POSTED FEBRUARY 29, 2012  9:10 am

If YOU were wondering about that award Kathy Wakile received for her brand new Red Velvet CAKE cocktail… wonder no more!!

After chatting yesterday about Kathy’s award, SH received the following… which totally explains how and why Kathy’s cocktail was awarded a silver medal… NOT!

The note also included a photo of Kathy showing Kathy holding her cocktail with the ACTUAL silver award glued on the bottle!

If you click the link provided to the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, you will find a site with five entry items and no explanation of how one receives an award from this organization.  However, the site does give this explanation:

The WSWA Convention & Exposition is where distributors seek out new and exciting beverage products for U.S. consumers, meet with existing portfolio partners and look for services to enhance internal operations. This event will provide you with THE opportunities you need to introduce new products or simply grow your brands, products or services in the U.S. marketplace.

From the list provided… were there ANY cocktails that did NOT get an award???  


Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmo won a silver medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 2011 tasting competition.  About 2000 companies attended the 2011 WSWA convention and tasting competition.  A list of winners is provided below for the spirits category.  Kathy’s is highlighted in red and under Pearson & Pearson, a broker who took care of all the exhibit arrangements.  Attached is a picture of Kathy with the medal on the bottle.  Link to list of winner
“WSWA 68th Annual Convention & Exposition
2011 Spirits Tasting Competition “Company Product Award Best in show
Anchor Brewers & Distillers No. 3 London Dry Gin Double Gold Best White Spirit & Best Gin
Bedford & Grove LLC Merlet Crème de Fraise Double Gold Best Fruit Liqueurs & Best Liqueur in Show
Blue Head Tequila Blue Head Reposado Double Gold
DICTADOR EUROPE DICTADOR Rum 20 Year Double Gold Best Dark Gold Rum & Best Brown Spirit
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream Double Gold
Integras Liquor Wholesale  Mi Tierra Silver Double Gold
Rouge Vodka Rouge Vodka Double Gold Best Vodka
TESSENDIER USA Du Buisson Reserve Double Gold
1921 Tequila 1921 Anejo Gold
1921 Tequila (MHW) 1921 Blanco Gold
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Chateau du Breuil 15 year old Calvados Gold Best Calvados
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Chateau Montifaud VSOP Cognac Gold Best Cognac
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Ypioca Cachaca Ouro Gold Best Cachaca
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Hirsch Straight Bourbon Small Batch Reserve Gold Best Bourbon
Anchor Brewers & Distillers English Harbour Rum 5 year old Gold
Boozeberries Liqueurs Boozeberries Artisan Liqueur ‘Wild Bluberries’ Gold
Boozeberries Liqueurs Boozeberries Artisan Liqueur ‘Blackcurrants’ Gold
Creamy Creation Caramel Cow Gold Best Creamy/ Dairy Liqueur
Frank-Lin Distillers Puerto Vallarta Blanco Gold
Golden Farms Beverage Importers Inc. KENO Coffee Cream Liqueur Gold
Imperial Brands, Inc. Sobieski Vodka – Karamel Gold Best Flavored Vodka
Integras Liquor Wholesale  Don Fernando Reposado Gold Best Reposado Tequila
Kane Family Rum Company Cayrum Gold Best White Rum
Niche Import Co. Stroh Jagertee Gold Best Herbal Liqueurs
Park Street Imports, LLC Conjure Cognac Gold
Pearson & Pearson Ono – Pina Colada Gold
Pelican Brands, LLC 3 Amigo’s Tequila – Blanco Gold Best Silver Tequila
