MARCH 5, 2012  9:30 am   From WillLove/WTBQ

Vicki got blindsided by Wretched when Wretched brought up Brooks Ayers “deadbeat Dad” status…

… Vicki says that everything was OK with Wretched off camera…

…after Vicki understood how someone can fall behind in support payments and Vicki apologized to Slimey off camera…

The meat of Vicki’s interview started around the 1:30 mark…

…after Vicki chats about Wretched, the rest is blah, blah, blah about Vicki’s insurance company and Vicki pushin’ her “Wine by Wives” club…



  1. Vicki and the rest of her fellow “Housewives” appearing on ths franchise are partially responsible for the “war on women” that is evident in today’s culture.

    Women who are more than eager to beat up on another, trash talk, throw drinks in their faces, upend tables, perform pole dances, talk dirty, climb into hot tubs, discuss their “cooches”, and show up drunk at televised events.

    Snooki is covered for how often she can pass out drunk and who she ends up with in bed the next morning. The Kardashian’s are filmed half dressed and performing “waxing” on one another while discussing their sex lives and earning big bucks for doing so.

    They have all contributed to the atmosphere that permits men to call them “sluts and prostitutes” since this is what has been featured as “entertainment”.

    They actively permit themselves to be included in “scripted” scenarios that showcase the worst behavior simply because it involves “ratings”. When an entire Season is devoted to the eventual suicide of a dead man, or another castmate is walking around in a drug induced haze, the respect for women takes another dive. Shown as conniving, weak, callous and shallow, these women do more harm to their gender than any male can dream up.

    Screaming reunions, replete with obscenities, with women calling each other “liars” as the stupid host tries to prevent them for physcially attacking one another, has shown the “low” they will all go to in order to remain “relevant”.

    This is far from “entertainment” but a further erosion of the lack of respect toward women with these morons leading the way.


    • Katie2: Well said! Despite the press releases every week, detailing each franchise’s ratings showing the increase in viewers… IMO, the Bravo shows, in particular the Housewives franchises, have jumped or are preparing to jump the shark. Perhaps they have discovered Neilsen families who have never set eyes on any of the franchises and are getting the rise in numbers because of that! From hearing viewers rumblings, many are simply not watching the HWs dreck! TFC!! SH


      • I gave up after BH.

        The exploitation of women was disturbing since it was reported that these shows were executed by women exectutives and performed by women seeking fame at any level.

        The sheer hypocrisy of the Russell/Taylor storyline went beyond the pale IMHO with the pretense of fake sympathy being bestowed on the likes of Taylor Armstrong while the others stood by actively aiding and abetting a terrbile “script”.

        This site at least offers a forum to mock these “stars”, criticize the producers, and offer at least some measure of asking how far they are prepared to “create drama” at the expense of women.

        These shows cheapen women, hold them up for riducule, and erase any gains we have made over the decades by reducing women to caricatures of themselves while packaging this dreck and slamming a label of “empowerment” on morons dedicated to enhancing themselves in the bargain.

        Behaving like “sluts and protistutes” is the image that is being reinforced and these ladies are serving up a heavy heap of this impression.


      • Very well said Katie. This is why I prefer watching a “real” woman like Ree Drummond on The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. I hate how nasty and angry women have become to each other.


  2. Wow. For someone so confident, she sure is caught up in what the other ladies’ do (or rather don’t = work) do. Why does she care so much about the fact that the other women may golf, spa, lunch during the day? ‘They do not know what success looks like’ and ‘I doubt any of them could handle the life I have’ Meow. Scratch.


    • But isn’t this the issue?

      Bravo “creates” the image for them: hard working Vicki, talented Melissa, family fierce Caroline, sophisticated LuAnn, sympathetic Bethenny. Then their actual lives intrude.
      Seldom does it ever hold up under scrutiny.

      Vicki employs a staff of 3, Melissa is a fraud, Caroline does not speak to half of her family, LuAnn has few manners, and Bethenny has been exposed as a liar.

