still like her, but she needs to either fess up or discard Slade. Can’t have it both ways. I really don’t understand the attraction there.

    I cannot tolerate Vicki’s drama, either. She sure does have thin skin for wanting me to believe she’s a hard nosed business woman. These tantrums and making Brianna’s illness all about Vicki is ridiculous. Brianna is fighting for her LIFE and Vicki whines about how Vicki is having a hard time handling it? Vicki really sucks big time and I wish she would disappear.

    What’s wrong with Tamra this season? I’m really liking her.

    • Tangy….I thought she took a little too much delight in seeing Vicky come back through the door with “her eyes bulging”. Tamra seems better this season, but she still loves to sit in the cat bird seat.

  2. Tamra is sitting back and watching Vicki and Alexass going at it with Heather and Gretchen. Oh yes…we can’t forget Slimey will be all up in it. Did you see Tamra smirking? She was letting Vicki fight this battle with Wretched, for her.

  3. At some point Vicki needs to stop wearing clothes like that just to keep up with the group.

    And Click… Slimey LOVES to have the focus on his ‘revenge’. :) You’re right… it’s turning into the Slimey show for now. While I think he has a right to rub their noses in their hypocrisy, I STILL think he’s a complete scumbag in general

  4. I will give Wretched a pass if she kicks that slimeball Slimey to the curb. I despise that man! He should’ve taken off his “shades” to confront Vicki. They both have buggy eyes. Not as buggy as Romonsters, though.

  5. I think Slimey and Wretched attempted to demonstrate “acting skills” which in my opinion they failed miserably. The camera caught quite a few shots of Wretched with expressions of pure satisfaction on her face at the comedy show. The two of them orchestrated their fake arguments about Slimely’s comedy act from the start. After the damage was done, all of a sudden Slimey agrees with Wretched he will not discuss the OC Housewives again. Give me a break. Wretched was 200% involved with Slimey’s act/scheme.

    Tamra is so jealous, I couldn’t help but wonder if her enjoyment of Vicki and Slimey/Wretched argument was her payback to Vicki for giving Eddie a “high five” from the Catalina trip. One has to wonder….

  6. I’m totally Team Vicki on this one, sorry, always will be. She and Tamra may have said many things about Slade being a deadbeat dad in the past but is there any proof that he isn’t? Even the mother of his child said he hasn’t paid anything and is never with his son on the last reunion. Sure some may argue that it isn’t any of Tamra or Vicki’s business but they’re on a tv show together, they have all at some point put their nose in other peoples business and when you are putting this all out on a tv show aired around the world it does become public, viewer’s aren’t watching to see ‘everything is perfect and wonderful in my life’ while they’re all over the press being arrested and court ordered.

    Slade having to resort to jokes about people’s looks just says it all about how much of a slimebag he is, to me that’s reprehensible, and people wonder why so many have complex’s about their weight and how they look, it’s no surprise with that sort of comment. He should especially be disgusted with himself over his gag about Jo, Gretchen should see that and wonder how soon down the line he’ll be aiming that at her once she ditches his ass.

    • I’m with you Chris. From my standpoint, Vicki is getting hit with a double whammy going through a divorce and having this cancer scare with her daughter. She doesn’t need to have someone criticizing her about her looks. As far as the “deadbeat dad” allegation, from my understanding, Brooks, fell behind–BUT HE’S STILL WORKING, not leaching off of Vicki like a parasite and hiding money under the table ala Slade via Gretchen. I imagine next week we will see Greedy Gretchen screeching that she was so DEVASTATED when she lost Jeff (like she wasn’t screwing Jay Photoglou on the side) and how Slade’s poor son is suffering (although she’s helping Slade get out of paying child support).

      • I dont think Greedy Gert and slimey can seperate. They both know to much about each other. You know slimey with cough it all up once she dumps his sorry a$$. She can not afford that to happen or she will end up paying him off just like Jay.

  7. In seasons past, Vicki said she was going to cut way back on her drinking, because it was not the image she want to project of herself in the business world. Looks to me like she has just traded the drinking image for a the dramatic ‘poor widdle me always picked on’ persona. BOTH are bad images for a strong businesswoman.

    Frankly, I don’t see the difference. Overdrinking or the silly weepy put upon child image are both equally bad.