RGI Brands Dragon Bleu Rose Blossom  Gold
TESSENDIER USA Du Buisson Prestige Gold
U’Luvka Vodka U’ Luvka Vodka Gold
1921 Tequila 1921 Tequila- Cream Tequila Liqueur  Silver
Anchor Brewers & Distillers The King’s Ginger Liqueur Silver
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Busca de Maniban Hors d’Age Armagnac Tenareze Silver
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Luxardo Triplum (Triple Sec) Silver
Anchor Brewers & Distillers Gonzalez Byass Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva Silver
BABCO IMPORTS Mickey Finn Irish Whiskey Silver
Bedford & Grove LLC Merlet Crème de Mure Silver
Bedford & Grove LLC Merlet Crème de Poire Silver
Bedford & Grove LLC Merlet Crème de Peache Silver
Bedford & Grove LLC Square One Botanical Silver
Boozeberries Liqueurs Boozeberries Artisan Liqueur ‘Wild Cranberries’ Silver
Brinley & Co Brinley Shipwreck Spiced Rum Silver
Calvados Père Magloire Magloire XO Silver
Catch 21 Consulting, LLC DonQ Anejo Silver
Catch 21 Consulting, LLC DonQ Gran Anejo Silver
Creamy Creation Oatmeal Cookie Martini Silver
Creamy Creation Mint Chocolate Chip Silver
Creamy Creation Marshmallow Mocha Silver
d2 Imports, Inc. PRIMO vodka Malbec Silver
Dozortsev & Sons Alacran Tequila Silver
Frank-Lin Distillers Puerto Vallarta Reposado Silver
Fuzzy’s Spirits Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka Silver
Golden Farms Beverage Importers Inc. KENO Mint Chocolate Delight Silver
Golden Farms Beverage Importers Inc. KENO Almond Chocolate Delight Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Lunazul 100% Agave Blanco Tequila Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Lunazul 100% Agave Reposado Tequila Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Rittenhouse Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whisky Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Christian Brothers Honey Silver
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Cynar Artichoke Liqueur Silver
Imperial Brands, Inc. Sobieski Vodka – Original Silver
Integras Liquor Wholesale  Don Celso Anejo Silver
Integras Liquor Wholesale  Don Fernando Anejo Silver
International Premium Spirits Dos Armadillos Plata Silver
Kai Vodka LLC Kai Vodka Silver
Knight International LLC Alita Brandy  Silver
Kra-ze LLC Kra-ze 50 Four Berry Silver
Mexcor International  Agavales Gold Tequila 100% de Agave Silver
Mexcor International  El Caballo Estrella Reposado Silver
Mexcor International  Verde Green Blanco Tequila Silver
Niche Import Co. Schönauer Silver
Nop Sakiri Enterprise LLC SAKIRI  Silver
Park Street Imports, LLC Atlantico Rum Silver
Park Street Imports, LLC Moleca Cachaca Silver
Pearson & Pearson Vodgria- Red velvet Cosmo Silver 
Pearson & Pearson Cream- Chocolate Silver
Pearson & Pearson Nutliquor Silver
Pearson & Pearson Hogmaster Silver
Pearson & Pearson Bwana Cream Silver
Pearson & Pearson Cream- Caramel Silver
Pelican Brands, LLC 3 Amigo’s Tequila – Organic Blanco Silver
Phillips Distilling Co. Prairie Organic Vodka Silver
Phillips Distilling Co. UV Cake Silver
RGI Brands Dragon Bleu Vodka Silver
RGI Brands Dragon Bleu Penja Pepper Silver
Rogue Spirits Rogue Pink Gin Silver
Rogue Spirits Rogue Hazelnut Spiced Rum Silver
Rogue Spirits Rogue Oregon Single Malt Whiskey Silver
Savvy Drinks Cockspur 12 Rum Silver
Serralles USA Don Q Cristal Silver
Unhiq Sales Co. Inc Vodka Silver
Unhiq Sales Co. Inc Vodka Silver
Unhiq Sales Co. Inc Blanco 100% Agave Silver
Unhiq Sales Co. Inc Reposado 100% Agave Silver
Unhiq Sales Co. Inc The Original Mamajuana Silver