      Hired for their “personalities” it does not take long for the “real them” to emerge. Vicious, mean spirited, soulless, ego driven, self involved personalities who would jeopardize marriage, children, friendships in the race to become a “star”.

      And if this means selling one’s soul in the process, damaging children and spouses and family en route, so be it.


      • I understand what you’re saying and agree with it to a point. The only thing I would like to interject is that we are not all “one way” all of the time. Given extraordinary circumstances who knows how any one would react. These women make the decision to put their lives on public display so please don’t think I’m taking up their cause. I’m simply pointing out that human behaviour and “personality” is very complex. None of us can be reduced to “the good daughter” “the pretty one” “the troublemaker” etc. And THAT is what I take exception with Bravo. They’re reducing these people to 2 dimensional “characters” and presenting it as “reality” when it is anything but reality.


  3. Vicki actually looks pretty good in the NoH8 picture, she should walk around with duct tape on her mouth ALL the time!


  4. Bravo didn’t create Vicki, it just gave her a big head and a megaphone for her big mouth.

    You can’t judge every Housewife by Vicki. There are those who keep their composure in the worst of times, ie Lisa Vanderpump.

    They are edited by Bravo to offer up the most outrageous behavior as the definition of their characters. And that is skewed. But if anything I think the Bravo producers have learned, in Beverly Hills at least, that mixing in a little tenderness and the very finest examples of human behavior are quite popular and necessary in these dark times.

    You can’t call Housewives a war on women for reflecting the real behavior of real women. It is what it is, as HappyBunnyAndy is fond of saying.


    • Apparently you must travel in circles where Botox, breast enhancement, liposuction, and nose jobs reflect “real behavior”.

      Where women touting “religious values” are filmed provactively posing with their nipples playing “peek a boo” with the cameraman. Real women/real behavior?

      Or devoted mothers filmed naked in a hottub with her “everready” boyfriend is draped over the side. Real women/real behavior?

      Another “good mother” was filmed on her way to the Playboy Mansion dressed in a teddy while her 15 year old son was doing a stint in Juvenile Hall and was then featured accepting jewelry, cars, and vacations with her latest “sugar daddy”. Real women/real behavior?

      How many weddings did you attend where the bride peed into a bucket on film? Or were present at dinner parties when the hostess flipped over a table screaming “prostitution whore” while a group of kids were present? Real women/real behavior?

      Can’t speak for you but I can say I don’t know too many women willing to filmed with their ass’s and “chuckies’ on display while the cameras are rolling as they go pantyless for the sake of “real behavior”.

      These women are about as real as the “weaves” they wear.


  5. Katie2: I agree with you on almost every point. The HW shows are an embarassment to women, they degrade women and anyone on these shows (men & women) are prostituting themselves for ratings and $$. It’s a disgrace and after this past BH season, I felt dirty and embarassed to watch it.


    • These shows are like a virus. One begats another.

      Basketball wives, mob wives, they are all the same.

      The irony is that so many feel that what and who they are watching is “real”.


        • Judging from some of the comments, yes they do.

          This season on BH alone the “transformation” of Camille from stupid to benevolent was accepted wholesale by viewers.

          Others believe that Lisa is “the real deal” for some reason. Must be the British accent.

          Jill Zarin went from “nice” the first season to enjoying the “most hated” in the following episodes. As if that “feud” was not put together by the producers to plug Bethenny’s spin off. But the “real Jill” emerged: jealous, hateful, mean spirited and full of revenge. It killed off her attempts for “stardom” by accepting that role. She found it that there was no going back.

          No one questions the camera being present when these scenes are filmed. No one appreciates that right off camera a group of stylists, make up people, hair dressers, lighting crew, and producers gather requesting “do overs” for “spontaneous” scenes that are anything but. Told to “ramp up the drama” or else, the “reality” of the “unreality” surfaces.

          The recent revelation that perhaps Bethenny’s “lost at sea” episode may have been “cooked up” should be enough reason to assume that the audience is being played.

