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NOTE:  It was brought up in comments as to what Juicy has been doing lately… 

After getting rid of that pesky pizza place, which was simply for the show anyway…

Juicy, according to SH’s New Jersey source has been buying, rehabbing and selling trailers which had been flooded.

                                               Teresa Giudice…

Joe Giudice got away with not paying over $50,000 he owes on his utility bills for an apartment building he owns in Hillside, NJ, at 1576 Maple Avenue.  

Before the five families were put out on the street, Juicy tried to provide them with heat by installing a gas generator in the building…. by doing so, Juicy could have killed the tenants.   SMART, JUICY… VERY SMART!

Joe Mastropole, Juicy’s ex-business partner said in 2010 that there is a reason that Juicy keeps getting out of the legal messes he gets himself into… Juicy has a relative who is a New Jersey judge.    Juicy’s legal connection explains why he has gotten out of forgery charges, DUIs, tenant disputes and more…

This is what Joe Mastropole had to say in 2010:

“Joe Giudice got favoritism on forgery charge” states Joe Mastropole which  blames special treatment for Real Housewives Joe Giudice as  the reason he was not  charged and arrested on fraud charges! “I called the prosecutor’s office all the time  they have done nothing.”
Almost two years ago Joe Mastropole went to the Passaic County Prosecutor to have Bravo’s  Real Housewives Joe Giudice arrested for  filing fraudulent papers that discharged a mortgage, for over $500,000.
Joe and Teresa Giudice are cast member’s of the Real Houswives of New Jersey they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oct of 2009 even though they were shown living the high life on the show and having money to burn that has been far from the truth. “I see them going to Italy on the show and they owe me” stated Joe Mastropole.
Joe Mastropole and Joe Giudice were business partners until Joe’s love for cash money got the best of him.  Mastropole and Joe Giudice owned over 100  apartment units in New Jersey they  took in over $100,000 CASH every month.   Joe Giudice was in-charge of collecting rents and paying the bills, but instead of doing that states Mastropole  “he pocketed the money and the buildings went into disrepair,” the dispute went to court and by Judges order Joe Giudice was told not to collect rent anymore, but the rents were to go to a managing agent, but Joe Giudice sent a letter to the tenants over the Judges order  stating “that if they did not send the money to him directly he would kick them out.”
(Tree has continually played the “dumb” wife when it came to knowing anything about Juicy’s properties.  HOWEVER… Tree’s name is on every real estate transaction…look it up!   Tree was fully aware of all the properties she and Juicy owned, as she states in this video from season one of the RHONJ… this is the apartment building at 1576 Maple, from which the tenants were kicked out on the street…)
Joe Giudice has yet to answer for forging  fraulent document to get that million dollar loan from Wachovia Bank it seems the Giudice’s had friends in high places.
Mastropole states one of the reasons he feels Joe Giudice “has not faced charges was he had a relative that was a Judge,” the Giudice’s have been signed for season three of the real housewives of NJ.

NOTE:  Juicy was found guilty of forgery after the Joodices included what they owed Joe Mastropole in their bankruptcy.  Mastropole disputed the discharge and took Juicy to court.   The Bankruptcy Judge, Morris Stern found in Mastropole’s favor and ordered Juicy to pay Mastropole over $300,000…

Joe Mastropole has yet to receive one penny from the Joodices.   Read Judge Morris Stern’s opinion letter in the Joodice fraud case, January 2011… HERE.

(Thanks to SH readers “belladee” and “cc”!!!)