    Brianna’s fighting for her life, Vicki. It’s not about YOU.

  8. When Brianna was trying to explain to Vicki about the surgery she’s having and Vicki shut her up that was it for me. What kind of mother does that? Vicki is a selfish witch imo. There’s a good reason her children took up for Don and not their mother. Vicki’s screeching voice has always driven me crazy along with the pity party she’s constantly throwing for herself make me gag. Go away Vicki. You’re not fooling me.

    • I have to agree, when Brianna was talking; no one wants to talk about cancer ,but face the facts of it and the possibilities and Vicki was acting very ignorant on the subject which frustrated me. Vicki is a control freak and yes throws her fits and get very emotional and sensitive and can have a mean toungue herself. Yes I know a lot of bloggers are mad at Gretchen and Slade but looking at the past seasons and reunion shows Vicki and Tamara have thrown him under the bus so many times and hit below the belt. I guess my questions is what did Slade to to them to make them so mean to him; was it because he hooked up with Gretchen at a time when both these ladies had her on their hate list? Yes he’s been with three housewives; but it’s a two way street. Gretchen chooses to be with him. I am not taking sides but I don’t think Vicki is completly innocent; her boyfriend according to the media owes child support as well.

    • I so agree with you Lisbeth. Vickie was absolutely No Support for Brianna. Everything is always All About Vickie and for that reason (as well as a few more) I am over Vickie. As for Brianna, I hope that she has found true support from Don and others and that her health finally improves.

      It is time for Vickie to move on and seek some self improvement. She is no longer entertaining on RHOC. For that matter, Slade and Alexis need to go too!

  9. agree w/all re:vicky. she was always this way. now it is catching up to her. donn should be
    glad to be away from her. sorry for the kids and their feeling for donn. donn would probably
    let brianna discuss her cancer w/out shutting her up and making it all about him.
    gretchen leave slade now, or your future will pay the price. he will never be the MAN you
    really want or need. beauty fades, dumb is forever.

  10. I think Miss Piggy looks better than Vicki! I have noticed Vivcki does have some sort of skin issues, sometimes her face is very smooth, other times it looks very bumpy. Maybe bad makeup?

  11. Slade Slimy is so disgusting! EWW! Slade has a right to feel the way he feels about them, but they’re not lying about him being a deadbeat dad because he is. Gretchen KNOWS if she didn’t want him to say those things, she would have told him flat out “don’t talk about them at the improv” because after all… He does do WHATEVER she says. LITERALLY!

  12. I am not taking sides and I certainly don’t care for Vicki, but I do think she loves her kids and she may have been the one to get a bad edit? Who in their right mind would ignore the cancer and speak about themselves ….doesnt make sense. But then again, she is a hypocrite….

  13. I wish someone at the party/on the show would point out that Slade was horrible as a comic and that the so called “sold-out” crowd of 300 people were hardly “laughing their asses off” at him. He made a bigger fool of himself up on stage than he made of Vicki or Tamra! What a crusty stoopid barnacle he is! And, since when is Vick’s daughter “fighting for her life?” Do we already know the outcome of the tests? Did I miss something? I do agree Vick is 100% selfish. It’s amazing how her daughter is the complete opposite.

  14. Slimey has to keep his slot on HWs so he did that act to create drama. If Gret really wanted to stop him, she could have easily!

    Icky makes me sick. I have a sister just like that with making everything about herself! And I mean everything! Ex: three years ago I had my kidney removed…..that was big drama for her so she went about telling everyone she was gonna donate hers to me not realizing one has to be a match. Sickening. Icky is doing the same thing with her daughter and it’s pathetic.

    Tamara was literally licking her lips while watching Gret n Icky n Slimey. Her eyes lit up like Times Square on NYE!!! So now shes playing like shes changed, she wants to get along, blah, blah. RUN EDDIE RUN!!!!!

  15. Do we remember when Vicky screamed at Gretchen during the reunion show that if” SOMEONE she loved had cancer SHE wouldn’t be doing a reality show”,and Gretchen told her that she had signed a contract and couldn’t get out of it,but Miss high and mighty Vicky said “you could if you wanted to”,Well IF Briana is so sick then WHY doesn’t she leave.Food for thought.

  16. (Housewife#6)Lea Black ‏ @LeaBlackMiami
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