          As long as Bravo has enough viewers to accept whatever bilge they are throwing out each week as “real” they will remain doing business as usual. Coarsening the culture and showcasing women as total and complete idiots.


          • Katie2–I do like what you are saying. But give us a little credit. Most of us watch for pure entertainment value. And the comments on here are directed at the “characters”. We know there is very little reality. We get that it is fake.


      • Oh good Lord Basketball Wives! That show is awful! For some reason I tried to watch it the other day… that experiment lasted 3 minutes. None of them hos were talkin about basketball! :-) Are any of them even married? Oh forget it!


        • no. They are either ex-wives or Baby Mama’s. Ther is one that is married, and I thought it was kind of sweet that she and her husband renewed their vows every year with a big to-do, including a freaking wedding dress. Then I found out she was married three times before. What a whack-job. They are all vapid imbeciles.


          • Well, the ep I caught, that one is Ocho Cinco’s fiancé … He plays football! So how’s THAT gonna work? They ain’t gonna renew her contract for next season. Oh right, she won’t care bc she got her a mans with a multi mil contract! Isn’t that what that show is all about? $$$ and fist fighting
            His name is Ocho Cinco! Name change! :-P


    • Me too. I’m superficial enough to admit that it’s mainly for the fashions, hair and make-up. I can do without the ghetto behavior though and many times the show is just on as background noise as I do housework.
      What really is most disturbing is watching women backstab each other constantly. I don’t think we will ever truly be equal to men unless that stops.


  6. Katie, you have good points and they are certainly valid. I sat for a long time and thought about what you said. I know that you are right yet I still feel compelled to watch. I have often wondered what effect these images have on younger women. As I was growing up the effects of femminism were still paving the way, strong women came out of the homes and forged their way in the work force demanding equal pay, demanding justice for sexual harrasment and many other things that young women enjoy today and take for granted. I am sure that it is inevitable that when we ask for all things equal some of the risdual effect will be women behaving just as badly as their male counterparts, i.e. loose sexual morals, violence, a ruthless quest for power,fame and money. I know that it is time that we edit ourselves and encourage women not just to be equal but to rise above but I also think it is time to be a bit analytical as well. How did we get here? Why is this acceptalbe? What can we do NOT to be the same. Take these housewives as you will, are they something to aspire to or a cautionary tale it is definately something we all have to ask ourselves.

    With that said, I do reacall my entire life my Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Great Grandmother ..every female role model I had growing up were addicted to watching their soaps. They were full of drama and scandal, women on those shows were dressed in beautiful clothes and jewels, hair and makeup amazing, they did things like (Erica Kane) getting married over 15 times, went to jail even murdered sometimes. They watched , they gossiped about it to each other, they LOVED them. I remember my father coming home from work on day and my Mother was crying, he asked “what’s wrong!” she said”Mary died today” he wracked his brain trying to figure wich of her many realitives had passed. She finally admitted it was a soap character. He was annoyed. lol
    My point is there is something in us that make us want to watch, it is just sad that now it is real people getting hurt and real children that are affected by this.


    • sd, that is so funny about your dad wondering who in the world mary was, knowing that poor mary died and your mom was so upset.


      • I swear to God that really happened (not scripted) he really was bewildered, patting her on the back telling her it was going to be ok, all the while racking his brain for “Mary” he finally broke down and risked the wrath of “not remembering Mary”. When she told him I just remember him standing up, patting her on the shoulder a little and going in the next room and turning on the t.v.. My whole family loves to retell this story.


    • sd: There was a difference then: most people truly understood that what they were watching was a soap opera. It was never created to be something it wasn’t. A story was written, the actors followed suit. Not much different than reading a novel that held your attention to the end.

      But these shows are offered as “reality”, urging the viewer to accept that what is presented is the “real deal”. That these women are “friends”, that the “narrative” is real, that nothing is scripted.

      Where the line gets crossed is the pretense that these women are leading “real lives” when it is apparent that they are nothing more than scenery played against props that include botox injections, psychic readings, faux vacations paid for by the network designed to be nothing more than another round of “women hating” that shows through their performances.

