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NOTE:  It was brought up in comments as to what Juicy has been doing lately… 

After getting rid of that pesky pizza place, which was simply for the show anyway…

Juicy, according to SH’s New Jersey source has been buying, rehabbing and selling trailers which had been flooded.

                                               Teresa Giudice…

Joe Giudice got away with not paying over $50,000 he owes on his utility bills for an apartment building he owns in Hillside, NJ, at 1576 Maple Avenue.  

Before the five families were put out on the street, Juicy tried to provide them with heat by installing a gas generator in the building…. by doing so, Juicy could have killed the tenants.   SMART, JUICY… VERY SMART!

Joe Mastropole, Juicy’s ex-business partner said in 2010 that there is a reason that Juicy keeps getting out of the legal messes he gets himself into… Juicy has a relative who is a New Jersey judge.    Juicy’s legal connection explains why he has gotten out of forgery charges, DUIs, tenant disputes and more…

This is what Joe Mastropole had to say in 2010:

“Joe Giudice got favoritism on forgery charge” states Joe Mastropole which  blames special treatment for Real Housewives Joe Giudice as  the reason he was not  charged and arrested on fraud charges! “I called the prosecutor’s office all the time  they have done nothing.”
Almost two years ago Joe Mastropole went to the Passaic County Prosecutor to have Bravo’s  Real Housewives Joe Giudice arrested for  filing fraudulent papers that discharged a mortgage, for over $500,000.
Joe and Teresa Giudice are cast member’s of the Real Houswives of New Jersey they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oct of 2009 even though they were shown living the high life on the show and having money to burn that has been far from the truth. “I see them going to Italy on the show and they owe me” stated Joe Mastropole.
Joe Mastropole and Joe Giudice were business partners until Joe’s love for cash money got the best of him.  Mastropole and Joe Giudice owned over 100  apartment units in New Jersey they  took in over $100,000 CASH every month.   Joe Giudice was in-charge of collecting rents and paying the bills, but instead of doing that states Mastropole  “he pocketed the money and the buildings went into disrepair,” the dispute went to court and by Judges order Joe Giudice was told not to collect rent anymore, but the rents were to go to a managing agent, but Joe Giudice sent a letter to the tenants over the Judges order  stating “that if they did not send the money to him directly he would kick them out.”
(Tree has continually played the “dumb” wife when it came to knowing anything about Juicy’s properties.  HOWEVER… Tree’s name is on every real estate transaction…look it up!   Tree was fully aware of all the properties she and Juicy owned, as she states in this video from season one of the RHONJ… this is the apartment building at 1576 Maple, from which the tenants were kicked out on the street…)
Joe Giudice has yet to answer for forging  fraulent document to get that million dollar loan from Wachovia Bank it seems the Giudice’s had friends in high places.
Mastropole states one of the reasons he feels Joe Giudice “has not faced charges was he had a relative that was a Judge,” the Giudice’s have been signed for season three of the real housewives of NJ.

NOTE:  Juicy was found guilty of forgery after the Joodices included what they owed Joe Mastropole in their bankruptcy.  Mastropole disputed the discharge and took Juicy to court.   The Bankruptcy Judge, Morris Stern found in Mastropole’s favor and ordered Juicy to pay Mastropole over $300,000…

Joe Mastropole has yet to receive one penny from the Joodices.   Read Judge Morris Stern’s opinion letter in the Joodice fraud case, January 2011… HERE.

(Thanks to SH readers “belladee” and “cc”!!!)

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  1. So Joe Mastropole went into business with Joe Giudice and didn’t know nothin’ about him? Makes you want to go hmmmmmm.

    • HaLa: It may make ya go Hmmmm… however, Juicy’s fraud that he pulled on Mastropole was proven. Mastropole may also be in the same ‘business’ of apartment rentals; however, Mastropole paid his bills and tenants were never put out on the street. TFC!! SH

  2. So glad those families got to go back into their apartments that they paid rent. I wonder if they only shut the power off because of the carbon monoxide fumes from the genetator, or was it already off? Our power company can’t shut off utilities if it is below a certain temperature, but if it’s a safety issue, they probably can and will.

