UPDATE:  MARCH 7, 2012  6:30 pm

Defensive end Kroy Biermann signed a new three-year contract with the Falcons this afternoon…. reports FoxSports.

During the negotiations, Biermann wanted a three-year contract while the team preferred a four-year deal.

Biermann, a fifth-round pick in the 2008 draft, has been a core special teams player, part-time starter and key player in the defensive end rotation. He’s also has been solid when dropping in coverage, a particular skill that may get more use under new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Biermann has played in 64 games and made 17 starts. He started 14 of 16 games in 2010, when the Falcons went 13-3 and won the NFC South.



MARCH 6, 2012  1:30 pm   ESPN

This item re Kim Zolciak’s husband, Kroy Biermann signing with the Atlanta Falcons is old news…  and as been in “draft” mode waiting to hear news of Kroy signing… which as of today, he has not.  Kroy was supposed to sign by March 3!  

Becky has been instructed to let this fly… and SH will update this item when Kroy signs!

                     Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann… at Sheree’s DWTS event

WOO-HOO!    Kim and Kroy can BUY the house that they are now renting in Roswell, GA… when Kroy agrees with the contract!

“Based on reports earlier this week, a Biermann contract extension should be officially announced any day now. The deal will fall along the lines of three or four years and $10M-$12M total.

                                                    Kroy Biermann… #71 Atlanta Falcons

If the Falcons do not re-sign their own players, they will become unrestricted free agents at 4 p.m. on March 13, when the league’s new business year starts.

The final sticking point is that Biermann wants a three-year contract. The team would like to lock him up for four years. The deal will land in the $10-12 million range… that would be around $3 million a year.”

NOTE:  Kroy is the first player from Montana drafted.   With this deal, Kim could say goodbye to Bravo and Miss Andy.  Will she???  Hmmmmm….


  1. For a bimbo she sure did land herself a great guy. The fact that he loves her other kids. Wow!
    Right now I’d say she is the luckiest of all the housewives. Now maybe she should retire the Housewives gig, give up the horrific singing, take the wigs off and just enjoy her good fortune. That’s what I would do, anyway.


  2. Kroy doesn’t make enough money to keep Kim if you ask me….she can go through his whole salary in a heartbeat. He’s a kid….she’s high maintenance, and a country boy…we’ll see what happens with THAT blend…down the road.


    • You’re correct, he doesn’t make enough money. After taxes, agent fees, lawyeres and managers, he might bring in 1.6 million a year on this contract. But that isn’t enough for Kim or the house he may buy and all of the stuff she would want to buy.


  3. Ok, i watch football, and this guy name NEVER comes ups, how does he go from $500,000 a year to 12mili for 3-4 years, i mean did he win a special award i was not aware of, i mean did he win the super bowl, how about gaining more yards, or TD’s than most, please tell me. He must have a good agent.


    • He’s a DE, so he plays on the defense and doesn’t make offensive plays such as gaining more yards or TD’s. He rushes the passer, sacks QB’s and tries to intercept. Kroy is an okay DE, but this years draft doesn’t have an abundance of good DE’s, so he is getting more than he is really worth. A Reggie White he ain’t.


        • I spent an afternoon bowling with him and our sons. I gave him such a hard time because he was worse than me and I suck.I did the your worse than me dance and everything. I had no Idea who he was until we finished and someone told me. He said that was why he enjoyed the afternoon. Very nice man and good Dad.


  4. He’s 26 and a DE in the NFL, with no guarantee in his contract. Kroy could have a career ending injury in the first game of the 2012 season, or at any time during the contract and all of those millions would be gone. Not sure what his after football employment plans are, but he better find something that pays well.


    • She sure is celebrating, now they don’t have to hire 2 guys and a truck to move her mistress payments from big poppa. Remember Kim won’t be looking for a 1 million dollar home, she wants a home like Deshawns, and we know how that turned out lolololololo.


      • Yeah and now the poor, poor thang doesn’t have to take care of her baby all by herself while she sits at home eating her candy stash, right? I mean the poor thang only had two cleaning ladies and an assistant…. how the heck is she supposed to take care of a baby, a pre-teen daughter AND a teen daughter?!?! Bless her poor little heart…. life is hard for her! Kroy’s pay raise will now allow for additional staff to change diapers, feed and hold their son AND wipe her rear end, too! Whew (wipes brow) I was really beginning to worry about her well-being!


  5. Good for Kroy, I agree with wanting only three years. Very sensible move. As a DE, his career span is typically shorter than players in other positions due to more exacerbated wear and tear.

    That said, I hope for his sake he has a post-NFL career brewing. Here where I live, there is a high number of former NY Giants and NY Jets, many of whom have gone into finance and others who own a wide range of businesses. In addition, the NFL Players Association keeps a lot of these guys busy with charitable activities and appearances.

    As a member of my regional media, I sat down at a table with five former NFL players, ranging from a variety of teams, positions and ages, and we got into a great discussion about post-NFL life. I feel and hope for Kroy (because he seems so nice and level headed) that he has a glorious post-NFL life.


  6. Is it to late for Kroy to get a pre-nup? He’s the one with the money now. Kim is going to bleed him dry. I bet he buys that house for her. Too bad he didn’t wait to get married until after he knew his contract deal. YEP! I see a Deshawn Snow down the road. I just don’t picture Kroy cheating, but when is he going to get tired of her whining and bitching?


  7. Look at the neck on her will ya?!!! Who draws this stuff?? Hysterical!

    I can’t decide if Kim is ready to really settle or not. I am surprised she had another kid but then again, that sealed her deal. I highly doubt the boy made her sign a pre-nup. He is so infatuated by her it was probably the last thing on his mind:) Hope he has a good lawyer. But sometimes I think Kim is sick of the single life and was ready to settle with her girls and be done with some (not all) of the drama.

    I love her dog….Chanel!


  8. Kim should ask Sheree about football players and their lack of money by the time they get out of football? The real truth is that while Kroy is playing football, Kim and Kroy will exhaust most of their money on a houses,cars boats,clothes,etc. that nobody but them will want to buy, especially used. Once he is traded or cut, their living expenses will still be present. What these players and their wives,girlfriends, etc. must understand, is that their contracts are not guaranteed. They can be cut or made to take a pay cut at any time. But those expenses and habits don’t change. When a new coach comes in, they want to use the guys that can get the job done at all times, not just part-time. He better learn about what not to do with money and teach Kim the same. When he hangs up his cleats, he better trim his expenses because the NFL not only stands for the National Football League, it also stands for Not For Long. Too many kids too early. Too many bad habits to break. Too many material things, that they let define them. Kim better ask her bitter friend Sheree how her husband and her went though upwards of 30 million dollars or more for all those years he played and no money left. Sheree and Kim are only half of the problem. The other half, is that their husband’s don’t figure out that there is a money problem until it’s too late.


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