POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  10:00 pm

                                                       Cast of The Real Housewives of Vancouver (From left to right: Christina, Reiko, Jody, Mary and Ronnie)

The five stars of the Real Housewives of Vancouver were revealed Tuesday: Free-spirited jet-setter Christina Kiesel, self-made businesswoman and fashionista Jody Claman, singer and former pageant queen Mary Zilba, adrenaline junkie Reiko MacKenzie, and winery owner and luxury-toy aficionado Ronnie Seterdahl Negus.

“My primary source of income is two divorces,” Kiesel says in a promotional video where the women introduce themselves.

Zilba, a single mom in Yaletown, says she was a Canadian pop star with seven top-40 hits, while Claman, of West Vancouver, compares herself to “Martha Stewart on acid.”

“They’re mothers, world travellers, entrepreneurs and socialites,” said the show’s executive producer, Erin Haskett from Lark Productions. “They have a sense of humour and they’re up for any adventure. They also have a great shoe collection.”

Haskett says the show will put a spotlight on extravagant and glamorous lives “that not many of us get to live.”

“We did casting in both Vancouver and Toronto,” she added. “And the reason we went with Vancouver is because we could find a connected cast … that have real relationships with one another.

It also showcases the beautiful scenery that we have on the West Coast.”

Reiko MacKenzie is highlighted below… Reiko’s husband was acquitted today of a “gangland” crime.  NO information can be accessed re Reiko’s husband and his legal problems!

Reiko MacKenzie and her family epitomize the multicultural fabric of Vancouver.

Photograph by: Handout, Files

A Japanese-Canadian bombshell, Reiko MacKenzie is graceful and statuesque…as well as a tomboyish adrenaline junkie with a need for speed. She spends her spare time studying mixed martial arts and collecting exotic sports cars – testing her limits on the racetrack. Given her hobbies, it’s no surprise that Reiko rules the roost in her household.

Reiko and her family epitomize the multicultural fabric of Vancouver. She and her husband, a soft-spoken venture capitalist, have two daughters, aged eight and two. Her very active household, which includes her mother who lives with them, keeps Reiko on her toes.

It’s no secret she loves the lavish lifestyle. Their fleet of high-end vehicles consists of nine luxury cars including Reiko’s favourites – Ferraris 599 GTO and 458 Italia valued together at $1 million. Reiko earned her degree from the University of British Columbia with plans for law school. But when her first daughter came along, she turned her focus to being a mother and looking after her family. She is definitely an intriguing blend of hard and soft. Reiko can enter a room and turn heads in her sky-high heels, but in the ring, she’ll take you out. Careful not to take sides too quickly, Reiko can dodge a conflict like a pro. But don’t mistake her neutral persona for someone who lacks an opinion.