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Linda Thompson, songwriter/lyricist, talked to StarCam at Domingo Zapata’s Oscars Art Show about the last time she was nominated for an Academy Award which was with Whitney Houston for “I Have Nothing.” She was also very excited about going to Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party for the first time.

Linda says that she’s writing her memoirs… but it’s taking soooooo long!  Hmmmm…. wonder how Shana threw her book together so quickly?  Maybe Linda should give Shana a call and find out how she did it!!

NOTE:  Of all the Housewives whose husbands have given them departing gifts, Linda ThompsonJennerFoster got the best departing gift of all!   Linda chats about her songwriting abilities in the video above; however, Linda’s last “songwriting credit” was in 1992 for “I Have Nothing”… written with her then-husband, David Foster.  

Here was the scene:  David Foster was sitting around his home studio, writing the music for “The Bodyguard”… and his then-wife, Linda Thompson, pops into the studio and asks David if he wants a grilled cheese sandwich.  

David says, “Not really feeling like a grilled cheese… I don’t really feel like having anything right now.”  Linda didn’t hear everything David said and says to David, “Did you say that you had something to eat?”  David says, “I’ve had nothing yet.”  A lightbulb goes off and David says to Linda, “That’s a great name for this song I’m writin’ for Whitney!  I Have Nothing…”

To thank wife Linda… David throws her name on as co-writer of the song.  Linda hasn’t written a song since.   So much for “lyricist” Linda Thompson!  BUT… nice little present from ex-husband, David Foster!!

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  1. Linda, what’s taking you so long to write your memoirs? Life is so short! You are an evolved species; it should come so easy for you. Don’t stress out. Things such as the ocean will be here long after we are all gone. You’ll get your lil book written… somehow. ;-)

  2. I hope she’s added to the cast of RHOBH. She’s an extremely interesting person. (And she loves dogs, unlike Taylor).

    • I agree. She seems interesting and is actually living the “fabulous” life we as viewers are tuning in to watch. She doesn’t seem to be broke, a grifter, a thug, or ex-stripper. I’m soooo over watching the Bravo brand of manufactured “fabulous”

      • Bubbies I agree wholeheartedly with you..want to see some REAL fabulous ..that’s what it was supposed to be and somehow took a detour in the gutter!

  3. If that type of mis-heard /misunderstood conversation is all it takes to be an “accredited lyricist”.. well some of the talented people I know better start showing me the money and giving me credits , as conversations they have had with me where I can’t understand WTH all ya’ll are talking about has inspired millions of songs !

    • I don’t think it’s fair to question her legitimacy as a lyricist. She has MANY other song writing credits with many other collaborators. And quite a few were hits for popular artists… Barbra, Celine, Backstreet Boys, Kenny Rogers, etc.

      But the again, she was a cornfield bimbo on HeeHaw for 15 years until 1992. Who even knew that HeeHaw was on TV as recently as 1992?! Lol.

      • Jim: Fair? LOL!!! Let’s not attempt to distract from the point by bringing in HeeHaw (great show, bytheway!!!)…

        All of Linda’s great “lyricist” work connects to David Foster… Linda’s credibility as a “lyricist” took a dive when she and David divorced. If you (or anyone) reads the lyrics to Linda’s solo songs, you can plainly see the huge difference between her solo songs and the ones written when she had the David Foster connections. TFC!! SH

        • She had a successful songwriting career before and after her marriage to David Foster. From Wikipedia…

          “She began her musical career as a lyricist with the Kenny Rogers single “Our Perfect Song” from his 1985 album The Heart of the Matter. Thompson went on to collaborate with composers such as Richard Marx to pen Josh Groban’s first hit record “To Where You Are”, Composer Steve Dorff for the Celine Dion hit “Miracle”, Andreas Carlsson for “Drowning” by the Backstreet Boys, and others including her many collaborations as lyricist to composer David Foster’s musical compositions. (The two were married in 1991). Their collaborative successes include “No Explanation” for the 1990 film Pretty Woman, and “I Have Nothing” sung by Whitney Houston in the 1992 motion picture, The Bodyguard, for which they were nominated both the Academy Award for Best Song in 1993 and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television in 1994. They also wrote what has become a Christmas classic, “Grown Up Christmas List”, recorded by Natalie Cole, Barbra Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Grant, Michael Buble’, and many others. In 2011, Thompson, Foster and Jackie Evancho collaborated on the title track for Evancho’s album Dream With Me.”

