MARCH 4, 2012  9:30 am   SNL…


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  1. Saw this last night and was dying! Too bad Miss Andy missed the boat on this one because this could’ve been the best franchise yet ;) Seriously though, I’m completely finished with all of the franchises and only read this blog to keep up to date. After this past season of Taylor’s heinous lies, I just can’t stand to listen to any of them (except maybe Camille and Brandy).

  2. I love that doc looks like Doc Drew and was that Lindesy Lohan as Rapunzel? Too funny Hope to see more of this.

  3. This was high-sterical!!
    It is too telling when the parodies are more entertaining than the shows themselves, and even more so when it is the parent network skewering the shows. Jimmy Fallon and now SNL–hopefully a message is being sent to Brawlvo that its product is a joke and needs to be revamped if not cancelled.
    Mandy, can you hear us?? Stop being a deaf dumb and blind kid and clean house!

  4. Woah! This was freakin’ hilarious! I wish I would have seen it last night. I see they left Maya out of this one. Maybe she will appear in a later sketch. they’ve got a few more princesses to cover. They could do so much with this sketch. Cinderella’s evil step mother should show up.

  5. I agree with NerdySmurf. When Russell died it was the last straw for me. I’m done. Shana is such a Trainwreck and I can’t look at her surgically enhanced face anymore. I will continue to read this Blog as SH and your comments crack me up!

    I started taping Bethenny but she’s getting on my nerves also.

  6. One of the funniest sketches I have seen, I hope SNL does a continuation of this one:) super duper funny.

  7. Great skit. I’m glad SH was able to capture it. Lindsay did a decent job of hosting. Many much more experienced actor/comedians have totally bombed in that job, so have to give her props for holding it together and not completely blowing it. I always thought she was very talented, but so are many others who are willing to do the work and hold it together. Had Lindsay not cleaned up (jury still out on the longevity of that), she would have been Kim Richards in 25 or so years. To me, Kim even looks like an aged Lindsay.

    • I thought she did well too. The skit was hilarious! I hope they make it a regular thing.

  8. This is my favorite SNL sketch since Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy.
    I hope Miss Piggy is in a future sketch.

  9. That was freaking hysterical!! I had to wonder if the Disney legal team is in hyperdrive trying to sue SNL, or whether they can even do that. I live in Orlando, where Disney shuts down anything that tries to impersonate its characters. They even made a daycare center paint over a mural of Disney characters on its outside wall that wasn’t even making fun of them. They’re hypervigilant about their reputation. Maybe SNL is too big to touch or they’ve changed their tune these days.

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