NOTE:  Nene talks about keeping Brice in jail for a few extra days… Nene finishes up with this:

In fact there were a few other things I found funny.

1. Kim saying she’s known Sheree for ten years. LOL! I introduced them at the beginning of all this about five years ago.
2. Kim saying Sweetie didn’t need to be tanning. Black people tan!
3. Kim saying she and Sheree don’t talk behind each other’s back. Aren’t you the same person that said Sheree writes bad checks and returns the clothes she wears? Didn’t Sheree try pulling off your wig and said things about you dating married men! I could go on and on, but I’ll wait until…
4. Kandi saying the world wants to know how Marlo and I became friends. Um, the same way you and Kim became friends when you didn’t know her.
5. Kandi and Phaedra stopping by Sheree’s lot. I was laughing out loud when Phaedra said there’s not a trespassing sign out and the house won’t be ready by Christmas! You’ve got to love it!

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NOTE:  Really was not going to bother with BravoBlogs.  However, Cynthia said a whole lot in this one paragraph from her blog.  It was Peter’s idea for their anniversary party… and Cynthia thanks Nene for helping Peter to put it all together.   Hmmmmm….

I’m excited that Peter wants to do a one year anniversary party. We went through a lot at our wedding (understatement), and it was a tough first year. However, we made it to our one-year anniversary despite the naysayers.   I’m actually very excited to celebrate!

We are not working with a Diddy budget or anything, but we can definitely afford to have a nice little gathering with our friends and family. Yes! There will be plenty of food and drinks, but I’m not sure if synchronized swimming mermaids in the pool will be in the budget! Thank you, NeNe, for helping Peter plan the party. Your love and support means a lot.  

(Note to Cynthia:  You should pay more attention to those “naysayers” you mention!!!)

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  1. She needs to look at the amount of attention her husband gives to Nene and other women as well as what the “naysayers” are saying with regard to her husband’s behavior – everyone can’t be lying. Cynthia is gorgeous, but her elevator doesn’t rise to the top floor.

  2. CHILD PLEASE!!! I understand that once you’re married, your husband becomes your #1, but Cynthia, girl, you are the dumbest housewife (next to Kelly Beans) ever!! You deserve miserable Peter!

    Bravo, close the curtains on these bafoons!

  3. Good Lord the skags on this show…..and then the thugs…..I thought Cynthia was better than the thugs Nene, Marlo and Peter, but this girl is just too stupid to be anything she could call her own. She just has to be attached to or part of something and she will rue the day she attached herself to Peter and Nene……….but then again, stupid is as stupid does

  4. Why can’t these two succesfully host an event? It’s almost like being handed down a sentence when you are unfortunate enough to receive one of their invites.

  5. I cannot stand Sheree. Kandi is wasting her time trying to make sense to that stupid, ignorant classless person. I watched the Africa episodes because, well, (most of) the ladies were actually intriguing with the commentary. It’s somewhere I’d like to go someday. Would have loved to see the trip sans Marlo and Sheree there to stir the pot.

    All the back in Atalanta episodes are a complete waste of my time. Everything becomes about KIM. Another waste of valuable airtime. I truly wish she would hurry and get her own show so I can NOT waste my time with her.

  6. She didn’t win the Stoopidest Housewife award for nothing. Sometimes I start to feel a little sorry for her but then she opens her mouth and the feeling goes away.

  7. Nene paid for it haha! oh wait Bravo paid for it let’s be honest!! Cynthia’s sister is so desperate to be on this show with her faux tantrums.

  8. I get what Kandi meant about Kim not wanting to go to South Africa. I don’t think for a minute that Kandi was suggesting that Kim was racist. First, you have to look at Kim, with her over the top, wig wearin, boob flaunting, lazy, selfish, (did I say SELFISH) hifalutin ways. Hell, I can’t see Kim in an orphanage period! She would be sweating like a pig because her WIG. Then as she sweats, her make-up would be ruined, staining her clothes, and the dirt and filth would disgust her. Remember, this is a woman who has blown up pictures of herself all throughout her house. Kim is all about KIM!

    AND…get this. She has two teenage daughters. One baby. Kim does not work. Why can’t she take care of her own baby? And if she needs help why aren’t her daughters helping out? Why the need for a nanny? I don’t believe she had a nanny for the girls, she had Sweety, who was a glorified babysitter called an assistant. I get she has a huge house and needs housekeepers, so that leaves Kim time to dote on her son, so what exactly does Kim need a nanny for?

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