      Some are unable to separate fiction from non fiction. It really does not take a genius to know that any network must plan their shows in advance. That nothing is just as impulsive as “let’s do lunch” in a restaurant that caters to other customers and must be advised in advance of a crew of people taking over the premises to film a 5 minute scene that is nothing but a lead up to the next.

      Permits are needed. Indemnity must be guaranteed. Arrangements must be planned in advance to cover all contingencies. This is done months in advance of the season to cover the storyline. If this is so “spontaneous” than how do they know what is going to be said for an episode perhaps 6 months down the road?

      Unless of course they knew all along.


      • Katie2,
        I think you have touched upon something that some may find difficult to acknowledge. It’s funny but I recall working with other women who followed soap operas and I didn’t. There were times when I thought they were talking about real people in their lives. I tended to believe that life was enough of a soap opera without having to follow it on TV. However, I have watched HW’s and am hooked on the dysfunction.
        There is danger with the portrayal of these women. I believe the Kardashians alone have done enough to set women back eons. Many young women believe they too, can have the “Good Life” if they emulate the K’s. I know of younger girls who have dyed their hair darker etc. to begin the process of capturing a successful male by following their footsteps. These women do not reflect the importance of an education and dignity in order to get ahead.
        Many are examples of how to use all feminine wiles to get what you want rather than your own acomplishments and integrity. To me it harkens back to prostitution in all forms because it’s alot easier than honest, hard work. Most of these women are showing others how to get what they want the old fashioned way.It completely OBJECTIFIES women.
        This is not intended to offend anyone but we do make choices about how to present ourselves. Just wish some women would wise up.


        • i agree. i never watch soap operas but had friends that would and when they would talk about the characters, it was kinda weird. i would think they were talking about real people getting married or in the hospital. i don’t know much about the kardashians or other “reality” shows, but the little bit i do watch (the HW franchises) is turning me off. i’m still enjoying the food channel, travel channel, and hgtv, though.


        • my girlfriends and i are addicted to all the housewives, we watch them together, text while we are and then rehash them scene by scene. we know they are fake and we giggle, we know we don’t act the way the “girls” on these shows do, but we just love to watch how stoopid they can be. we enjoy that we have very humble lives and get to see all the beautiful clothes homes, exotic trips and such. the one thing we don’t do is think we really know these people and we know it is all edited to hell and back. we love our housewives!


    • sd, have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I do.
      I was wondering though, did you feel that your mother, grandmother, aunts and great mother were indeed good role models that just enjoyed the soaps? Did they feel the need to emulate these characters?
      I think television has always had a sort of nature like the housewives, but I was not raised by a television.


      • To be honest we grew up with very little means. Everyone worked and worked hard, maybe not so much in jobs like people have today but my mother sewed and my grandmother took care of elderly people by the time I came along but when she was younger she was a waitress, factory worker etc. I think these shows were pure escapism. I don’t think they wanted to BE like them in any way but they loved the drama. I was watching the walking dead last night and watched their after show and I was struck by how most of their callers questions were about the drama and the interaction between the characters rather than the fact there were zombies roaming the earth. I was amused that there was a panal of people sitting around discussing the ends and out of what it would be like to survive in a zombie appocalypse. As far as reality shows go I think the only thing I can compare it to for them(my family,God rest their souls, back in the day) They used to watch pro wrestling, we are talking waaaaaay back before Hulk Hogan and it was a big deal for them especially my Grandmother. My mother hated to watch it in the summer because we would have the windows open and my Grandmother would get so excited she would scream and yell at the television and the neighbors could hear and my Mother would be embarrassed. Down deep she knew it was all fake but in that moment she lived it, she loved it and she enjoyed it as pure entertainment. I think reality is like that really. Like the old greek dramas, the heros, the villians the same old stories told year after year in a differt way but the same story in the end.