    • BSL: The power was OFF.. Brainiac Juicy put a generator in the building for heat. Fire Marshall found out and took the generator out of the building. The building has no utilities and was determined non-habitable… the tenants were booted and on the street. TFC!! SH

      • Oh, wow. i initially watched the video on my phone, so i missed some of the shameful details.

        every year there’s public service announcements about heater safety and every single year they warn that generators are not safe indoors due to carbon monoxide. how disgraceful.

      • Thank goodness the tenants were alright. They were incredibly patient on the news segment, all considering. What a horrible ordeal and so glad that the Fire Marshall shut it down before anyone was injured or worse. I do not understand how Joe G. can skate away from this, though. If he owes $50k, he owes $50k. What is the end result of this? Who pays for the electricity now that it is turned back on? How does the electric company now collect? What a poor show of character that he also blatantly lied to the interviewer that ‘he didn’t own the properties, he just manages them’ when a small amount of digging produced information to the contrary. Like they wouldn’t figure that out. Wonder who the relative is that is on the bench? If there’s influence, that should also be investigated. Not right.

  3. This is heartbreaking to read, I can only imagine how hard those parents have worked to keep a roof over their heads as well as their children only to be evicted due to unsafe living conditions. Does anyone know if the families were given free temporary housing while the situation was remedied?

    • The utility locked the tenants out of the building on Wednesday but they were allowed back in on the same day. It seems power wasn’t shut off to the apartments because the tenants pay their own individual bills for their electric usage. Power for the common areas was shut off to the building for the old bill that is still overdue.

  4. Meanwhile the Guidice’s continue to live in their mansion. One can only imagine that the people that lost their apartments have also lost their security deposits, last month rent, etc. and probably survive month to month.

    Another opportunity for Tre to plead ignorance. Just all a misunderstanding with the electric company, etc. Two more RH grifters.

    • It looked like when electric company turned service back on, that the families were allowed back into the apartment. I wonder what happens next, though? Who pays for the continued service. I do not understand how he gets off and doesn’t have to pay?? Rents were collected! Not right! Poor families. They were so calm and sure they are hard workers. I could not imagine how ticked I would be if my slumlord was up in a mansion, and I’m locked out of my apartment for non payment, when I know I paid the rent. I also don’t like that he collected cash. These families now have no proof that they paid him rent. :(

  5. What a scum bag idiot! When will he stop getting away with all this grifter like behavior and be made to pay what he owes and time served? How does this saga keep going on with no consequences? It is totally disgusting.
    I’m hot flashing just reading this!
    How long will Tre stand by her man? Tammy Wynette anyone?

      • So true Annie! These two don’t care about anyone else or even their children. Those poor little girls must get made fun of so much at school.

  6. I have never bought Chewys Innocent act as far as I am concerned both of them dont have the sense God gave grass
    Some people find her ignorance funny and charming I dont Only HW worse then her is Tayliar

    • I agree, but to me the G’s are, preying on the poor. It is just reprehensible. She knows, she doesn’t care.

  7. Yes, SCUMLORD, these people are scum, Teresa is famous due to Bravo and thinks she’s so cute; behind the scenes; she and her husband are losers, use people including Bravo to get ahead, they would backstab and throw anyone (friends/family) under the bus; not to mention the lies that come out of their mouths! Enjoy the Bravo train because like all gravy trains they will reach their final destination. Shame on them!!!!!

    • That’s it exactly Pompano Ann. There are many grown ass women out there that try to play the cute card long after they’ve outgrown it. T is one of them. She’s forgetting that she’s not Mego (bahaha) and the cute card looks silly past about 30ish.

      As an aside ya know who else tries to play the silly cute card (IMO) Oprah’s bff Gayle.

      • Pompano, I agree, he is a scumlord however Teresa didn’t throw her family under the bus. That is all Melissa.
        Beanthere-I don’t think anyone wants to be Mego..Does anyone? Anyone?!?!? Come on don’t be shy…

      • Bean, I have to agree, especially about Gayle King. She’s so annoying & I wish they would replace her on the early show. I’m glad I’m not the only one she irks!!