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    • I think she is a beautiful woman, how about you post of pic.of yourself and let us all critique it??!!!…mmmm…yeah didnt think so

      • Tiffany: Long time SH readers are very aware of what SH looks like. For all new SH readers: While not tending to this site, SH is on a mission to get over the 600 lb mark. Yes, SH is the typical cliche of someone who runs a website… old, fat and hiding behind a computer screen! On a typical day, SH lounges in an overstuffed Barcalounger from 8 am to 10 pm… being fed every 20 seconds by a robotic arm which is filled with various high calorie foods. Right now, the robotic arm is loaded with stuffed French toast… stuffed with clotted cream, toffee pieces, mini-MarsBars and pierogies…the French toast is drenched with warm, melted Snickers! YUM!!! LOL!!!SH

        • Ms SH is a former model that has AMAZING knockers. Total package brains,beauty and wit. One of the reasons she is able to continue to look fabulous (even fresh faced sans make-up) is that she has never eva eva dined on a Big Mac. She makes killer panini sammiches. And she doesn’t suffer fools.

        • Love love love the description SH. I told my family if they find me dead at the computer, I died happy among friends.

      • Gladly if ms SH approves.
        but none of us considers ourselves walking perfection….this is just a place to discuss…you know….kind of like….a…..oh, i dont know….a discussion board???

  1. HaHa.. push that crap Kathy while your 15 minutes are still ticking. Desperate grab for bucks..has anyone actually tasted it yet?

  2. Aye yigh yigh…. of all the things Kathy could “promote” is this dumb chit ? Her ‘niche” seems to be making fablous tasting and wonderfully presented desserts. Stick with that.. being an accomplished baker is something to be proud of. Flying all over the freaking radar trying to push anything , just anything with your name on it, is lame.

    • Kas…Being really good at anything isn’t what stokes the Bravo money making machine. Kathy should stick to what she knows because the camera picks up internal doubt and she does not look comfortable at all during this “award” presentation. Being good at desserts is too small potatoes.

    • Sounds logical, but she already tried the dessert thing and no one ( book publishers, product people and tv producers ) bit. Like the rest of them ( except Teresa ) no one is buying what they’re trying to sell.

  3. HUH??? No Bethenny crap, no Ramoanster crap, no Fabellini crap… and not even an award for BLK as best mixer/pre-hangover cure!!. The INJUSTICE!!!!

  4. Ive heard both this and the skinny girl drinks were great actually…people don’t be jealous just because you cant be on a hit tv show and push your own crap!…really!…she is beautiful and one of my fav. housewives…sell your stuff Kathy, you rock!

    • You seem to enjoy being a bit of a contrarian which is fine. All opinions are welcome here, but you don’t need to denigrate posters with differing opinions. We’re not “jealous” and don’t want to sell “crap”. The only thing we agree on is that the housewives products are in fact “crap”

      • Why is it everytime someone speaks negativly about a HW we are all of a sudden Jealous
        Umm no I am not Jealous of Kathy,chewy,or Tayliar I wouldnt want their lives if they paid me. I am also smart enough to know these Wives are just letting these products use their names and fame to sell it. Its doubtful they sat in production meetings and had anything to do with the making and producing the Recipes… only exception maybe Bethenny. she i do think had a Hands on with her products everyone else just copied stuff. My guess to is these HW who wrote book had a Ghost writers write them.

    • The only one out of all of them that I’ve tried is the Skinny Girl margarita and while it wasn’t gross, it wasn’t good either. Very syrupy, it was like drinking just a mixer without the alcohol in it. And if I’m paying $15 or so for a little bottle of what’s supposed to be ready to drink margarita, I’d better not have to add my own tequila to it.

    • Sorry, skinnygirl Margarita is NOT good. It is what I imagine sweaty feet tastes like. That’s the only one I have tried and I will not waste my money on any more skinnygirl products. I was with 5 other women when we all tried this and there was still some left in the bottle….it was that bad.

      SO, I’m not sure who you “heard” your info from, but they were wrong.

      I have not tried Kathy’s drink, but if you are putting it in the “great” category with the skinnygirl stuff, no thanks.

  5. boozeberries did really well, along with the cookie martinis, artichoke liqueur, and hogmaster silver (another pearson & pearson product).

    so where is the hogmaster silver award? how many buckets of photoshop did the hogmaster need?

    • She is photographed from the right angle and the dress appears to be spandex holding her in the right curves. She does have quite the body, its just a little cushy.

      And quite frankly, in this economic times, I say you go girl. You use your 15 minutes and get some money out of it.

  6. Besides Bravo’s take of profits, I think the marketing firm of Pearson & Pearson will earn some $$ off Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmo. I hope so cause they seem like young entrepreneurs. They market weird-tasting liquors incl “Piece of Cake” liqueurs: choc, strawberry, etc. Their winner at the same wine/spirits convention in 2010 was a guy from New Jersey that came up with “Vodgria” – a 15% alcohol mix of vodka and sangria.

    • It seems like this is much more of an endorsement deal for Kathy as opposed to something she created on her own. Kathy only talked about desserts and cocktails weren’t part of the equation. I bet she’d be hard pressed to mix up a cosmo on her own, let alone figure out what artificial chemicals you’d have to develop to make one taste like red velvet cake.

  7. Jacqueline Laurita ‏ @JacLaurita
    Starting at Bottle King in NJ @holler82: @JacLaurita @KathyWakile @RedVelvetCosmo when is the red velvet Cosmo going to be in stores?!”

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