        • I agree. I guess it seems like a point some are trying to make is that some folks take it as reality, rather than viewing it in the same category as the wrestling or soaps.
          It does seem obvious that the lines are a bit blurry here. These are real people with family and friends. I guess that is where it could become tricky. They aren’t presented to the public as acting as a character in a soap.
          sd – Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading a bit about you. I also love the Mary story. :)


  7. katie2, it’s not just the HW franchises. there is so much bad behavior on television, movies, music, etc. it is out of control and everywhere except the food channel.


  8. I think my whole point is the suggestion that as long as women are open to calling other women sluts, whores, prostitutes, skanks, and bitches, why should we feel affronted when men choose to do the same.

    As long as women continue to devalue women through shows like this the culture will continue to coarsen and cheapen them so we should not be as shocked when males treat us in the same manner.

    This is what is being presented by Bravo and the women on camera and backstage are promoting.


    • I think you are so focused on your point of view you failed to recognize that I agreed with you and and posed some theories on how we may have arrived their and aknowledged that is should change and a need for intorspection. Sometimes it is important to ask why are we here and how did this happen to be able to find a way to resolve an issue.


  9. Katie2, you know, I really don’t take any of the HW stuff seriously. Never did. It’s obvious these shows attract super-narcissists who indulge in histrionic and undignified behavior. doesn’t mean that all women or girls act like that, nor do all men want to treat all women they come across as “whores, bitches, etc.”

    Sounds like you do take all this a tad too seriously and are deeply angry and offended. Don’t be. It’s just “reality TV” and we can learn how NOT to act.


    • I don’t think Katie is taking it too seriously. I think she’s making valid points about women and how they’re being viewed and treated in today’s society. These shows are a just a microcosm of what’s happening in society at large. How women are allowing themselves to be disrespected. Many of them don’t even seem to mind. These shows are just part of the problem but it is a real problem. Men and women are being desensitized to what is and isn’t appropriate or acceptable.

      Try being single today and trying to find a good man. Not every man is like this but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a man who respects women. But no wonder they don’t respect each other OR themselves!

      Try finding a man who doesn’t expect you to sleep with him within the first date or two. Try finding 10 single women who DON’T give it up casually. You must be a prude if you don’t sleep with every random guy. Men expect you to look like a 22 year old porn star even after having 3 children. What they find “entertaining” isn’t conversation, it’s the 19 year old secretary that strokes his ego and sees him as a meal ticket but he’s become too desensitized and stupid to realize it. And these are not young crass frat boys. These are educated men who “should know better”. At one time society was appalled by these ideas. This type of behaviour was shunned and mocked. The woman was a homewrecker. Now she can be a reality “star”. Now they’re embraced because it is “good for ratings”. As long as people are on their hedonistic quest to “be happy” and people continue watching/condoning, it will continue. It doesn’t seem to matter who gets hurt in the process.

      I’ll stop now because I could go on and on about this subject. :)


      • Bubbies (LOVE your name!), I just don’t put too much stock or energy in these shows. I do find them entertaining and quite an interesting lesson in human behavior and drives. I’m single, in my mid-40s and totally loving life and the people I encounter. I know that all of us are fallible (myself definitely included), and I tend to look at each new person as a treasure trove of opinions, experiences, humor, that I can learn from and appreciate. I’m so much more content with this attitude than I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s the writer in me?

        All that said, I absolutely understand the well-written opinions in this thread and agree with so much of what has been so eloquently expressed by Katie2 and others.

        BTW, I really enjoy and have become fond of so many posters on here; the positivity and support of one another is so heartwarming.


  10. Katie2, all you’ve convinced me of is that you have some real anger issues. I don’t agree with your contention that the producers of The Real Housewives are part of “the war on women.” I just don’t. I enjoy watching it and laugh or gasp at behavior I perceive as crossing the line or being plain ridiculous, but I don’t make the leap to take it all as some grand indictment of all of womenkind.

    There are serious obstacles out there to the advancement of women, including unequal pay, sexual discrimination, and gender bias. I suggest you find your wars there.