  8. smh just waiting for karma to get them…shameful people lacking grace or honor…how do they sleep at night or look in the mirror? i hope karma gets them ..nasty filth that they are….

  9. IMO…..How crazy is this couple?…..Do they not know that even with a judge in their back pocket, this is the stuff that gets you sent to jail eventually? All of the good that came out of Tree’s CA stint is going to go down the tubes. Even with a good PR firm trying to explain all of this is going to have difficulty. I hope someone clues in Tree’s publisher. I can see the postings to Amazon now. “We are all Skinny Italians because Tree’s husband wouldn’t pay the electric bill and we had no where to cook our food.” Suddenly Tree’s friends are quiet on this site.

    • this is a HUGE PR nightmare for Tre along with all those affiliated/associated with her…You’re Fired! As the Donald says… :(

  10. Utilities were cut off for meter tampering as well as non payment for an old bill. I have a feeling that it is from the pizzeria. I would imagine when he sold it he didn’t pay the past due bills he owed. How fortunate that the fire Marshall checked out the generator complaint! Isn’t consider child endangerment to turn off the heat in dead winter. Do they not have a housing authority in N.J? I would love to know who Joe’s Judge relative is and see him interviewed. We all know how well it turned out for his relative that helped with the fake ID.

      • a new report by UsWeekly magazine is painting a slightly different picture. An insider tells the latest issue of the mag that Joe, 41, is no longer working. The reason? He has already sold his Giuseppe’s Homestyle Pizzeria, where he’d worked since at least last October.

        • original: Sorry, but USWeekly is only partially correct. Juicy sold his pizza place quite a while ago… that is old news. However, Juicy IS working…

          What has Juicy been doing? Juicy has been buying flooded trailers, fixing them up and reselling them. This is according to SH’s NJ source, who is close to the Joodices. TFC!! SH

          • You’re right, it was written at the beginning of last season. It confirms that it was only for the show to give the perception that Joe was a hard working “Joe”.

  11. Too bad they didn’t shut the service off to Teresa and Joe’s home and had them turned out on the streets. IMO I would think that would get them their payment pronto.

  12. Apparently Tre’s die hard fans have been going crazy on twitter, some are even saying that the tenants staged the whole thing as a publicity stunt. For what exactly I’m not sure. I have no words for such ignorance it is truly chilling. Regardless of one’s feelings for Tre how can anyone not sympathize with those families and feel for what they had to go through?

    • Pink: This is in response to your passing along the info taking place on twitter: The facts are facts re Juicy’s ownership of the building and his non-payment of utilities. There would be no reason for the tenants to ‘stage’ throwing themselves out of their own apartments. Did the tenants call the Fire Marshall to make an appearance, too? It amazes me that Tree (or any of the HWs who get caught in messy situations) really thinks people are so stupid as to believe a flimsy excuse such as ‘the tenants staged’ everything! TFC!! SH

      • SH; I know, I am really flummoxed and a bit disturbed by it all because it sounds as if some people are believing these excuses. I was on another site where some of the commentators were speaking so negatively about the tenants saying that the reports were exaggerated or blaming the tenants for not paying their bills. I was pretty floored, It is one thing to like or “admire” a reality participant, I get it (to some degree) but to absolve them of any wrong doing or responsibility when cold hard facts such as a news report, and elected officials such The Mayor, Fire Marshall intervening etc. is another thing.

        • I like Teresa, but yeah, some of her diehard fans are really twisting themselves into pretzels to defend the indefensible.

    • hahaha! That is a LONG way to go for a stunt! And sure, why wouldn’t these people volunteer to have their utilities shut off, possibly be killed by CO poisoning, and then be locked out of their homes? All for what, the chance to *maybe* get 10 seconds on a local newscast and tarnish the Guidices’ reputations?

