MARCH 2, 2012  7:00 am


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  1. Kim Zolciak-Biermann ‏ @Kimzolciak
    Heading to ur room now to eat it all!! Thanks!! Love u have a great day!! RT @BrielleZolciak: updated my stash
    Kim Zolciak-Biermann ‏ @Kimzolciak
    Soooo excited Cadbury Eggs are out!! Yahoooo!!!!!! Love Easter Candy!!!!

    (Kim tweets alot about candy. Check out the pic. Her private stash.)

  2. How much friggen help does one need with a baby? She already has two housekeepers, Sweetie (at the time of this filming) and two daughters! Good thing she has the $ to pay someone. What does she do all day? She doesn’t work, doesn’t have to clean that house….wtf? Am I the only one wondering this?

    • I just wrote the same thing! Doesn’t she have several ‘businesses’. (Like AlexASS telling Heather at lunch that she is so busy with work, then Heather discovers she does a 5 minute segment on Fridays for the news yet presented it like she was an early morning anchor 5 days a week, initially) .. Oh, and don’t forget the dressline. Kim has her wigline, right? Exhausting work picking out what others create. Same thing when I have read interviews about the Kardashians, namely Kim K. So exhausting, she sits in a room to smell perfumes or approve clothing designs. People like this, their days are full of other people doing things for them. Oops, excuse me, I have to go fold my own laundry now (and make my own lunch) ;)

      • You’re so right wings. These women do nothing all day, yet spend all their time talking about how hard they “work”.

        • It must be a nightmare to schedule all them mani/pedi and make sure they dont overlap with the full body massages and the European body wraps. And um… as a former wig lover myself I can tell ya that the JOY of wearing them is that …. hello… they are already done! No need for a stylist to make a house call to help you put them on each day.

      • wings: KimZ dropped the wig enterprise. Too expensive to manufacture… was the stated reason. However, would think that Raquel Welch has the celebrity wig business cornered… for years! TFC!! SH

  3. it was strange seeing the wig on the column by the pool. the wigs seem to be the tail wagging the dog in that home. it makes it harder to understand why kroy got involved with kim. i am reminded of slade carrying around gretchen’s handbags and fixing her hair. what is up with the men on the hw franchises?

  4. Oh pu-leaze. How difficult can it possibly be (I have older children and husband travels constantly for long periods of time). She has TWO housekeepers, OLDER girls, an ASSISTANT (even if she works HALF the time). If she can afford it, great pay a nanny or the 1 housekeeper more. But it’s a stretch to say that she is THHHHHAATT exhausted when she doesn’t have to clean the house, has people bringing her things, an assistant to help with calls and wig maintenance, people coming over to help with her hair, makeup, wardrobe. She probably also has a chef come in once a week (didn’t we see an episode with a chef there?) that prepares meals for her, and her parents are in the area and always seem helpful coming by with food, etc. Wah wah wah.. whine.

    • HELLO!!!Kim is a classy lady, she would never ever smoke while she is holding the baby or if she were say tipsy, she also ,being very responsible and elegant lady, would never endanger baby Kroy. Whith that said, she is constantly looped and she chain smokes to boot so of course she needs help with the baby! lol

  5. Kim is LAZY… plain and simple fact…… and as others stated “What does she do for a living”? Seriously how did and does she afford her lifestyle?

    • Why would Gretchen and Slade do stand up comedy when they have zero interest and talent for it? It’s all Bravo orchestrated. And here we all are talking about it. Bravo knows exactly what they’re doing, when they conjure up these scripted issues and suggested topics of conversation. So certainly, this was part of Kim’s suggested topics for filming that day, and Sweetie just so happened to have been ‘placed’ outside and Kim was ‘suggested’ to look outside and question Sweetie. And then, they’re supposed to say whatever is on their mind, in the moment. Funny how within a matter of minutes it all went from her reviewing resumes to now one of the housekeepers is just going to be the nanny??

      • ^^ remember she said she was picky? And she was reviewing resumes for LPN’s and those experienced with newborns. Now, all of a sudden, the housekeeper is more qualified than a Labor and Delivery nurse. So funny.

  6. Kim could afford her lifestyle by being very good at UTR escorting/mistressing. What we see are the last vestiges of her time doing that and also Kroys money (along with her bravo check). Also I think that Bravo is paying for the 2 housecleaners/nannies. Because for one they are living in a rented mansion because Kroy and he couldn’t afford to buy one and Kroys old house is to far away from Atlanta. And two they where mic’d up. And for them to be mic’d up they have to be getting some type of revenue stream for being on the show regularly. For her to have her own little spin off (even if it’s a one off), they have to give the illusion. So they are paying for some of the stuff.

  7. Omg! Kim is beyond lazy! She’s not busy like Bethenny. She’s lucky she only has 1 baby. Hello, Kim! Tell your daughters & Sweetie to do it. Better yet, YOU TAKE CARE of YOUR BABY! If you can’t handle having 1 baby and Sweetie, plus your 2 daughters… Then DON’T HAVE A CHILD! Lol. Kim is so lucky to have Kroy! Better yet, his money!

  8. Kim is unbelievably lazy, as are her daughters. But I wonder if Sweetie now realizes what a cushy gig that was, in the grand scheme of things. It wasn’t exactly digging ditches, and I never saw any evidence that Sweetie would be qualified to do anything. Kim has used her one single talent (and it ain’t singing) to make quite a nice life for herself.

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