    Sounds to me like your real beef with Real Housewives is that it doesn’t fit your moral standards. Which is fine, but that’s just your judgment, again, not some war on all women.


    • mcspanky, but you do agree with me that the men that rule the fashion industry want to see us suffer by forcing us to wear the most uncomfortable shoes and other various attire, right?! Right?! It’s a terrible conspiracy against us ladies that love fashion! It is, I tell ya! (IBS)


    • Strongly held opinions do not equal “anger issues”…that’s another trope that gets thrown at women for speaking their minds since forever.

      I think Katie2 can find her “wars” without you “suggesting” where she finds them, mcspanky. You don’t want to sound like you’re “angry”, right? ;)


  11. The main thing these shows have pointed out to me that is that money is truly the root of all evil.
    People will sell their souls, dignity, kids, husbands, and pets to the devil for fame and fortune. Bravo would air a murder for ratings if they they thought they could get away with with with clean hands.


  12. It’s okay for Vicki to attack Slade? Now Gretchen is wrong.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Slade lost a lot of income also. But he was a doucebag, so Brooks is too!


  13. It was a clear case of pot calling the kettle black. and is Vicki still with Brooks, guess those rumors of her dumping him is false…


  14. Really enjoyed reading your posts here Katie2, have often remarked that seems to be so many shows that, unfortunately portray women at their worst :(
    Have noticed that I tend to feel more negative in general when I watch shows like this, and yeah they are kind of addictive like watching a train wreck. It’s too bad that there are not more shows out there that show women supporting one another and serving as positive role models.


  15. Just my (slightly crazy) opinion: I think escapism and mild voyeurism were driving factors behind the creation (and initial wild success) of the Housewives series. Though weakened over time, I think a sense of fantasy and fascination with what is going on “behind the golden gates” still draws in a great deal of viewers, including me. Then the economy tanked, longtime norms dissolved instantaneously, and other sociopolitical/cultural factors placed a dark cloud over the country. Producers probably assumed that we as a society would lash out against the excesses on television that many could no longer partake in or dream of achieving in the short-term. I assume they feared that we would become angry (or worse, apathetic) at/to the frivolity, seeming idiocy, and decadence; and would stop watching. In truth, viewers probably needed more, not less, of idyllic imagery to temporarily take them away from the stresses of an uncertain world. What we got instead was the feast of the arrivistes.

    Simply, producers discounted viewership as “jellis h8ers,” and now opted for the schadenfreude angle. “Rich people behaving badly” became a trend, followed by “grifters playing socialites and making asses out of themselves” and “bored, unfulfilled hanger-ons amusing themselves by victimizing others.” It became clear that (bad) actresses with a penchant for histrionics would be cast more so than low-key, relatable housewives. What content, well-balanced individual would sign up for such a role, and what opportunist with very little to lose would decline it? It is unfortunate that producers were somewhat correct, and were able to engage the masses with manufactured conflict. We as a society carry some degree of blame- perhaps we have become hardened in tough times, and morbid fascination with the decline of civilized society has overtaken some of the innocent curiosity that made us fall in love with Housewives in the first place. First, they sold us a utopia, then a dystopia, and now a number of crappy Harpy-branded wares and dress lines.

    In cheapening themselves, Bravo has cheapened our society by proxy, and I’m madder than fish grease about it! Thanks for listening- I’ll take my meds now. :)


    • Surely a look back at Hollywood in the 1930s would have given them the answer as to what people would want. There is a reason why movies from that time are so glamorous & fantastical. ESCAPISM!


  16. These shows are aired in quite a few countries & do NOTHING for the bad stereotype that people have of the USA. I’ve even bought into that, during the Jill Vs Bethenny nonsense. It seems like that kind of behavior is normal & acceptable because the people are ‘real’.

    There is a British show called The Only Way Is Essex. After the credits they have a disclaimer which says something along the lines of ‘This show contains fake tans, fast cars & tipsy nans. The people are real, but some of what they do has been set up purely for your amusement’
    More reality shows need this! They might not be scripted, but the people are playing themselves in situations that have been set up.


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