      Joe and Teresa have done that all by themselves

  13. Joe got drunk AFTER he rolled his car
    Joe’s buisness partner is lying, he knew Joe signed his name to those papers
    Joe didn’t call MeGo fat Racoon eyes he was talking about Kathy
    Joe stomach hurt so he couldn’t go to the church for the cristening only the reception
    Joe dosn’t own that aparment a company in New York does
    Just cause Joe broke his tooth on the mable floor in the foyer doing a flip doesn’t mean he has a drinking problem

    God Tree how much is too much. If you don’t get rid of this loser that means your a loser too and I won’t make excuses for you like you do for him. I have always cheered for you but this is too terrible. Those people have kids just like you how could you do that? How could you defend it?

  14. Drita the individual who claims:

    “I blew up cars because I was pissed.”

    Tree should be more afraid of Grandma Wrinkles than mush mouth Drita a.k.a. The Green Screen Monster.

  15. Drita during a green screen interview said , “I fight til I die.” She gets in a fight, throwing the first punch and leaves the place because she got punched in the eye. More like, “I fight until I get punched in the eye.”

    Renee is a doll. She’s dramatic which makes for great television. She has a huge heart and is a character. She can get heated. But she’ll admit she isn’t tough nor a fighter.

  16. I hate to say this, but maybe Tre would be better off if Joe went to jail. I don’t think she will ever divorce him, though. And why does he have to put her name on all of his stoopid schemes. You would think he would want to protect her by not getting her involved. She deserves better. But she is stubborn.

    • Tre is involved 100% all around. She is cunning–her bankruptcy was dropped only because she was caught lying to the court about her $280,000.00 book advance as well as other undisclosed assets. To proceed, she would be further investigated. She plays dumb–there is no conscience inside those hatefilled, cunning eyes.

      As the NY Post (12/10) reported during a court session: ” Joe Mastropole, has sued the Giudices and accused them of forging his name on mortgage documents in order to pocket $1 million.”

      Tre cunning ploy/diversion: “she even had to turn to her husband for help when the lawyer asked her what year they got married. “1999?” she said, looking at her husband. “I’m drawing a blank.”
      “1999?” Yeah, sure, that “real Italian wedding” planned to the very second after chasing Joe who dumped her over her obsession with her brother. Melissa’s wedding was “too American”, but hers was “a real Italian wedding.” Anyone who believes she doesn’t remember should be fed pablum while in a straightjacket.

      Another ploy/diversion: “During a break from testifying, Giudice’s famous temper erupted at the wife of the ex-business partner’s lawyer. She accused Monica Ciccone of spreading rumors about her.” “You’re violating ethnics!” screamed Giudice, who’s famous for her malapropisms.

      “Mastropole testified that he didn’t believe Teresa Giudice was ignorant of her husband’s machinations.
      He called her a “good actor.”
      A defiant Joe Giudice took the stand and blatantly admitted to a slew of forgeries.
      “Everybody does it,” he said, adding he “didn’t think it was a big deal.”

  17. I live in Hillside. I can vouch that Juicy worked at the pizzeria when he owned it because I’d go there at lunch and he was there. He was nice enough. He seemed like a sterotypical guido ball buster. The pizza and food was good. I haven’t been to it since he sold it.

    He is connected. That’s a fact. He knows several high ranking people and by that I don’t mean they work for the gov’t but they are high brass on government connections. Its New Jersey. Corruption runs rampant. He’s good friends with a builder in town that bought a bunch of foreclosed properties probably to flip in the future or something. I’m a working class stiff only half interested in the politics of the town and the drama of the housewives but I always like to read about the giudices. I’m no a fan but I’ll be honest in that I know plenty of individual families just like them. The husband does what he does and the wife just blindly follows through. I don’t entirely think Tre’s non-knowing is an act. I think she trusted him enough to sign what she signed without reading. I’m certain that now, it’s a bit different. She seems to be trying to keep up the life she lives. He on the other hand keeps throwing her and her family curveballs.

    I hate that the town gets a bad reputation. Its a nice working class town as witness by the residents locked out of their apartments. Good fire dept. Good police force.

    • hillside, i’m unfamiliar with nj, but in the clip i saw, the tenants came across as people that are trying to provide for their families and contacted the local news station’s consumer action segment out of desperation to have heat and hot water. i was very impressed with their restraint and calm considering the situation they were in. it looks like a nice town.

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