POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  4:44 am

Linda Thompson, songwriter/lyricist, talked to StarCam at Domingo Zapata’s Oscars Art Show about the last time she was nominated for an Academy Award which was with Whitney Houston for “I Have Nothing.” She was also very excited about going to Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party for the first time.

Linda says that she’s writing her memoirs… but it’s taking soooooo long!  Hmmmm…. wonder how Shana threw her book together so quickly?  Maybe Linda should give Shana a call and find out how she did it!!

NOTE:  Of all the Housewives whose husbands have given them departing gifts, Linda ThompsonJennerFoster got the best departing gift of all!   Linda chats about her songwriting abilities in the video above; however, Linda’s last “songwriting credit” was in 1992 for “I Have Nothing”… written with her then-husband, David Foster.  

Here was the scene:  David Foster was sitting around his home studio, writing the music for “The Bodyguard”… and his then-wife, Linda Thompson, pops into the studio and asks David if he wants a grilled cheese sandwich.  

David says, “Not really feeling like a grilled cheese… I don’t really feel like having anything right now.”  Linda didn’t hear everything David said and says to David, “Did you say that you had something to eat?”  David says, “I’ve had nothing yet.”  A lightbulb goes off and David says to Linda, “That’s a great name for this song I’m writin’ for Whitney!  I Have Nothing…”

To thank wife Linda… David throws her name on as co-writer of the song.  Linda hasn’t written a song since.   So much for “lyricist” Linda Thompson!  BUT… nice little present from ex-husband, David Foster!!