          She was also married to Bruce Jenner and had 2 kids with him. This woman has led a very full and interesting life!

          • Jim: LOL!!! Yeah… SH is pretty up on the whole “LindaThompsonJennerFoster” story! But, thanks so much for the wiki entry! Yes, Linda has led a “very full and interesting life”… Linda is an evolved species!! Again… wonderful gift David gave Linda of the writing credits…and VERY INTERESTING that Linda has ZERO songwriting or “lyricist” credits BEFORE her association with David Foster! TFC!! SH

            • So, Is Jim going to all of Linda’s book signings? Maybe she will have wormed her way into RHOBH by then, and Bravo can film it. Remember the 1st time we saw her, she was telling Trayliar about growing up without a pool?

            • If you had read the Wikipedia quote you would have noticed that Linda has co-written songs with many other collabortors… Kenny Rogers (pre-David Foster so the “zero song writing credits before DF” is incorrect) and post DF, Richard Marx (for Josh Groban), Steve Dorff (for Celine), Andreas Carlsson (for the Backstreet Boys), etc. And these songs (and more) were written after 1992 which you said was the last time she had any song writing credits.

              David Foster is not credited as a co-writer and if he had a hand in writing those songs, I’m sure he would have taken credit.

              And no, I’m not some kind of crazy Linda Thompson super-fan. I didn’t even know who she was prior to today’s post. I didn’t even recognize her from RHOBH. But your post intrigued me so I checked out her Wikipedia entry. And I just wanted to give credit where credit was due.

            • Jim: You very obviously ARE some Linda Thomspon super-fan! But, hey… there’s nothing wrong with that! Linda has done well for herself! Too bad she screwed up by letting her “boys” get in the reality TV world with “Princes of Malibu.” In the pecking order of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Linda stands up there with Kyle and Kim! Hmmm… maybe Linda took some hints from Mommy Richards’ rules for dating and applied them to her own dating life! Why not? It obviously worked!

              IMO, Linda made out like a bandit with David… those writing royalties keep flowing into her bank account! Once your name is on the byline, it takes time, money and a great legal team to remove it. Again… good for Linda! Let Linda know that we here at SH like Linda!! She DID attempt to cool things at poor Brandi’s Malibu Beach Party and will forever be mocked for her line “we are an evolved species.” Did Linda not realize that she was playing right into the entire setup???

              If you have Linda’s ear, you should probably let her know to avoid posing with certain other HWs in the BH franchise! Linda’s pose in 2010 with a certain BH HW raised numerous red flags…with others, not SH. SH knew who Linda is/was long before she decided to play a supporting role on the RHOBH.

              However, as far as Linda is concerned, and when it comes right down to it… we here at SH are in agreement with Ken… when he spoke those eloquent and classic words: “We don’t care!” So, “Jim”… continue on with your defense of Linda and your idolization of her. Someone has to do it! Hope you’re being paid well!! LOL!!! TFC!! SH

            • Quoting a Wikipedia entry for some Dlist “celebrity” makes me an insider?! I suspect that you’re passive-aggressive responses to my postings are the result of me pointing out the glaring errors in your original post. Why not simply correct your errors instead of getting hostile with a loyal reader of your blog?

  4. Do any of these women ever look in a mirror? Her face has had so much plastic surgery she’s looking like that weird cat lady. I can recall when she was actually an attractive person.

    • Thank You! I was thinking the same.
      We learned here that fillers ( I think) can cause an orbital floor blowout, but I am wondering if there is not a more subtle damage to the eye itself. I am beginning to believe that these types of things actually cause the patient to hallucinate a youthful face when they look in the mirror. Shades of Adrienne Maloof in that face as well, so I think just close proximity to the chemicals causes the Dr. and even close friends to suffer the same hallucinations!

  5. I would only like Llinda on the RHOBH cast to rub it in Kris Jenner’s face! The momager can’t have it all!

  6. jjjjjjjjjjjjJim a wimepika entry doesn’t cut it around here. we need to have drinks w linda and report back. and yes i do recall her meeting trayliar. we’re more intresting than her. is linda currently married?
    i would bet she goes on some interesting dates. i really don’t think she would commit to a hw show at this point. who would?

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